I am green & pretty.

I am chosen by a charming baby

and her daddy.

It didn’t matter if she’s heavy

as long as she’s happy with me.

It didn’t matter if I was about to burst,

being with her is what I love the most.

It didn’t matter that I am no longer in shape,

what matter is we had fun walking, running & jumping.

I may be worn out

but I am hanging out.

My baby Beatrice still wants to see me

so I am staying pretty.


5 Responses to “GREEN and PRETTY”

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  2. celia Says:

    hi…nice poem…nice entry;)looking forward for the next blogs…

  3. slpmartin Says:

    This is such a sweet poem…very pleasant to read.

    • bendedspoon Says:

      Thank you for appreciating! I am not really a poet but I do love pun. This is my first attempt to blog and your positivity means so much. If I could learn a thing or two from you, this is all worth it. Lucky day for me — I cross path with you!

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