spoonful of hope : save the soul

Dying soul recoup

Take a spoonful of hope

Feel how it spread in loop

And make you start to grope.

Once, it was so dark

But now you can see a spark

Once, it was so chilly

But now it is balmy.

As if born anew

You will start, you knew

A new life is waiting

Recoup wonderful being.

37 Responses to “Recoup”

  1. Sam Says:

    And on and on it goes… Always a new start … lovely spoon.

  2. meiro Says:

    Love this poem

  3. Leo Says:

    Inspiring 🙂 Loved it. Never too late to recoup!

  4. seabell Says:

    And so we live a thousand lives… I like the idea! I love the poem!

  5. D Says:

    I love, love this. It’s so positive and empowering. 🙂

  6. K. McGee Says:

    It is never too late to recoup and regroup! Very nice and great advice.

  7. Leonargo Says:

    I like how you started and finished with recoup, making it all the more special. Great work!

  8. lovely advice bendedspoon.. and aww what a pic.. here is my cute tune on nature

    Someone is Special

  9. Awww this is lovely and great advice! A positive outlook and we can get through

  10. Jingle Says:

    love the imagery.


  11. Chimnese Says:

    i needed something like this to recoup and start life a new..

  12. swanrose Says:

    nice I like this one… good job

  13. Jim Swindle Says:

    I, too, like this.

  14. sueokieffe Says:

    better than a spoonful of sugar any day 😀

  15. iolair05 Says:

    Encouraging…felt that way before, but since I did VW that spoonful of hope went a long way. Am enjoying reading your articles helps me check on myself. thank you!

    • bendedspoon Says:

      i have yet to attend VW. i’m moving on but at times there are still struggles within. everyday, make that every moment, i need God’s grace.

      thank you for your good thoughts. we can encourage and inspire each other 🙂

  16. Let Fabia Says:

    Wonderful! very encouraging, thanks for sharing this meaningful poem.

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