It’s My Happy Birthday!


today is my birthday.

today is my freedom day.

i will no longer carry

someone else’ baggage of insecurities

that weighed me down.

i will no longer allow to be pushed aside

by a blown up ego.

i will no longer catch the ball of prejudices

thrown my way.

i will no longer hear words of righteousness

from unrighteous mouths.

i will no longer mind the ungrateful souls

until they learn to appreciate.

i will no longer meet the standards

of unfair judges.

today I am no longer taking baggages.

i am taking a trip and meet the One

who value me all the way.

to those who are coming with me,

the most I can do is to hold hands and love.

i won’t be carrying baggages for you

because I want to enjoy the trip,

feel light, jump and run to my delight.

i will regain my strength

and be ready to receive lots of gifts

accumulated all through these years.

gifts of acceptance, respect, security,

appreciation and love.

indeed it is my happy birthday!





6 Responses to “It’s My Happy Birthday!”

  1. Let Fabia Says:

    Great! You’re right…Today, i will declare also as my Freedom day, won’t wait my birthday to come. Thanks…
    Continue to share those inspiring words. God bless you always.

  2. I liked this entry. It is really great to explore and express our freedom.

  3. D Says:

    Freedom is a bliss. Hope your birthday was blissful!

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