Juliet Contreras

Just because she loves a man doesn’t mean she wants to date him!

U -berly comforting, sweet and thoughtful, she is.

L -oves lounging, doggies and marshmallows.

I -t’s nothing but simple pleasures don’t you think so?

E -very little girl believes in magic, and she does too.

T -ada! Today is magical because I love the birthday gal!

Meet and greet her at  reflectionsofj 🙂

4 Responses to “JULIET”

  1. SergioD Says:

    This was very clever! Very nice concept..

  2. I love it! … you know me so well … thanks for the friendship and for all the love and support … check out my blog as well, wrote a message of thanks … got a special note for you in there. Love u!!!

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