Motherhood is a JOB!


I have a JOB!

How can I hate a JOB?

It’s a hug

It’s love

It’s kisses

It’s funny antics

It’s a prayer

It’s a frown

It’s a tantrum

It’s a battle

It’s a scar

It’s grrrr

Everyday is Valentine’s Day,

Resurrection, Halloween,

Mother’s Day and Thanksgiving

Sweet, saucy, spicy or scary

That’s my JOB – Jar Of Blessings!

What is yours?

64 Responses to “Motherhood is a JOB!”

  1. Well put! This is a bright penny!

  2. A.B. Thomas Says:

    Loved it – jar of blessings, that’s a cool way of looking at it. For me I’ve looked at it as sort of like living in a past alternate reality where I’m like looking at the what could have been thusly allowing me to experience my childhood from an entirely different perspective

    • bendedspoon Says:

      That’s interesting — redreaming 🙂 As parents we can offer to our kiddos the experiences that we have missed. Blessings to you and your family.

  3. Hema Says:

    Good job!! Gets you promotions too with every passing year. Well written poem!:-)

  4. missbrittab Says:

    hahha I actually want to know what your day job is!

    please check out my page at

  5. Tally Says:

    short, and loved every word. Well written.
    My job? Hmm… reading wonderful poems is among the several roles/jobs I have!

  6. That was pretty clever! 🙂

  7. Julian Javier the Cyber Mushroom Says:

    happy Mother’s day!!! nice poem! i love it!

  8. Great mother’s day offering.

  9. magher1 Says:

    well-expressed… i guess i will experience all of that one day. for now my job is just studying;P

  10. Paulami Says:

    the way you write every poem of yours is amazing… and this one in particular is very good.

  11. Agree! Agree ! Agree I can’t find any other way of agreeing any more. Beautiful, you captured a Mom’s feelings so well!

  12. Teri C Says:

    Oh this is just beautiful!!! And perfect!

  13. My job is all that and more. Motherhood is endless jobs and emotions. I love the way you put it. Great job!

  14. Alcina Says:

    Wow..what a lovely JOB that is..keep performing it..

    Refreshing and lively composition


  15. Chimnese Says:

    Its true being a mother is quite a job..even as i get older i still drive my mom crazy at times, but i love her dearly..all mothers deserve the most love in this world we sud cherish them..becos if they gone we’ll all be lost.

  16. children are designed
    to replace us by any
    means necessary


  17. Great write, I really like that “Jar Of Blessings”:-)
    Stop in & read Decisions

  18. Your job is nurture, love, to be as close to Christ as any human comes, for that is a mother, and a countless myriad of things besides.
    My Job is pest, reluctant student, help, and a thousand annyances and yet cause for pride, cause for joy, one who can read you and hug you and care, one who can know what you’re trying to hide and just try to help, even though you’re hiding it for my job is offspring :). And yet we do nothing compared to you, for mothers are the third most important person(s) to have walked the earth.
    The Lonely Recluse.

  19. K. McGee Says:

    Best job in the world! My only wish is that the material pay matched the emotional pay.

  20. mbwilliams Says:

    …It’s life!

    Wonderful piece , Thank you

  21. Kim Nelson Says:

    And what a great job! My most challenging. My most rewarding.

  22. Jingle Says:

    motherhood is a special period, a homely job indeed.

    well expressed sentiments,
    Happy Rally.

  23. -D Says:

    Indeed! No one can undermine the JOB of a mother.

  24. You approach motherhood the way you approach life – something valuable, worthy and full of reward. What a refreshing view of the concept JOB

    • bendedspoon Says:

      got to lighten the load
      that is called for a JOB
      thus when i feel
      like resigning
      i got to start thinking
      this is a great JOB!


  25. That is a great poem! And motherhood certainly is a job, but I am so glad you enjoy it. I enjoy it, too.

    • bendedspoon Says:

      nothing beats motherhood
      it challenges our moods
      i am enjoying all of it
      and think that kiddos are great.
      thank God for mothers like you
      who brightens others too

  26. LOL… that is my JOB, too!

    Sometimes I can’t wait for my kids to grow up; sometimes I wish there were no weekends so I won’t have to deal with this “JOB” for a whole 48 hours. But when I see them all sleeping, I feel like waking them up so they can drive me crazy all over again.

  27. iolair05 Says:

    It really is a wonderful job! The mixed emotions, the struggles, the happiness and everyday is a learning experience. 🙂
    God bless and looking forward for more interesting and inspiring thoughts.

  28. Jamie Aramini Says:

    Such a true post!

  29. colleenbrowntkd Says:

    I love your job! It’s mine too, though I have the added perks now of being MAMO!

  30. You are so right, we can’t hate our JOB . . .our jar of blessings! 🙂 That’s my job too!

  31. Linda Says:

    My ‘job’ is blogging.

    I spend my time
    and loving every second!

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