To believe is to see!



pumpkin pie plate

Last week my friend Juliet and I have gone furniture hunting for her place.

She took home a lamp and I took home a pumpkin pie plate.

Can I tell a short story? Oh I can, thanks!

Me: “How much is that pumpkin pie plate?”

Vendor: “P100.00 (US$2.28)”

Me: “Can I have it for P80.00 (US$1.82) if I promise you that this plate won’t be used for pumpkin pie?”

Vendor: “Uh ok then.”

Methink: “God I promised that I won’t use this for pumpkin pie. I trust You now to find a good use for this. After all this cost me P80.00!”

When I got home and washed the plate I saw this

martha stewart collection -- pumpkin pie plate

God do I have to get excited because I got a Martha Stewart?

Do I have to get excited that this pumpkin pie plate

originally cost $19.99 and on sale at$9.99?

Oh I have to — yesssssss! Martha Stewart I got you for only $1.82!

That’s the story of my pumpkin pie plate but the real story of this title is HEEEEERRE!

Check the comments and share with my excitement, pleeeeeze!

Here’s one of the  lines in the comment section, “Wait… What???? Holy Jeebus. I didn’t see that!”

When I commented there’s no watermark  and GOD caption yet so imagine my excitement upon seeing HIM!

Thanks for checking and right now I believe in 2 things:

1. God is amazing for this early Thanksgiving!

2. The person reading this is amazing, really!

Please share what you believe in, amazing being!


48 Responses to “To believe is to see!”

  1. I still love to read this post. The Lord is with us in everything. He never leaves us. His love never fails.

  2. […] It is paredoila when I saw GOD in a pie. […]

  3. lucky you, i love to watch the Marta Stewart show. she is cool… lucky you

  4. boho fangirl Says:

    hahaha! the vendor probably had no idea who martha stewart was, lucky you! what part of manila did you find this btw? maybe i can get one for myself! 🙂

    • bendedspoon Says:

      martha stewart who?
      all i know is i can eat
      a porridge & dried fish
      in a martha stewart plate.
      rush to Dapitan Arcade
      and catch martha stewart!

  5. karliana Says:

    Congratulation for the plate 🙂

  6. hotrao Says:

    You’re lucky to have got a Martha Stewart for that price.

  7. 20morethings Says:

    Ok that’s a very cheap purchase! A steal! Seriously. I love to cook and enjoy getting my dishes on a sale. Lucky you!

  8. […] were baked right into the surface of the pie.  (Do you see it?)  She later blogged about it (here) and I’ve been enjoying the comments made by her readers as well as some of my own about how […]

  9. Hello again, Friend(s). Wrote this one for you. Thanks again, for your skills in being observant, and for putting bold and heartening messages into the world. 🙂

    • bendedspoon Says:

      done reading. thank you!
      my respect still goes to you
      but do tell me in the future
      if you change your mind
      about the GOD i am sooo excited about!
      can’t wait for another awesome being
      to join me in my exciting moments!

  10. Linda Lewis Says:

    I am glad you stumbled onto my blog because it led me to yours which is very fresh and, yes, sweet smelling as I can smell the pumpkin pie even if it’s not baking in your bargain pan. I look forward to your continuing saga.

    • bendedspoon Says:

      i’m so glad this one reached your nose!
      i actually haven’t smelt a pumpkin pie yet
      but now that you’ve mentioned
      i think i can smell one right now
      hmmm so good, so GOD!

  11. […] Awesome story. I love this. I love that plate, too. […]

  12. Kathy Laiao Says:

    I love this story simply because a great find like that leave you such happiness. And yes, He really is amazing and generous!

    • bendedspoon Says:

      so true!
      what i love about it
      is that i got to share
      what i have been seeing all along
      which others might not have seen
      or doesn’t want to see
      but this one is big
      in big bold letters
      seen anything bigger than GOD?
      have a great day!

  13. mariqia Says:

    you’re lucky girl..♥

    • bendedspoon Says:

      i believe so
      ever since
      regardless of the situation.
      that’s why i am always grateful
      and want others to know and feel
      that they are sooo lucky too.
      it’s not about what you have
      but how thankful you can be
      of even the smallest thing there is
      if there is indeed such a thing
      as big or small.
      you might consider a lesson
      in ‘how to link’ small
      but for me it’s as big as can be.
      see that 2 links?
      great thanks to you!

      • mariqia Says:

        no prob feels good to know that souls like you appreciate much..’small or big’ right? ♥

        • bendedspoon Says:

          that is so true of me
          if you can only see me
          getting excited with
          as simple as bottle caps,
          clothes hang tags, twigs,
          photos and buttons.
          and yes good gestures
          go straight to my heart.
          have a happy day

  14. Seuhle Says:

    I am not God, but YES! You have to get excited because you got a Martha Stewart! I mean, I would if it were me 😀 Moreover, such a lovely plate it is. Who wouldn’t feel slightly happier looking at it?

    • bendedspoon Says:

      i am actually excited until now
      imagine you speak out because of martha stewart!
      thank you Seuhle, really
      i understand why you too are excited about it
      i see orange orange orange
      know what? i am giving that plate to you
      just don’t use it for pumpkin pie, promise?
      use it for your Project Orange
      and when i got to taste your Souffles de tofu
      please serve it on that plate, ok?

      • Seuhle Says:

        I watch her TV show with my brother, so the both of us have this sort of admiration for her 🙂 You are still excited?? Wow! that is too big an honour for me.. but thank you 😀 hahaha, yes, no pumpkin pie!

  15. By the way, feel free to copy and use the photo now. I just ask that you don’t crop out the watermark. 🙂

    • bendedspoon Says:

      when the time comes
      that i have to copy and print it
      rest assured that nothing will be taken out
      i don’t want to mess with GOD’s pie!
      how does it taste by the way?
      i haven’t eaten pumpkin pie yet
      i haven’t seen one in here
      but miracles happen

  16. Thank you for finding a sharing your message. 🙂 I’m glad it’s heartened you and your friends. Who would have thought. I’d make another one and send it your way, but I’m sure I couldn’t recreate it, even if I tried.

    Keep posting!

    • bendedspoon Says:

      thank God that you came!
      honestly you’re the one
      i am waiting for in here
      after all it’s your pumpkin pie
      where GOD showed up.
      have mercy on you
      if you ate it all up
      but you did share it,

  17. afirmin71 Says:

    He does move in mysterious ways. Our path has certain milestones that we remember for all eternity whether they are ground breaking achievements or just surprising moments captured in time. It is not the size of what touches you but the power it moves you that is key to anything in life.

    Great post as always!

    Take care Alan

  18. haha, this was a great way to get a good message out… funny, yet pensive, lol.

  19. I love it when He shows up in the most surprising places! And always for His loving purposes and plans! So excited and happy! I have a question . . .when she originally had that picture up, did it not have the caption under it, about being signed by God? You have made my day! love you!

  20. missavogue Says:

    I love this 🙂

  21. I believe I am glad I found this blog! And now I see that it is true. 🙂 Peace, Linda

  22. I don’t even know where to begin…I am touched on so many levels…big smile…misty eyes.

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