reaL lucky!


i am lucky i can write right now

you are lucky you can read RED

i am lucky for smiling at you

you are lucky for smiling back

we are lucky that we meet

admit it! admit it!

any lucky story to share?

please share it and  you will get something back

more than fair share

believe it! believe it!



4 Responses to “reaL lucky!”

  1. Seuhle Says:

    I do not have any lucky stories to share, but I think you are right! We are lucky to be able to write, to be able to read words in red, and just to be here.. If we think every little thing is a sign of good luck, then good luck we will have 😀

  2. I have a blessing story to share! 🙂 A sweet momma (like you!) with special needs children, little finances, aging ailing parents . . .under so much with no answers or solutions. Then her one son who doesn’t talk yet (autism) speaks, counts one and two. The next day he says the names of his brothers and most of the alphabet . . .for the first time. And she tells how she was having one of the brothers choose 3 things to be thankful for, even if they don’t see any evidence of those things. He choose to thank God for his brother talking, though he didn’t talk. Over and over he thanked God for this. and now, his brother has started talking. 🙂 love you sweet one!

    • bendedspoon Says:

      that sweet momma just made me cry!
      everyone around her is sooo lucky
      her kiddos are lucky for the unconditional love
      her parents are lucky to have such a caring daughter
      her friends are lucky to witness such braveheart
      and i have this feeling that this sweet woman
      will be blessed sooooo much
      because she’s taking care of God’s wonderful creations
      she’s BLESSED! she’s LUCKY!
      and know what, i love this sweet woman!

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