I ask myself


hurt angel

Why carry a hurt

and put garbage

in your heart?

Why carry a pain

and park it

in your brain?

And I don’t have an answer.

Do you?

23 Responses to “I ask myself”

  1. I sometimes take things back, too, after I haven given them to God. I might start to worry again about a problem that I can’t fix myself after I already prayed about it. I don’t believe it keeps the prayer from being answered, but it makes me unhappy in the meantime.

  2. I agree with Mariquia and iolair05, too. 🙂

  3. iolair05 Says:

    because we are human, the mere fact that we are what we are. We kept on clinging onto these feelings yet what we best could do is to cling onto God and let Him deal with the pains. though it is hard to do at first but we have to take the first step and deal with it. 🙂

    • bendedspoon Says:

      i’m clinging unto Him
      but sometimes i take back
      what i have supposedly given to Him
      so it got me thinking
      ‘hello, do you really surrendered your all?”

  4. I think there can be more than one reason that we do that, but we all do that sometimes.

    Then sometimes the hurt gets a little stuck there, so we can’t get it out by ourselves and we have to ask for help to get it out.

    I sometimes call those times “Defining Moments”… 🙂

  5. I think we do need to let go of pain and hurt and the bitterness that can eat away at your heart. We do that by forgiving. But we should not ever forget because it is the pain and hurt we have endured that teaches us compassion for others who are encountering similar pain and hurt, so that we can lead them down the path of forgiveness, followed by the path of compassion. Peace, Linda

  6. echostains Says:

    Why indeed? why do we waste our time on these negative thoughts and actions?
    Good poem bendedspoon – and the picture’s great too:)

  7. Darya Says:

    Because, sadly, a lot of us don’t know HOW to let go of hurt and ‘take out’ the garbage from our heart and minds 😦

  8. That’s a very good question 🙂 We carry our hurts and pains because we are taught to do that. We are used to the unbearable, because this is how others do it. When we come to realize that we don’t need all this pain, and all this sadness, we begin to understand the meaning of life. Life is full of everything, and we have the choice to decide what to do and how to react to things. When we become aware of that, we are free 🙂
    Take care and thank you 🙂

    • bendedspoon Says:

      So true.
      I personally know a lot of people
      bearing all kinds of pains, bitterness and all.
      And I’m thankful that here in blogosphere
      I can learn from a number of wonderful beings
      who understand the meaning of life better than I can.
      Thanks for saying something!
      Really appreciate it.

  9. So glad that Jesus will take our hurts and pains from us, if we let Him. If we let go 🙂
    I loved the poem . . .the parking it in the brain. Wonderful imagery of what we do!

  10. mariqia Says:

    I just pray for it..

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