3 Things That Make My Heart Swell



The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss


Thank you Tisha for making me stop and appreciate. Keep on inspiring with your Biz Mommy!

What makes my heart swell? Here are 3!

1.  Us — my hubby, my kiddos and I, taking turn reading Dr. Seuss book and having a good laugh! “Left foot, right foot, feet, feet, feet. How many feet you meet.”

2.  Whenever one of us cook (hubby, me or 1 of the kiddos) and we all say, “Delicious! Thank you!”

3.  When we show and say how much we value each other. Like the excitement on my kiddos faces each time I come home plus hugs, kisses and I love yous! I thank God sooo much for that!

What’s your 3 things? Please share it in your place or in the comments — got to hear that!


16 Responses to “3 Things That Make My Heart Swell”

  1. Amy Says:

    1) When one of my kiddos says “I love you” first.
    2) When my 11-year-old (((still))) holds my hand in public.
    3) Taking my kids to the gas station for slushies with the sunroof open and our hands all waving out the top (ok, with one of my hands still on the steering wheel!).

    Thank you for the reminder to let my heart swell.

    • bendedspoon Says:

      My heart is swelling
      to see you here Amy!
      I’m happy for all the love and fun
      you are having with your kiddos.
      The love and forgiveness
      you have been offering
      are just coming back to you.
      In holding hands..

  2. Stef Says:

    I have at least three things every day; today my three things are: a husband who treats me ridiculously well (and who keeps the mood light and gives me many reasons to laugh WITH him); the fact that I can easily access nature right from my front door; that I have so much abundance in my life (food, happy career, financial security, clean water…); so many people don’t have any of these things, much less ALL of them; it is TRULY a blessing.

    • bendedspoon Says:

      I love how you always show me Stef
      that there are so many things
      to be grateful for.
      And that hubby of yours is lucky
      to treat you well, he’ll be blessed more.

  3. SergioD Says:

    I love it, I love to hear about love, your family is full of love. love, love, love 🙂

    • bendedspoon Says:

      Thanks Sergio for appreciating my family!
      There are differences and a threat of World War III in our home too but it can be patched with love.
      And hopefully that will always be the case.

  4. Linda Lewis Says:

    Waking up to a scene no artist could paint…sun shining softly, illuminating the perfect palette of fall and reflecting it in the water.
    Frothy morning coffee brought to me in bed.

  5. afirmin71 Says:

    There is nothing greater in this world than gratitude. Lovely to see. Take care Alan

    • bendedspoon Says:

      Yes lovely to see grateful beings who do not believe
      that the world owes them everything thus no need to be thankful. Cheers to grateful ones!

  6. Affirmations from God that I’m on the right path
    Max, my Dog
    My heart beating as it’s suppose to and NOT swelling!

    P.S. I have a pacemaker

    • bendedspoon Says:

      Hello to Max and your pacemaker Tallulah Kulula!
      God will bless you more Judith
      with all the love in your heart.
      Keep on inspiring
      and make other hearts swell!

  7. I loved your heart swells! 🙂 Here are 3 for me:
    1. Each time Jesus helps me understand something that I didn’t before.
    2. Whenever He changes me.
    3. How He shows His love for me through people and nature.

  8. jmjbookblog Says:

    I LOVE your 3 things! Mine would have to be 1. I blessed not to have to search for God…my parents baptised me in the Catholic faith 2. My son, daughter, and her hubby – I love them more than words can say and 3. My four precious grandchildren – the sight of them almost makes my heart burst with love. 🙂

    • bendedspoon Says:

      I can feel all the love in your 3 things and when it comes to grandkids who wouldn’t come alive talking about them? Is it because one remembers their kiddos when they were young or they’re simply adorable?

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