Presenting Linda!



Wonder Woman - thanks google!


Not Wonder Woman Lynda Carter but the WONDERFUL Lindas whom I’m honored to meet here in blogosphere!

1st, Linda Kruschke. She’s a lawyer. No I’m not saying that because, “You have the right to remain silent…” I just want to say that I like her because she’s not judgmental but God committal. You know you want to read her Legal, Social, and Absolute Tolerance and other posts with in-depth analysis. Read it and be blessed!

2nd, Linda Hewett of Positive Spin. She’s a Confidence Coach and Writer. She wants to try to solve your problems so go tell her, it’s free! But first you would want to check her posts which are inspiring, enlightening, interesting, amazing and all positive INGS you can think of. Psst, please smile back at her and see how good it feels.

3rd, Linda Lewis of Lulu’s Musings. She’s a collage, a creator, a dreamer, an optimist and so many things! How could I not like her when most of her interests are mine too.  I love checking her place because there is so much energy and creativity in there. And one more thing, I love her hair!

4th, Lynda Roberts of Echostains. Yes she’s not Linda but still she’s wonderful! I couldn’t forget the fun I had when she invited me to join her Van Gogh poetry challenge – I had a very good laugh with my Ugh Van Gogh. Her place is full of art – sculptures, paintings, designs, and even typewriter art. Go check her place and delight your heART!

This is about Wonder Woman after all. Mama, you’re not included in here because your name isn’t Linda but you are a Wonder Woman!

Any Wonder Woman in your life that you want to share? Yes, the name need not be Linda.


17 Responses to “Presenting Linda!”

  1. Linda Lewis Says:

    Well, aren’t you just about the best thing that has happened to me lately….you are a wonder, and I wonder about you, a new friend who makes me smile, who makes me think, who makes me want to write short lined poems, who makes me wonder.
    There are many in my life who have been wonder(ful) women, and I try to learn from all of them.
    Thank you for making me feel special.

  2. I honestly think every woman I know is a wonder woman, and all those I don’t know too! 🙂 Thank you for letting all the wonder women shine today bended spoon! love the wonder of you too!

    • bendedspoon Says:

      Thanks wonder woman Deb!
      That is so true, every woman is a wonder woman.
      How can they not be when they have gone through every battle imaginable and still come out triumphant and shining and beautiful, yes?

  3. Stef Says:

    My Wonder Woman is my mom for sure. A fire-y lady, but giving as all heck, too. Able to do *so much* with very little. Patient with those who deserve it, but impatient with those who should know better. She’s a lot like the iconic Wonder Woman in many ways, actually…

    • bendedspoon Says:

      Ah mothers.
      My wonder woman is my mother too
      but not until i become a mother myself.
      Looking back, I now love her so much more.

      • Stef Says:

        The older I get, the more I realize *exactly* how wonderful my mom really was (and is); and the deeper my love for her grows. Just when I think I can’t love her more, some how, some way, some where, more love is “found”.

  4. mariqia Says:

    Thanks for sharing..will check them out later..

  5. Tisha Says:

    Well, I don’t think I know any blog Linda’s (yet!). One of my sisters is a Linda and I think she’s a Wonder Woman for sure, but she doesn’t have a blog. I just read a post from one of my dear blog friends and I really want to add her to your list of Wonder Women because I think she’s terrific and her posts always inspire me – Ivana Sendecka and her wonderful Inspiring Shipments blog are definitely a ray of light in the blogosphere!

    • bendedspoon Says:

      Let’s include your sister Linda on the list.
      Would love to have longer list of Lindaaaa!
      Thanks for introducing Ivana Sendecka,
      her place is indeed for cool gang-ers!

  6. echostains Says:

    LOVE this idea of presenting Linda’s! The Mona Lisa poetry challenge is still going over at Bookstains Bendedspoon and Linda’s everywhere:) I would be honoured for any different takes on this enigmatic lady:)

  7. You are so sweet to write this introduction to us Linda’s (and one Lynda)! I love how you described me as “not judgmental but God committal.” That is what I try to be and am glad I am succeeding at that by the grace of God. I am excited to check out the other Linda’s you have introduced your readers to. Thanks!!! 🙂 Peace, Linda

    • bendedspoon Says:

      Thank you for making me understand God’s Word deeper
      and bringing that peace all around!
      Thanks too for checking other wonderful Lindas.

  8. Linda Says:

    Wow! I love the photo! Thanks so much for the ‘presentation’, rea! What a lovely, thoughful thing to do.

    I’m smiling so much my face is hurting! xxx

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