Mona Lisa’s Smile


Mona Lisa by Da Vinci

Sorry world

please don’t hate me

but for the life of me

until now I can’t fathom

why Mona Lisa’s smile

is so famous.

Yes I love the painting

but the smile is all like other smiles

they are all special and meaningful.

Tell me, if back then

one of these faces was painted by Leonardo Da Vinci

and it was claimed that the smile is most enigmatic

don’t you think we will not rave about it to the end?

The Smile

To repeat, please don’t hate me

because I admire Leonardo Da Vinci deeply

and Mona Lisa knows I love her

just like the rest of the Wonderful girls.


Lynda this is my smiling piece

for your Mona Lisa poetry challenge.

Just for the fun of it. Smile!


15 Responses to “Mona Lisa’s Smile”

  1. segmation Says:

    Hi Bendedspoon!
    Today, Mona Lisa smiles in remembrance of her creator’s birth: April 15th, 1452 is believed to be the birth date of Italian Renaissance painter, architect, engineer, sculptor, inventor, and scientist Leonardo da Vinci. Buon Compleanno, Leonardo!

  2. That was really good! …and once again I’m smiling really big! 🙂

  3. I loved all the smiling Mona Lisa girls! 🙂 You are too much fun and I wish you could see my big smile right now!

    • bendedspoon Says:

      Thank you Deb for that smile.
      While putting the photos together
      I keep on saying,’I wish Deb is in here’.
      Someday, maybe we can do the La Belle Ferroniere.

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  5. echostains Says:

    Aw this is great bended spoon! I’m adding it to the page now! Thanks so much for joining in – its very appreciated:)

  6. It’s you who really makes us all smile! 🙂 🙂 Peace, Linda

  7. Tisha Says:

    Made me smile even before I noticed my pic! 🙂

  8. mariqia Says: it..♥

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