How could she be so kind

and forbearing

in a thorny life.

Maybe she saw roses

and unknowingly

she taught me

how to see too.


Do you see your roses?

What color?



22 Responses to “Mama”

  1. SergioD Says:

    I had a long weekend and I am now back to writing, thanks for keeping me inspired. I am truly overcoming some things and it feels good to be able to jump on over to your page and find more inspiration. 🙂

    • bendedspoon Says:

      I’m soooo glad that you’re back!
      Thanks for checking my entries
      and please post the sensible versions in your place!
      You know I need it.

  2. Linda Lewis Says:

    Sadly, my mother was often a thorn rather than a rose. Now she is old and her bloom is fading, but the thorns have dulled and no longer stick or scrape.

  3. If I were to compare my mother to a flower I would say that it is a geranium, because she likes to grow them, and in some ways she is like them. 🙂

    • bendedspoon Says:

      Tell me about your mother — geranium version.

      • Well, Geraniums can live for a long time, but if you live in an area where there is a frost in the winter, they have to be dug up, put in pots, and brought indoors until spring. They also can have unpredictable growth habits.

        My mother is getting on in age. She does not tolerate “cool atmospheres”. She prefers to surround herself with “warm” cheerful people who don’t think too highly of themselves. She, too has surprised me as she has aged, has proved to be much sturdier in some ways than I expected her to be, and also has been putting out some pretty flowers on some stems that I didn’t expect to bloom. 🙂

  4. Well, I do have shrub roses in my back yard. They are coral or salmon in color are called “Lady Elsie May” roses. They are growing in front of my “Nikko Blue” hydrangeas. I have pictures of my flower beds. I will have to ask my daughter if there is some way I can put them on my blog.

    Plumeria is one of my favorite fragrances in perfume! You know there it is like medicine for me sometimes when I go outside and work in the yard. I often have some of my happiest thoughts when I’m out there. 🙂

    • bendedspoon Says:

      You have a bunch of lovely flowers in there!
      Coral roses are soothing and relaxing to the eyes
      and hydrangeas is a bouquet itself.
      Would love to see the pics of your garden!

  5. rtcrita Says:

    My “roses” are the color of love. Love in my daughter’s face when she sees me as she walks down the sidewalk to my car after work and waves with a big smile on her face (I swear, she does it EVERY time)as if she is so glad to see me. She looks so happy, and it makes me smile and feel so good inside.

    And the love in my son’s hugs when he comes up to me, towering way above me, and bends down to give me a hug that is so sincere and so full of simple love that it causes me to live in the moment only, and nothing else in the world matters at that moment.

    Roses in my childhood remind me of my sister racing me to the door after an afternoon of playing and as we passed by the rose bush in the front yard along the porch, she pushed me aside to get ahead of me. In doing so, I fell into a thorny rosebush and had puncture wounds all up and down my arms and legs. My mother covered me in Mercurochrome and I wore the reddish-orange dots like badges of bravery and sacrifice, which I constantly strolled in front of my older sister to see. She may have one the race, but I wore the medals of honor for not cheating!

    • bendedspoon Says:

      I enjoyed reading your roses Rita!
      Life, love and laughter
      are great memories to keep inside our hearts.
      Thank you so much for sharing those
      specially for the memory of mercurochrome.
      I wonder if some moms are still using it
      aside from the kisses.
      Love it!

  6. Once my oldest drew a picture of a pink rosebud. Then I wrote a poem to go with it, about beautiful her, blooming for Him. 🙂 I would share it with you, but I don’t know where I tucked it away at. argh! But thank you for evoking sweet memories!

  7. jmjbookblog Says:

    A pink rose is heaven sent! ^j^

  8. Linda Says:

    My roses are pink and they grew in our garden. They’re wrapped in paper to take them to my teacher when I was 6 years old. Everytime I smell a rose I remember…

  9. Tisha Says:

    In the midst of the the flurry of daily pick-ups, drop-offs, screaming fits and laundry that is my life, I see pink roses as they are one of my daughter’s favorite color (of course!) and Plumeria flowers because my other daughter loves purple and smiles so sweetly everytime she hears the word Plumeria!

    • bendedspoon Says:

      Whenever there are kiddos
      moms never fail to see the roses
      amidst the
      Plumeria looks like our local kalachuchi.
      I would love to say plumeria to your girl!

  10. Lovely post.
    It brought back memories of my Mother telling me when I was a little girl that my Grandfather’s favorite rose was yellow. Grandpa died almost 50 years ago and I still think of Mom and Grandpa whenever I see a yellow rose.

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