I’mperfect, Without the Apostrophe



No make that stupid, with an exclamation mark!

Here’s one.

Excerpts from 4 years ago in my final job interview.

Managing Director (MD): Do you have any question?

Me: Why do you display your competitor’s product in the lobby?

MD: That’s our product!

Me: You are not joking, are you? Because I am. LOL

Surprisingly he laughed too! And…

MD: Okay, one more question.

Me: Is your family here with you? (He’s an expat)

MD: No they are in Vietnam. And to add, one of my daughters once joined a beauty pageant…

Methinks – “Why did his face turned sour? Because I’m not the perfect candidate amongst more than 400 on-line  job applicants, at the start?”

Methinks (sourgraping version) – “In the first place I’m not looking for a new job. It’s just a fun challenge with my hubby to come up on-line with just 20 words (2 sentences) in describing  why they should hire me, instead of the maximum 200 words.”

Can you imagine the disbelief, excitement and gratefulness when I got the job? Yes, I got the job — I GOT THE JOB! What the heaven do you call that? I said to my hubby,”I must really be lucky and blessed that they chose me amongst so many. How about you, will you choose me?”  (This is my story so I have the right not to mention his response, yes?)

And yes, the MD has a good reason for that sour face — I asked a sour question. He’s separated and living with someone else. But why did I got the job? You think he’d torture me?

Oops that’s not the story but my stupidity. What about your story?  I can’t say your stupid story, right? What are the lessons learned?



7 Responses to “I’mperfect, Without the Apostrophe”

  1. I think my whole life is one big long lesson to try to jolt me out of my stupidity! ha! It began when I was young, waiting for someone to come pick me up to babysit for them for the first time. When a car pulled into the drive, I ran out and hopped into the car. We said hi to each other, but he went no where. It became weird and uncomfortable. Still, I was shy and young and didn’t know what to do. Finally, my brother came out and asked me what I was doing. I had hopped into the car of his friend, not my ride to go babysit. I slunk back to the house and waited for the right person. 🙂 Now, help me with the lesson in that one! ha!

    • bendedspoon Says:

      Debbie my eyes sweat laughing at that one!
      Ask me why? Because I did the same thing too and I’m not sure if the guy was more of scared than surprised!

  2. Okay, I have a stupid story about a job interview. I once filled out an application for a job in a hardware store. Then I went in side and was standing behind some customers waiting to ask to speak with the manager. I was feeling confident, and thought I was dressed nice. Then a little boy with a very serious expression on his face said, “Why are you wearing two different kinds of shoes?” I looked down and I had one blue shoe and one black shoe. 🙂

    • bendedspoon Says:

      Sorry Theresa,
      I have to laugh really loud with this one!
      So, did you proceed with the interview?
      Lesson learned, just have one shoe color. LOL

  3. Tisha Says:

    No stupidity, just lessons learned. No more book cover judging for you, right?
    As for my stupid, uh, lesson story – there are far too many to list here and I’m too indecisive to narrow down to just one. Did I mention there were many?

    • bendedspoon Says:

      One of the blessings that came with blogging
      is the book recommendation by amazing bloggers like you! I love books and I found out there are so many authors in my line of interests whom I’m not familiar yet. I think I’ll come up with another page of books I’ll have to buy and read — that I may not miss!

      As for the lesson story, uh I have many too. Actually I’m going through a hard lesson right now but got to pass it and be ready for the higher level.

      • bendedspoon Says:

        Tisha, I think I have the latest stupidity in my response! I got so carried away with the Bird by Bird book flying on my way! Well,my tagline is my refuge — i’mpwerfect.

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