I Meet a Pastor Today!


And I said, “OH NO!”

I didn’t know that he is a pastor until today!
I’m glad I only knew today otherwise, I wouldn’t dare comment in his place.

He’s really cool that I had no idea. He may not approve of the ‘cool’ description but that’s just it for me. And this is not to say that pastors are not supposed to be cool.

Today he recommended so many great Christian sites and you bet I didn’t comment no matter how I like or agree with the entries because I haven’t confirm yet if those are Pastors’ site — I find it hard to get serious today. But of course, I still want to be blessed!

GO SEE DARREN! See I call him Darren. Bless my soul!

Darren of Better Life Coaching

How about you, do you know a cool pastor?

Ladies if any of you is a saint, for heaven’s sake, speak out!

You will pray for me, don’t you?



10 Responses to “I Meet a Pastor Today!”

  1. mariqia Says:

    Nice to meet a “cool” pastor!

  2. jmjbookblog Says:

    Your post made me remember when the girls from my senior class in high school went on retreat. We had a young and amazing priest who spoke to us in down to earth sermons. I always said he was the only priest I knew that had a ‘fan club’!

    • bendedspoon Says:

      I know priests who are full of wit and I have heard the grumpy ones too. Sometimes I wonder if their stay inside the seminary has an effect on their being witty or grumpy.

  3. Stef Says:

    Pastors are People, too. (Wow, that could be a cool bumper sticker.) ๐Ÿ™‚ No need for you to be anything but yourself, regardless of whose presence you are in.

  4. Sweet one, you are a blessing! And I’m so glad you are you, and Darren is Darren . . .and a pastor! ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s all good! You’ve got me smiling, knowing that feeling you felt when you found out because I’ve felt that way around pastor’s too. So glad Darren has set us straight that pastors are just people too. And cool ones at that. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • bendedspoon Says:

      Debbie my angel thanks for coming!!!!
      I have been praying for someone to accompany me here for yet another one of my ‘stupidity’ (I’m not putting myself down — just a term for my collections of bloopers). This is why I don’t like labels, they tend to change everything. But thank God Darren is cool and you are too, for accepting me for what I am. Thank you so much, really — I’m glad you have wings!

  5. Darren Poke Says:

    Please just call me Darren.

    I approve of the use of “cool” if only because no-one else uses that phrase to describe me.

    Just because I’m a pastor, it doesn’t make me any different to anyone else. I know that some people like to use their position or title to make themselves feel better about themselves, but that’s not my style.

    Please continue to be yourself. We wouldn’t want you any other way!



    • bendedspoon Says:

      Darren your coming here is a blessing
      because it means youโ€™re not seething!
      When I mention someone in here
      it means I have so much respect for him/her
      but due to my limited choice of words
      and my writing skills or the lack of it
      my description of them is understated.
      But you just all wait..

      Thank you for mentioning about the title.
      I myself is not label oriented
      thatโ€™s why I seldom check first the โ€˜About Meโ€™ page.
      I come for the content and I consider it a bonus
      if thereโ€™s a connection with the blogger.

      I learned so many things from you
      including โ€˜know who you are talking toโ€™.
      But wait, I have to think about that some more.
      Do I really want to know the label
      or value them, regardless of any standard?

      I think this is my longest reply in here.
      Yes, another first!

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