4M – 4Months, 4Modifications, 4Memories, 4Muchos Gracias!


WARNING: There are treasures in between the  lines so, don’t miss a word! And yes, you can share your found treasures in the comment because it’s not all tangible, right? And sometimes it really is — tangible.

Smile, you're a STAR!

It’s my 4th month anniversary in blogging!

What’s special with 4?

Hmm nothing. I just want to celebrate my craziness!


1. Everyone has a degree of AWESOMENESS! Some resonates with you; some don’t and it’s all okay.

2. I love the community in here who honors the differences and finds time to appreciate! Yes that’s YOU!

3. I started loving my crazy self again! Yes this is actually part of my journey with HIM!

4. IT’S OK TO ASK FOR HELP! Give others the opportunity to help because I believe everyone wants to if they can. You all helped me actually regardless if I asked from you directly or not. Who helped me use the link? Who helped me with the changes in here? Who helped me with some of my posts via the idea that came up through comments, your own posts and yes your photos! Who helped me see the alternate views through your shared thoughts? Who helped me pray? Who helped me keep going for saying there is nothing in here? For saying there is something in here?  WHO? I believe everyone is raising their hands. And now don’t ask me why I love you ha!


1. I added a ‘boOK HUNTing‘ page. List of books recommended by other bloggers which interest me. You can make the list longer because you can’t resist recommending that great book that you have read!

2. I removed the ‘imperfect being’ in my tagline. Nope, I am not perfect. I just don’t want to spoonfeed you — I mean, why state the obvious when it’s so obvious that I’m obviously perfectly imperfect? So, I’ll just SPICE UP YOUR WORLD because your posts are the awesome appetizer, main course and dessert! Hmm, altogether we’re a feast, right? BURF! Yes, I like BURF than burp!

3. Can you see what else is trivially new?

4. Anything else? No more? It’s okay, you saw 3 out of 4 and that’s aweSOME!


1.I remember my first post ‘Green and Pretty’. Got to preserve the memory of that green shoes which was so loved by my daughter.

2. I remember the 1st one who commented. It’s Charles of Read Between the Minds. I was delighted and shocked at the speed of this blogging thing! Being a first timer in blogging world, I was so lost on my first post. While still tweaking here and there, that endeared comment popped up. To say that I AM grateful and overwhelmed is an understatement!

3. I remember the 1st comment I made  in another blog. It was Theresa’s Moore to Ponder. I was hesitant for fear of misinterpretation but what the heaven, I love the place so I had to say it and I’m glad I did — I love the woman behind!

4. I remember the 1st blog I commented via the comment section of one of my fave site. It was Deb’s Blog. I can’t resist not to appreciate her style. Mini post with maxi enlightenment!


What’s a celebration without saying Muchos Gracias? Yes Muchos Gracias (4x) for allowing me a glimpse of how  1) awesome, 2) strong, 3) special and 4) a STAR you are! And if anyone actually want to have the star necklace that I have made please just say anywhere in your comment, “rea, shine on!” and don’t forget to email me the address where I shall send it with love. Send the address not later than November 7 at recreate_save@ymail.com


Have you noticed how cheesy, corny and usually crazy I am today? That’s actually part of the package of who I am. To complete my cheesiness here’s a song I’m leaving for EVERYBODY. Yes, you have to actually LISTEN to it, PLEAAASE!

STAR, I will see you and reply to you in 3 days time

and while I’m away could you please help me?

Pitch in your idea of  blog name or tagline

I could have used if not bended spoon.

Think of the big women blogs you know because I’m heading there

and I want to take all of you and own it as much as I do.

Afterall, you are the WISDOM part of my tagline!

I know you are the PUN and FUN too

but for heaven’s sake, let me own it that I may have a part too! Okay?

Seriously, I am dreaming! 🙂

I know you subscribed to bended spoon already and

it’s an honor, my pleasure, and a blessing!

Whaaat, you will also tell your friends to subscribe and smile?

Now, my gratitude is up to the moon!


Thank you so much for celebrating with me

and looking forward for the next celebration!

And oh by the way, there’s something special with 4,

I have 4 kicking kiddos whom I love and adore!



20 Responses to “4M – 4Months, 4Modifications, 4Memories, 4Muchos Gracias!”

  1. matarikidimension Says:

    Congratulations and thank you for sharing your lovely light over at my place. You sure do brighten things up over there 🙂

    Bended spoon .. I have always liked that name. It reminds me of afternoons lying on the floor in front of the tele with my brother while we concentrated on bending spoons a la Uri Geller.
    My mother realising that no spoon in the house was not bent … oh well 🙂
    Yes .. I like bended spoon.
    It suits you. You show us what is possible with a sprinkling of creative imagination and sheer force of personality.

    Congratulations for all of those 4 s .. they are worth celebrating.


    • bendedspoon Says:

      Wow you bent spoons without using your hands?
      You are really something else!
      Your Mom didn’t try it?
      Isn’t it fun eating with a bent spoon?
      The sooooup is tastier on smiling lips!lol
      Thank you for joining the celebration
      and appreciating bended spoon!
      You are celebration itself!

  2. Stef Says:

    It’s fun to see you so happy; congrats on your accomplishment(s)!

  3. tonirand Says:


    You make me smile day after day. Simple truths that have very deep roots.

    Wishing you many, many more months (and years) of wonderful writing! Praying you’ll get a few book deals too. 😉


  4. mariqia Says:

    Delicious post..:D
    I love your craft..and I want to learn how you do it..:)

  5. Congratulations! Thanks for making us smile and think, and for being such a blessing to all who visit. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Peace, Linda

    • bendedspoon Says:

      Thank you Linda!
      The truth is
      by sharing the little I have
      and joining the community
      I have gained so much
      from great beings like you.
      Little by little I am enlightened!

  6. Happy 4th Blogging Anniversary. I love reading your “words” ….
    Have a Happy Happy Day. Life is grand, hey !!!

    Best Wishes

  7. Debbie Says:

    Congratulations! Now we know the secret! I am so blessed that you commented via my comment. A blog name and/or tag line for here, other than bendedspoon? hmmmm . . .nonstop smiling comes to mind, because that’s what I do when I’m here. And “feast” comes to mind too, because there is so much good to be had. Oh and definitely the word Shining or Bright. You glow. Don’t know how to put those altogether! ha! God bless you and your dreams!

    • bendedspoon Says:

      Thanks Deb for making me glow!
      Let’s see if we can put them altogether.
      Master Builder help — help me grow!
      Inside, outside, all sides!

  8. Linda Says:

    Rea, you’ve come so far in 4 months, it’s you who’s the Star! I like the photo, it’s good to see who I’m talking to. You’re clever to add U-Tube stuff, is it simple to do?

    Soon be a 5 Month anniversary!

    • bendedspoon Says:

      Thank you Linda for the photo idea!
      For adding You Tube just click ‘add video’
      instead of ‘add an image’.
      Looking forward to your complementary You tube!

  9. JMJ Says:

    Happy 4th Anniversary!!! 🙂 iiii (that’s supposed to be 4 candles!) I really loved this blog – I see a kindred spirit within the words and they make me smile. 🙂 Bless you and your loved ones!

  10. I am grateful for your blog, and love the woman behind it, too! 🙂

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