Dear Santa


eye pad from Santa -- GRRRRRReat!

You’re naughty this Christmas!

Just because you’re not happy with my letter you sent me an eye pad instead of iPad — and an angry one at that!

You think I’m gonna cry and pout? You think I’m gonna huhuhu while you’re enjoying your hohoho?

Good news — I had no bad feeling this Christmas. In fact, I have a feeling that this one will forever stay in my heart. It was so beautiful Santa — honoring Jesus on His day and being grateful for His presence all year through!

Anyhow, thank you still for the eye pad. You, the elves and the reindeers must be very tired by now.  Have your 11 months rest!

Hoping that you got thank you letters as much as wish letters,



Got your wish this Christmas? 🙂


4 Responses to “Dear Santa”

  1. Debbie Says:

    You . . .are splendiferous! Just made that up. I love your Jesus heart. No huhuhu from you-you-you. And you make me ha-ha-ha and Jesus . . .I see Him smiling at you too, with some ah-ah-ah’s . . .there’s my Rea Sonshine!

    • bendedspoon Says:

      I love that one Deb and you! I wish I can always see the brighter side of life with His presence. He’s my Master and I’m thankful that He isn’t frowning at me when I laugh and giggle! I want my kiddos to see the friend in Him too!

  2. jmjbookblog Says:

    Oh, I LOVE that eye patch! Mine is just plain solid seafoam green! lol

    • bendedspoon Says:

      Jay this one is from my daughter and we all had a good laugh when I tried it on! I can’t actually wear it for long because my youngest keep on poking me to check her mom behind it! Love it!

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