Wedding Bloopers



My life is full of bloopers even on my wedding day!

More than a decade ago I stand on the altar where the priest incorrectly mentioned the name of my groom twice. Peter, Peter — when he’s not even walking on water!

On that day I had 2 eyelashes — the real straight ones and the fake curly ones. How could I have allowed the make-up artist to put on another one! But then, me and my bestfriend wouldn’t have fun laughing how silly I look — and so I didn’t took it off!

And then my hubby’s wedding ring fell during the ceremonial opening of gifts! There were whispers, “Oh that’s a bad omen. There will be problems in the marriage!” Whhhat your spouse’ ring fell too? Hmm that explains why…

Why am I sharing this? To say that the omen is right or to prove it wrong? Oh well, I won’t talk about that today.

Today please just join me in celebrating our blog friend Maricel’s wedding with Cleto. We can leave a message for her HERE as our gift so that when she comes back she’ll have something more to smile about.

Thank you everyone!

Any wedding blooper to share? Seen a groom who ate all the cake and a bride who drank all the wine?


16 Responses to “Wedding Bloopers”

  1. mariqia Says:

    Hello everyone, I’m back.
    I love this thing that our friend Rea set up. Very thoughtful of you to congratulate us..♥

    Happy New Year to all of you..

  2. maggsworld Says:

    I suppose in retrospect sometimes everyday happenings can appear omen-ous…(went and left my bestestest wishes and hopes for the bride and groom..)

    • bendedspoon Says:

      Yes it seems so if we try to look for reasons outside of ourselves why seemingly bad things happen.

      Thank you for leaving a message to the newly weds! I love the thought of two trees rooted close and entwined, lifelong.

  3. annalyn Says:

    the candle on my side wasn’t lighting when one of the maids of honor tried to lit it up. It might be a wedding blooper but in our culture that is bad luck, after three years of marriage, we split up.

    Of course, I don’t blame the candle with the split up lol!

    BTW, that is so nice of you giving your day posts for Maricel and Cleto’s wedding 🙂

    • bendedspoon Says:

      Next time use an electric one — just pray that there will be no power failure! Some of our beliefs are sometimes amusing and I wonder if it indeed affect the outcome due to power of thoughts. That being said, it would have been best to keep on thinking good and lovely thoughts — but it’s not always easy until we think about God!

      We all want the best for Maricel and Cleto — for the love to keep on flowing!

  4. Ann Says:

    Happy Wedding Day!!

    May all the moments you’ve shared so far pale in comparison to what’s ahead.

    God bless you both today and always.

    • bendedspoon Says:

      Thanks Ann! Maricel needs that because she has been feeling nervous about the whole thing. Good that she didn’t read the bloopers in here before their wedding!

  5. Rea, It’s been almost 25 years, but I still remember the day like it was yesterday. As for bloopers, yes there were some on my wedding day. First, when I arrived at the chapel I discovered that the florist had put marigolds instead of daisies in my flower arrangements! Orange instead of white! It took me over 20 years to like marigolds again. 😉 Second, while I was getting dressed, about 5 minutes before the ceremony was to start, I was rinsing my mouth with mouth wash. I wanted to have fresh breath for the kiss at the end, you know! Somehow I managed to spit it up all down the front of my white dress! Thankfully, my sister was able to get it out without taking the dress off, and because it was a very warm day it dried quickly. Well, that’s all. There was one more, but it wasn’t funny, just sad, so I won’t share it. Peace, Linda

    • bendedspoon Says:

      Linda they don’t understand that when women want something simple and it isn’t granted they can’t get over it for more than a decade — if not for a lifetime!lol. I myself specifically mentioned that I wanted a bouquet that isn’t white and not an orchid — guess what, my bouquet is a white orchid! “Do I still want this marriage”? Yes, I had second thoughts because of that bouquet!

      And my gown too, upon wearing it we discovered that there were few laces in front that needs to be cut — good that it didn’t need sewing!

      And on the ceremonial opening of gift — steel bars rolled with loud sounds followed by laughters — a gift of clothes organizer that has yet to be assembled!

      Whew bloopers keep coming up as I am reminded with yours — it seems my entire wedding is a blooper!

  6. Debbie Says:

    How sweet of you to do this for Maricel! Happy, happy wedding day, dear Maricel and Cleto! I wrote a poem for a wedding a few years back. If I find it, I’ll post it at Maricel’s blog. I’m not very organized though . . .
    Wedding bloopers? I was pretty sick and my mom gave me something strong to get me through it all. I had bronchitis. I remember it was outside and very windy. And the bridesmaids heels kept getting stuck in the ground and pulling their shoes off. 🙂
    Your wedding sounded like fun! 🙂
    God bless you and all the ways you find to bless us!

    • bendedspoon Says:

      Yes please share that wedding poem and make us all fall in love again and again and again!

      Would have loved to see the smiles of your bridesmaid! Could it be bigger smiles if they walked barefoot?

      Now I remember, I was sick too on my wedding! I felt like I am about to collapse while kneeling but good thing I still had my groom beside me — I thought he’d run away after the priest called him Peter!

  7. I heartily dislike “perfect” weddings! Only the ones where things go wrong are memorable.
    Your wedding is the best!
    P.S. Mine was rather mundane but we did have an ice-cream bar for dessert! It was the end of October and I wanted to have a costume party but my husband nixed the idea!

    • bendedspoon Says:

      You officially gave me the loudest laugh for the day! You made me fall in love with Peter — oops with my hubby again!

      Ice cream bar — that’s cool and sweet like you! And if the costume party pushed through what would be you and your hubby’s costume? Someone who will steal your heart?

  8. jmjbookblog Says:

    Congratulations and best wishes to Maricel and Cleto! May your life together be filled with joy and happiness always! 🙂 I do have a wedding blooper…I ordered a 3 tier wedding cake with swan pedestals between the layers and a beautiful bride and groom on top. This was in 1968 and a new trend was just starting where the flowers on the cake were in color. I chose pale yellow roses that cascaded down the 3 tiers. Unfortunately, there was a wedding at the restaurant before ours and they took our cake and in place left us a plain white iced 3 layer cake with no flowers, no pedestals and no wedding topper!

    • bendedspoon Says:

      oh not so sweet
      — till cake do us part!
      It only proved that you have a good taste though
      — the bride must be all smile with the lovely surprise!

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