When Your Mind is Cloudy, Go Cloud Watching


And you’ll see miracles!

Two years ago my mind was so cloudy. There was a storm raging inside me. I was crying my eyes out. My 7 year old son and I were in the airport bidding farewell to bitter memories.

Then I looked up, in the bright sky amidst the clouds, I saw the face of God! “Oh my God, it’s You!”

“Look son, there is God’s face!” My son’s eyes got so big. He smiled. And the face was gone.

And then, “Mommy, there He is again!”

Twice, He showed His face twice.  How can I not believe that everything will be all right?

Since then we love the clouds. The miracles it could bring.

We saw a whale, bear and cow.  Oh yes those were cloud formations but who made the clouds move at the right place and perfect moment? Oh Yes!

And when the same son pointed something that we couldn’t see he said, “But your mind can see anything that you want to, right Mommy?”

And so I see!

Now go out and see, really see, a miracle waiting for you.


16 Responses to “When Your Mind is Cloudy, Go Cloud Watching”

  1. […] Yup, they call it paredoila when I saw God’s face in the clouds. […]

  2. I felt almost as if I was there. This post really blessed me.

  3. This is very touching and quite inspirational. Thank you for giving me hope via your message. Have a lovely day and thanks for the visit 🙂

  4. Ann Says:

    Thanks Princess,

    It’s wonderful what He whispers to us through the little ones.

    I’ll be on the look-out and the listen-out!


  5. Rea, What a wonderful story. And I love the video, though it brought tears to my eyes at work. 😉 He is everywhere, even in the clouds and the faces of those less fortunate than us, if we look with eyes willing to see. Peace, Linda

    • bendedspoon Says:

      Indeed He is everywhere — from simple to grand things. What is simple anyway? All is grand where ever He is! Thank you that you are here and God is with you.

  6. Debbie Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your miracle with us and reminding us to look for ours. 🙂 He’s there, all the time! God bless you and smile upon you today!

  7. jmjbookblog Says:

    Beautiful post. When my father passed away my sister was living out of state…she went out to the meadow and laid down looking up at the sky. She said a cloud formed into the face of Jesus and He smiled. She had never seen the face of Christ with a smile and she took it as a sign that my father was happy in heaven. God speaks through all His creations…even the clouds. 🙂

    • bendedspoon Says:

      It’s an amazing experience Jay. Eversince that day I always see in my mind a smiling Christ. He only looks sad when I’m sad — He comforts me, then when things are okay with us the smile returns. He is amazing, always.

      May God speak to you today 🙂

  8. faithdream Says:

    This is inspirational!
    I posted a photo on my blog today & I had named it “a walk in the clouds.”
    Alright is this coincidence or just fate speaking? 🙂

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