Bat Mind Return


Batman Returns -- Thanks Google

The animal kingdom
Sought the counsel of the Bat
For the problem that they got
It says the same words and it works.

The Lioness paid a visit,
“I want to divorce my Lion
He doesn’t care for my pride.”
Then the Bat advised…

The Bear paid a visit,
“I don’t want to live any longer
I don’t have my honey anymore.”
Then the Bat advised…

The Ant paid a visit,
“I’m quitting
There’s no way to reach the top of the anthill.”
Then the Bat advised…

The Crab paid a visit,
“I no longer want to follow my dream
What with those crab mentality?”
Then the Bat advised…

The Bumble Bee paid a visit,
“I’m loosing hope
I can’t find job and I don’t want to be a bum.”
Then the Bat advised…

Then one day they all return to Bat
To say thanks for their better life
All because they follow its advice

I visited the Bat too and asked,
“Where do you get that wisdom?”
And it answered, “From my Creator
who told me to hang on and I obey.”

I shared this entry to Idylls For the King and I encourage you all to submit your fiction, poetry and lyrics that glorify God. Go go go for God!

Blessings to everyone as we hang on to Him!


12 Responses to “Bat Mind Return”

  1. Scent of my heart Says:

    Greetings! How are you?

    I am Blaga, Community Consultant Assistant from Jingle Poetry :

    You are welcome to join us this Sunday for our Monday Poetry Potluck Week 21, we are open 8pm, American Central, will remain open for 72 hours,

    First time participant is encouraged to share 1 to 3 random poems or poems unrelated to our theme.

    Sign in to follow our blog if you can!

    Week 21 Theme: Aims, Goals, and Ambitions


  2. Scent of my heart Says:

    absolutely fun to read, thanks for the smiles … Hang on indeed 🙂

  3. afirmin71 Says:


    The Bumble Bee paid a visit,
    “I’m loosing hope
    I can’t find job and I don’t want to be a bum.”

    This is funny! Great advice as always 😉
    Take care Alan.

    • bendedspoon Says:

      Another good reason why today is great — somebody laughed! Thank you Alan for still managing to be here despite your busyness and your highness 😉

  4. Debbie Says:

    You are God’s cheerleader and ours too! Loved the bat and the glory to God behind it! Hanging on until your next post . . .:)

    • bendedspoon Says:

      Can’t thank God enough as always Deb! I told Him I want to accept Eden’s invitation and support her so He better give me an idea since I’m not a fiction writer, haven’t written a song nor a seasoned poet. And so came the bat mind and I asked Him again, “Are you sure this is it? What with those excellent entries already shared?” I prayed until I’m comfortable enough to swing the bat. Then I saw a lucky rabbit like it (see the image on the like button?) and so I feel like I hit the home run especially when he advised that there’s no need for the last stanza. I’m blessed by hanging on.

      Deb I said too much and sound silly but I just need to say it, really. Love Him, love you!

      • Debbie Says:

        Not silly, Sonshine . .. genuine, joyful, thankful and blessed! Please don’t ever stop being those things, okay? 🙂 You inspire me! love Jesus and love you too!

  5. Jillien Says:

    awesome words! Praise God, for all of our wisdom comes from the

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