Don’t Wear Your Iglasses


I am scared

I am busy

I am nobody

I don’t matter

I will fail

I am not good enough…

Don’t wear your Iglasses

and make endless excuses

why you’re not honoring the gifts

that you have been blessed.

Please try at least, don’t resist

or better yet, use contactSense.

For Thursday Poets Rally Week 39.

For my fears and for failing to vote for The Celebrate Poet of Spring in 2011!

I failed and still I am blessed to be one of the winners! How amazing is that?

Thank God for the holy pen that won me a cool penguin!

Thank God for the cool and wonderful poets who voted for me!

Here they are to guide you to their poems that gave me a smile!


Dragon’s Dream

Scent of My Heart

David (1MereMortal)



Pat Cegan



Becca Givens



Jamie Dedes

Life: Between the lines

Rhyme Me a Smile

Thank you so much and congratulations to everyone!

Click, check, and smile!


111 Responses to “Don’t Wear Your Iglasses”

  1. elizena Says:

    I think on occasion we all go through this; we look in the mirror and wonder what could have been if we’d made this decision or that one and then the works of self-condemnation begins, “You’re worthless,”
    “The world would be better off without you!”
    “You’re a failure!”
    “Nothing you do is ever right!” and it goes on and on and we don’t see that the problem is that we’ve never even attempted to try to do it.
    You want to see a failure? Someone who won’t even attempt to try because he might fail, already has.
    I’ve learned that although I might fail a couple of times, if I keep trying I eventually accomplish what I set out to do and to tell the truth the only reason I finish the journey is because God is with me every step of the way.

    Good write! I quite enjoyed it and how it made me look back at my own life and my victories; each one full of blood, sweat and many, many tears, but always finishing the race, always accomplishing my goal, but with God at the helm. May your day be wonderfully blessed!

    • bendedspoon Says:

      Thank you so much for your thoughts. I am touched when you acknowledged God to be reason why you were able to finish the journey. Then surely we can try fearlessly when we start with Him.

      You are a remarkable woman. Thank you for the blessing that you are. Huggggs 🙂

  2. Raghu Says:

    Woah..!!! Wow..

  3. nanno1982 Says:

    “contact sense”.. wow i love that idea

  4. dustandwater Says:

    Hey. I liked this. It was clever and also amusing.

    Personally though, I might suggest a change of prescription for some slightly more positive Iglasses.

    Keep up the good work!

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