S is for Shape


What is the SHAPE of your love?

Is it cordiform?


Is it hominiform?


Is it cruciform?


Got to shape up your love because it determines the shape of your relationship.

On the Cross it is all love. Thank you Jesus.



36 Responses to “S is for Shape”

  1. ladynimue Says:

    Now thats an interesting thought !! loved the post !

  2. meiro Says:

    Beautiful one. I agree with Trisha,
    love is a beautiful and versatile feeling.

  3. Love is forever changing…no wonder we are so confused by it sometimes! Nice poem.

  4. Debbie Says:

    This was so beautiful and needed and perfect! Simply superb. Thank you, Rea, for sharing His unfailing love with us.

  5. jmjbookblog Says:

    Special post and what a beautiful picture of the cross. 🙂

  6. o yes to the cross I went and it is indeed beautiful love 🙂
    Thanks for the visit

  7. Blessings! Well written!

  8. Chatter Master Says:

    Our shapes are all so different. But for the One who’s remains constant and secure for us. 🙂 Beautiful post.

  9. And on that note..Happy Easter…sent with Love!

  10. maggsworld Says:

    I once wrote a blog post on what colour love was… but never quite thought of love as having a shape – as love comes in many shapes and sizes , and colours for that matter….

    • bendedspoon Says:

      Maggs I have my own color of love too and it’s not red 🙂 As to the shape of love, it had me thinking since yesterday if indeed there is any other shape than the cross. If it’s conditional, is it still love?

      I still have so much to learn and I’m willing to take the lessons as I go through life.
      Hugggs to you 🙂

  11. Rekha Says:

    Lovely idea, My love is most probably in a constant state of flux…shapes to ponder over.

    • bendedspoon Says:

      We’re not yet as solid as we want to be cruciform but maybe like liquid we can take its form by regularly going back to the foot of the Cross.
      God bless you 🙂

  12. Beautiful.. Yes, the shape to love.. And say, is cooking included in shaping? *wink*

  13. nutschell Says:

    unfailing love. thats a great shape to be in.

    Great meeting you through the A-Z!


  14. Ann Says:

    Thank you, Princess

    I like the shape of unfailing love.

    “Unfailing love flows from His heart, and heals my soul,
    In spite of who I am, He loves, and makes me whole.
    I almost can’t believe it’s true, unfailing love,
    And yet I know, He gave His life to give to me unfailing love…”


  15. Unfailing love…I am so glad that even though my love falls short His will never fail. 🙂


  16. jennirey Says:

    Awesome Post.. So different.. But fitting for the week.

  17. trisha Says:

    just awesome! love is a beautiful and versatile feeling.

  18. Rea, Awesome post for Holy Week. What a great reminder of the Divine Love that God showed us on the cross. I pray He place that Divine Love in the hearts of all who believe. Peace and Love, Linda

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