X is for Xanthippe


Why can’t you love me like you love that couch?!!! You two are inseparable for hours!!!!! KaBOOM!

I thought you are tired of reading my mind and here you are reading newspaper while my eyebrows sweat watching your every move?!!!  What an ideal partner you are!!!! KaBLAM!

XANTHIPPE is a woman with a bad temper! A quarrelsome woman! You better remember that!

Xanthippe was the wife of Socrates, yes the wise Socrates. But his tongue was no match with his wife — he was beaten in a discussion with her. He surrendered!

You think blahblah was enough? She said to have emptied a chamber pot on Socrates’ head after a quarrel to which he remarked, “After thunder generally falls rain.” Harhar!

You think a bad temper only means a sharp tongue — an explosion? Bad temper is a proud silence too — an implosion. It’s when we practice the silent treatment that even the hot soup gets cold in discomfort.

I realized that Xanthippe is within me for several occasions. Each time I am silent and hold a grudge. Each time I roar in anger.

We have to strive to tame our thoughts and the tongue. We have to because we make the lives of those around us so difficult. So difficult that we want to explode! Again! And again!

It’s not easy. It won’t work by simply refusing the false power in bad temper. We have to accept God’s gift of wisdom and tolerance instead — and  use it.

Yes, use it! What part of USE can’t you understand?



18 Responses to “X is for Xanthippe”

  1. This was really good! Great advice,too. 🙂

  2. jan Says:

    Hey, we used the same x word!

  3. Debbie Says:

    How funny that Broken Sparkles knows a Xanthippe! 🙂 I don’t and don’t want anyone calling me that because I act like her. ! God bless you for helping us along, one letter at a time.

    • bendedspoon Says:

      Her parents didn’t researched for its meaning just like me when I named my son Bernard. I thought St. Bernard is a saint but it turned out it’s a dog! Okay, a dog is still man’s best friend but the problem is — looks like he is biting! Let’s pray for the Xanthippe in us Deb — not nagging nor silent 🙂

  4. jmjbookblog Says:

    I wonder if her mother or father named her? lol I’m glad I didn’t end up with a long name like that…imagine being in school learning to write and having that as your name! 🙂 Have a good night! 🙂

  5. Ann Says:

    Thanks Princess,

    I found something that goes along with your post…
    “It is better to live in a corner on the roof than inside the house with a quarreling wife.” Proverbs 25:24



    • bendedspoon Says:

      And if the wife followed him in the roof? Thank you actually Ann for the Proverb! Yes, it could make the man run away. Huggs and blessings to you 🙂

  6. Interesting. I never knew about this but that explains quite a few women that I’ve come across throughout my life, lol.

    The Madlab Post

  7. Awesome choice for your X word. This was a wonderful lesson of what we should strive not to be. And in striving, rely on God for the victory. Peace ;), Linda

  8. I think there are many like Xanthippe in my life.. LOL

  9. hehe, I know a girl called Xanthippe and she is indeed bad tempered woman 🙂

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