Nesat, the 16th Typhoon to Hit the Philippines for Year 2011


harsh beating

Heavy downpours, fierce winds, floods, fallen trees, power outages, cancelled flights, missing persons, deaths, worried hearts — these are just some of the effects of the typhoon in our country.

Just yesterday, we remembered the Typhoon Ketsana (local name: Typhoon Ondoy) that struck us exactly two years ago which left more than 500 people dead. Exactly two years ago our family waded in waist-deep flood to move to safer ground. Exactly two years ago waists of some people were not reached by the flood because they were on the roof of their houses where the flood almost reaches it.

Right at this moment Typhoon Nesat (local name: Typhoon Pedring) is busy lashing out outside. It is the 16th Typhoon to hit the Philippines this year. News said that at least seven persons are now confirmed dead and Nesat is not yet stopping.


hanging on

Typhoons no longer make me afraid because after all we have around 20 typhoons per year. But typhoons do make my heart really really sad. Sadder than the reality that many lost homes, that is if they have one. Sadder than the reality that many don’t have supply of food, that is  if they even eat regularly prior to the typhoon. Sadder than the reality that lives were lost due to calamity, that is if they don’t consider their breathing life as calamity in itself.

What makes my heart really really sad are those beings outside of us, those beings who never once walked in our shoes, those beings who were never planted in similar geographical setting as ours, those beings who don’t have the resilience to live through all what we’re going through but confident enough to say these:


“Go Typhoon cleanse the land of those dog eaters !”

“Hahahahaahahahah won hung lo raugh and raugh so much at stupid inbred coconut head firipino!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahah”

“And Filipinos think they are invincible, untouchable and indispensable. Guess not.”

“pinoys are tough…as cockroaches…. yucks…disgusting”

“ohhhh, did the one god of the desert wound your land?”

“I’m sorry but which one of the imaginary fairies is going to bless these people?”

“Filipinos have been praying to their god for six hundreds years and yet their country is getting more miserable every second. Pray harder, folks.”

“Praying” to who? Your imaginary friend in the sky who never answers your prayers or anyone el ses? Doesn’t even decide to reveal itself. Ok good luck praying to something that doesn’t exist. HA!”

“Watch everything you own….been there 20 years and never meet a honest person there”

“Uh, oh! time for Obama to furher bankrupt us by borrowing money from China to give to the Phillipines!”


braving through

What makes my heart really really sad are those beings among us who at one point may have embittered others and provoke them to generalize, to label, to mistrust, to not give a second thought on discovering that there is really something good within us — just like the rest of the world.

If you are one of those hurt by a Filipino, please accept my apology. If you are one of those who hurt a Filipino, please accept my forgiveness.

Typhoons can be very damaging and so do tongues and thoughts. May there be healing in the land, in the people.


moving on

Be safe everyone and yes in the midst of all this I still want to smile –this too shall pass.


13 Responses to “Nesat, the 16th Typhoon to Hit the Philippines for Year 2011”

  1. […] Us, here, experiencing several storms in a year – the one before this, Labuyo (Utor), visited us just last week. I won’t talk about bitterness […]

  2. dragonkatet Says:

    I’m so sorry that you are going through such rough times, spoon! 😦 I had no idea that there were so many typhoons each year in your country. As for those who say such hurtful things, I know it can be hard, but please ignore them – they do not and probably will not ever know what it is like to be where you are now. May the coming days bring you strength and peace. You are most definitely in my thoughts. *hugs*

    • bendedspoon Says:

      Thank you so much for being here. Yes so much typhoons in here. I grew up in typhoons. For a number of times I was in the midst of deadly ones. I was in the midst of dead ones. I was in the midst of life.

      Sometimes I wish some people would go through typhoons — not out of negative thoughts and feelings but out of good intentions. There is something positive that could grew within with the regular reminder that everything is fragile and temporary. Hugggs 🙂

  3. Debbie Says:

    I live inland and have never experienced a typhoon. I’m so sorry, so sorry for the pain and devastation it is causing. And for the wreckage that typhoons of the tongue can bring too. Praying for His presence strong and able, to reside over everyone there, all His children whom He loves.
    love and prayers . . .

    • bendedspoon Says:

      Thank you so much Debbie. This regular typhoons, most are devastating, is a regular exercise of character and faith. I can either take it negatively or positively — I decided to take it positively. With God, there must be something good in it — there is something good in it. I miss you so much. Hugggs 🙂

  4. Chatter Master Says:

    Oh Bended. My heart goes out to you. Can I share a little story? I read it years ago and I know I will get it wrong but I’ll try to get it right.

    A little Filipino child was adopted by a white family. At some point the child must have heard some disparaging remarks and the parents tried to help him. They told him the story of God making all of His people. The first peoples God made He put them in the oven and when He pulled them out they were very black. God did not make mistakes and the black peoples were called Afrikaans. The next batch of people God made he put them in the oven and took them out sooner. They were very light and pale. God did not make mistakes, the light peoples were called Caucasians. The third batch of peoples that God made he took them out and they were perfectly browned, and God being pleased He called them Filipinos.


    I read that when I was very young and it always impressed me. Even though I couldn’t have told you what a Caucasian, Afrikaans or Filipino was…. I believed the Filipino to be perfect because of this story. 🙂

    You certainly paint a beautiful picture of the Filipinos and their heart.

    God bless you all.

    • bendedspoon Says:

      Thank you so much. I might not have the blessed opportunity to be your neighbor (I want to see what you will paint your wall for me) but still I have the blessed opportunity to meet you here in blog land. Hugggs:)

      Thank you for the story. I love it — that Filipinos are ‘just fine’. I learn to appreciate all skin colors because I know that beneath the layer we are all the same. Outside it’s dazzling white, wonderful brown and beautiful black. If there’s yellow, it will be lovely yellow 🙂

  5. wordwarriorblog Says:

    be safe and know you are being held in love by many xxx souldiaries xx

  6. Perhaps you don’t hear good things about your country because the good people are praying. For every hurtful thing your hear or read, remember there are many, many more who are lifting you up.

  7. Thinking of all of you through this terrible season!

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