Blop Blop Blop Blop


Image from Bluebell Books Short Story Slam Week 11


Blop blop blop blop.

One by one Riva’s bubbles popped. This made her sad.

Earlier she was full of joy, “Blowing bubbles is so much fun! Bubbles are my small wishes! My big dreams! My rainbow future!”

She chased each of her wishes, her dreams, her future and when she thought she reached it — it burst!

“I don’t like blowing bubbles anymore!”

But there is something irresistible about bubbles. It seems to hypnotize her, tease her, challenges her.

BLOP! Riva suddenly had a shift of thought –as if her mind was awakened by the bursting of the biggest bubble there is.

“Where is my bubble wand? I want to blow bubbles!”

Blop blop blop blop.

One by one Riva’s bubbles popped. This made her smile.

She was full of joy, “Blowing bubbles are so much fun! Bubbles are my small worries! My big pains! My psychedelic fear!”

She watched each of her worries, her pains, her fears and when she thought it will keep on floating jubilantly — it burst!

“I like blowing bubbles no matter what age I am!”

Blop blop blop blop.



Just the other day I shared Nesat (Typhoon Pedring), the 16th typhoon that lashed our country for this year. We have not recovered yet but Nalgae (Typhoon Quiel) has already announced its eagerness to be our 17th typhoon in two or three days time.

This regular typhoon honed our skills in rebuilding — properties, dreams, hope, faith, lives…

I believe that one cannot successfully do it without feeling good. Yes, I don’t want to face this regular typhoon news with resignation nor I want to be defeated by each emotional typhoon that will hit me.

From October 1 to 31, please join me in feeling good or do your own 31 days. How to? Please check Nesting Place’s 31 Days of Change — I took the challenge from this beautiful place.

If you like my 31 Days logo, I can make one for you if you want to. On one condition though, you got to smile at least 3x a day.



27 Responses to “Blop Blop Blop Blop”

  1. Lovely message in this one! Well done 🙂

  2. Debbie Says:

    I don’t know if you realize how huge He speaks through you, sweet spoon. This “little” story is big with Him. Praying for His covering of you and your family and your country full of precious people in His sight and on His heart. love you.
    p.s. my daughter LOVES bubbles. She does them every night, in the tub, filling our little bathroom. She does them outside and they drift over the neighborhood. One of the neighbors calls her “Bubbles”. 🙂 She was suppose to choose an Indian name in Kindergarten and we came up with “Swinging Singing Bubble Girl”.

    • bendedspoon Says:

      Thank you sooo much Deb! You have brought me so many blessings with your appreciation, prayers, love and sharing Aubrey’s stories. I am smiling imagining Aubrey’s happiness in life’s simple pleasures, which are unnoticed by some. Huggggs and love to you 🙂

  3. Wonderful I enjoyed reading this very much 🙂

  4. A.B. Thomas Says:

    I am going to be so stuck with having “blop blop blop” running through my head! Lovely piece~

  5. thingy Says:

    I still love bubbles! A happy write. : )

  6. playful and insightful,

    life goes on, time to adore what life has to offer,

    beautiful entry.

  7. This is so wonderful reminds me of chasing around bubbles when young and making sure I could pop them all before they landed or got popped by someone else

  8. Ann Says:

    Here you go

    🙂 🙂 🙂


  9. You always make me smile. Thank you for your wonderful outlook and cheerful words!

  10. Kay Salady Says:

    This was so much fun! Blop-blop-blop! 🙂

    • bendedspoon Says:

      Thank you so much. It is! Several days ago one of my kiddos used up all the bubbles and got sad so mommy got to think how to make her smile 🙂

  11. dragonkatet Says:

    This was delightful, spoon! 🙂 Thank you for the smile!

  12. Chatter Master Says:

    When I watch bubbles pop I love the sparkle they spread. 🙂

    And I feel good every time I see a new post by you.

    Continued prayers for you and your country. God bless.

    • bendedspoon Says:

      Oh yes! Isn’t it beautiful if we’re like bubbles — still sparkle even when popped 🙂

      Thank you so much for making me feel good with your presence and prayers. Huggggs and love 🙂

  13. Morning Says:

    a way to let go,

    love your take, smiles.


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