Day 17: Get Up. Take A Step.


You put me down.

Down I was yet it wasn’t enough.

Enough is face flat on the ground.

Ground had my tears.

Tears flowed in sorrow.

Sorrow engulfed me as you stooped to put me down.

Down I may be but surely I will get up and take a step.

Step back I am moving on.

On stooping, realize that it’s your choice to be so low.

Low enough that I can no longer see you.

You succeeded in loosing yourself.

For Gooseberry Garden on Longing, loss, loosing & failure.

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It’s Day 17 of Feeling Good!

Down? Get up. Take a step.

Down? Get up. Take a step. Take a step.

Down? Get up. Take a step. Take a step. Take a step.

Feel good, you will reach where you are meant to be.

Just get up. Take a step.


Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you.

– Isaiah 60:1


9 Responses to “Day 17: Get Up. Take A Step.”

  1. chimnese Says:

    beautifully penned yes with God on her side she will have teh strength to pick up herself and go on with life….

  2. Yes, yes, yes and yes. Never give anyone your power or, let them take it from you, usually they are not worthy of you at all.
    Lovely, emotional, honest!

  3. Just what I needed to hear. How many times have I been down and just needed that one step? Thanks for the encouragement! And yay for the 31 days of feeling good. I need that in my life as well!
    Happy Picnic! Here’s my entry:

  4. Ann Says:

    Thanks, Princess

    Something about this reminds me of Randy Crawford’s “love begins with one hello”

    Beautiful. Thanks


  5. Chatter Master Says:

    Beautiful. One step is all it takes to get started. I feel encouraged by your faith. Constantly.

  6. And with His strength and our perseverance I know we all can keep the internal hope alive to overcome life’s obstacles and have the ability in finding strength to stand again!

  7. faithdream Says:

    Let your light shine..bended spoon. I see the reflection of glory upon you…
    Let it shine, let it shine.

  8. Morning Says:

    very penned piece,

    down and frown,

    up and above,

    regardless what position you are in, always, you can make a difference in your life.


  9. Debbie Says:

    I love that Isaiah verse, and yours. And to take a step, and then another. Going to remember this! God bless you each step you take, sweet spoon!

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