‘T’ Time



to thank

tough times

turned my life upside down

trained me how to hold on right

throwing away what could loosen my grip

taking me to the place where my trust won’t be broken

there, up on the cross He loved me even before I loved Him.


my son bent the wire for love


Thankful for my son who made the Son on the cross

Taught me that loving involves a lot of bending

That bending is not deforming but purposeful


from the family that bends together


Thankful for the time with my family

Touching, talking, teaching, trying

Transforming whatever we have into love


Unto thee, O God, do we give thanks, unto thee do we give thanks: for that thy name is near thy wondrous works declare. – Psalm 75:1


12 Responses to “‘T’ Time”

  1. caridwen Says:

    “loving involves a lot of bending/ bending is not deforming but purposeful” – this is a powerful phrase. Thank you for sharing!

  2. chimnese Says:

    its amazing how we can get thru the toughest times with God by our side and a family that lifts you up when you are down.
    lovely poem of thankfullness.

  3. Kay Salady Says:

    I have no words to tell you how beautiful this is and how much it has touched my heart. May you be blessed as much as you bless others. ♥

  4. Debbie Says:

    You are a precious vessel, sweet spoon. Loved what you and yours made . . .and how you make praise out of problems. God bless you and surround you with His love.

  5. Morning Says:

    tough times are worthy of thinking,

    elegant entry.

    Happy Thanksgiving.


  6. T time is thankful time,

    great sentiments, well penned.


  7. Heaven Says:

    a beautiful message.. thank you for sharing this ~

  8. Ann Says:

    Sweet T’s from a sweet Princess … Cool! 🙂


  9. maggsworld Says:

    Thanksgiving is a tough ride when the waters of life are rocky. A useful skill to have. Lovely post.

  10. Beautiful sentiment..thank you for expressing it so well and to your son!

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