That Smile


looked beyond the lens

confident of devotion

effortless smile

looked beyond the truth

convinced oneself it’s unreal

bittersweet smile

looked beyond what’s seen

trusting the One who sees all

reassured smile


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Life goes on. Despite several endings. Life goes on. Despite several deaths.

Life goes on. Because there are endings. Life goes on. Because there are deaths.

If you are beside me now you’ll know that I am actually babbling.

I am not even sure if I am dazed or tired or both or anything else.

But I am so sure that I am sincerely grateful for all of you.

You who brought love, hope, blessings, prayers, and all good things in here.

Would you bring some too for BAYLIS?

He is a good man with epilepsy, aphasia and Parkinson’s.

He had brain tumor removed and will have a cataract surgery on both eyes next month. Thank you for your prayers.

He was a University Professor and a Pastor (if I’m not mistaken) and so much more — maybe Baylis can tell us.

When I think of Baylis, I can’t help but remember Job —  Job who was challenged with difficult circumstances and still kept his faith in God.

Baylis, despite his difficult circumstances, still managed to appreciate and encourage others — like me. Thank you so much!

And I am sure he has a very special smile – maybe he can tell us about that too!


“I know that you can do all things; no purpose of yours can be thwarted.” – Job 42:2


6 Responses to “That Smile”

  1. Chatter Master Says:

    Hi Bended!!! I hope things are better and better every day. I think of you often. And I have LIEBSTERED you! 🙂

  2. Debbie Says:

    Oh sweet spoon . . .how like you to think of others and their needs, to care and love so big. Jesus big. Love and prayers and trusting with you . . .Now off to visit Baylis.

  3. hugs, love and positive thoughts for you and Bailys!
    happy gooseberry day!

  4. Morning Says:

    sweet smiles.


  5. I pray God will heal your friend, Bayliss, and give you peace amid the turmoil. Bless you bendedspoon!

  6. Ann Says:

    Thank you for sharing, Princess.

    I went a -visiting.

    I guess it’s easy to support you because you always support others even in the midst of your own tests… The miles will not be a hindrance to prayers as we stand with you and Baylis.
    May He give you all the strength you need as you navigate these experiences.
    Blessings much,

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