Giving thanks when things are going well in marriage is easy

but giving thanks when things are not going well in marriage is very challenging

but it could be one of the finest moments.

It leads one to the inner recesses of the soul to intentionally look for something good

and see God’s child whom He dearly love and wants us to love as well.

Today it’s easy to give thanks for my hubby 🙂

1.For the love 2. For taking care of me when I am sick 3. For working hard for the family 4. For the fishballs, squid balls, kikiams 19 years ago 5.  For praying for me 6.  For kiddos basketball ring 7. For waiting patiently 8. For the almond nuts 9. For the times you are happy being with me 10. For the friendship 11. For the precious kingdom 12. For the wristwatches 13. For the moments you are in love with me 14. For the sandwiches 15. For the hurts that pulled me closer to God 16. For the black Chanel bag 17. For holding my hands 18. For singing in the church 19. For the struggles that taught me how to let go 20. For sharing your fishing accessories for my crafts 21. For repairing the chairs 22. For the morning kisses 23. For the diamond ring 24. For fixing the lights 25. For playing with the kids 26. For bargain hunting with me 27. For sharing your thoughts on church service message 28. For the body massage 29. For lot hunting 30. For your beautiful smile 31. For the mini delivery vans 32. For dreaming happy times with me 33. For attending marriage encounter 34. For family vacations 35. For time for just the two of us 36. For coming home 37. For coming to God.

My dearest that’s only 37 reasons because it’s your 37th birthday!

If you want to hear a hundred, then grow old with me!

One day the heart may not forget the wonderful feeling of being loved

but it might forget the details and so I record them.

I have several journals and it’s a golden one for my hubby

— just because it’s easier to dream for a happy golden anniversary with it!

Truly one of the finest moments in marriage is giving thanks.

For this moment, can you think of at least 5 reasons why you’re thankful for your partner? You may or may not share it with me but you must ensure that you share it with your partner. They will surely love to hear it direct from you!


And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds

– Hebrews 10:24



  1. Debbie Says:

    Oh sweet spoon, you are so lovely, wise and wonderful! Praying for you more and more moments to record and remember. Thank you for spurring us on! love and prayers and blessings!

  2. Ann Says:

    Thank you, Princess

    I think I have a hundred times five…. God has been good to us.

    Happy Birthday to your beloved.


  3. Chatter Master Says:

    1. For the comfort I have with him. 2. For the fun we have together. 3. For laughing with me, at me, and at himself. 4. For his strength in character. 5. For always wanting me in his life.

    Thank you Bended! Happy birthday to your wonderful husband!

  4. 1. For the love 2. For being a great father 3. For the patience 4. For the tender heart 5For the sense of Humor

    Now 5 reasons why I am thankful for bended spoon:

    1. For her warmth
    2. For her devotion to her family
    3. For her modesty
    4. For her honesty
    5. For her thoughtful kindness 🙂


    P.S. I started a new blog!

    • bendedspoon Says:

      I know you have a good man and now I know he is with a sense of humor as well — that could lighten up things! Hugggs to you Theresa for sharing!

      You have been so kind to me Theresa, thank you! Not only I am thankful for you but I admire you so much 1. for your deep love to the Lord and your family 2. for your tenacity 3. for your beauty, both in and out 4. for being an understanding friend 5. for sharing God’s word

      Can’t help to say this, your new profile picture is so vavavoom!That hairdo looks sooo good on you!

      I have a glimpse in your new beautiful place and I will be back to read and stay with you friend. I got to run now for my daughter’s culminating program. Have a wonderful moment! 🙂

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