Adios Amigos


It’s been weeks since I last visited your place and my place.

I am tempted to finally say, “Adios Amigos.”

But here I am saying instead, “Ahhh Diyos Amigos!”

Diyos is the Filipino translation for God.

“It’s God my friends!”

Who else will stop the flood caused by 11 straight days of monsoon rain?




Who else will make Filipinos smile in hope?



 Who else will provide what you need most?



Who else will soak  you in love?



Who else will make one fit for the ohlifepics?



Who else will lay down his life for us?



Ahhh Diyos Amigos!


Where ever you are right now — down the deep or floating on air

Whatever you may be doing right now — laughing in pain or crying in happiness

We both know that God alone knows His purpose for us — and it is good.

I believe that even when I feel like something so bad is happening to me.

I believe that feelings are not always the truth — but He is.

I choose to believe because…

it’s raining hard again outside! 🙂

Ahhh Diyos Amigos!


The waters saw you, O God, the waters saw you and writhed; the very depths were convulsed. -Psalm 7:16


Note: Photos are not mine as I can’t be everywhere while there’s flood. 🙂

16 Responses to “Adios Amigos”

  1. […] We continuously hold on to the One who can calm the storms. […]

  2. Amazing pictures. I love the “play” on the words. It’s perfect for our imperfect world. What promise. What relief.

    • bendedspoon Says:

      I thank God when He gives me an idea to play even in my mind. It helps a lot — especially when I am in longggg lines 🙂

      Thank you so much for seeing perfection. I thank God as well when one sees perfection when it’s hard to. Isn’t God on the cross a perfection? Despite how painful the sight is, how seemingly wrong, there is no doubt that it is a perfect love. He is the perfect love.

      Blessings to you 🙂

  3. Joshua H Wu Says:

    Amazing post! Brought laughter into my life :]

    Ahhh Diyos Amigos!

  4. I hope the flooding stops soon. 😦

    But the words and pictures blessed me so much. It’s true that our feelings can deceive us. It’s also true that the Lord is working good even when we can’t feel it, because he loves us. That makes me feel so good!

    Thank you for sharing this.


    • bendedspoon Says:

      The rain flood stopped now Theresa but God’s flood of blessings won’t.

      The best side of calamity is God showing us to not give up on humanity. That no matter how much we doubt if there is still goodness left He will show to us the truth — there is so much goodness.

      Thanks goodness 🙂

  5. mariqia Says:

    Hoping for good weather it’s cold and a bit windy outside..:(

  6. Debbie Says:

    Oh sweet Rea . . you are a wonder and a praise for Him! This is the most lovely post, filled with His beauty and hope amidst the reality and rain of life. I’m in tears and prayers and also deep abiding joy in who He is and what He is here for! Go team Philipines!!! Love you and so glad it is not quite time for adios!

    • bendedspoon Says:

      You have been a great cheerer Debbie — without prejudice. And team Philippines is grateful!

      I trust God when He compelled me to persist despite my plan to give up and during those times when He stopped me despite my plan to charge forward.

      Ahhh Diyos Amiga 🙂

  7. Ann Says:

    So beautiful, Dear Princess Rea

    Thanks for giving us these glimpses. I especially love the wedding photo. I think they are ready to take on ‘For better or worse ‘ …

    Praying the rains will end soon.



  8. Chatter Master Says:

    Ahhhhhhh Bended! Your pictures were incredible! Heartwrenching yet so full of hope, and smiles! I love the bride and groom! And the soldiers helping by lying down…. wow. Fantastic people the Filipinos!

    • bendedspoon Says:

      Thank you so much Colleen. The news may be oftentimes ugly in most part of the world but the truth is there is so much unreported beauty. I am deeply touched too by the soldiers — I salute them in tears. Hugggs 🙂

      • Chatter Master Says:

        That was a phenomenal picture. ANd hugs and salutes to all of you who are getting through such trying times.

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