Phony Checklist



Image Credit:, Kim Riding A Horse
For Bluebell Books Twitter Club Short Story Week 25
Wedding Ring – For 10 fingers
Wedding Gown – Vera Wow
Groom – Willing
Menu – Hmp fries
Cake – sweet six footer
Transportation – Cardash
Marriage Certificate – Tearable
Pen – With eraser
Priest – Keeping up
Guest List – You’re not invited!

Kim        : That’s the final 95th page of our wedding checklist!

Willing   : Are you sure you haven’t forgotten anything — your shoes?

Kim        : It’s on the 27th page — shoes by Gossipy Shoenotti!

Willing   : What a memory! You won’t forget me, right? — wink

Kim        : I have you in my mind. Our marriage will be a success! – wink wink


Most of us have checklists in life to ensure that we have everything in place; that the outcome would be as planned.

Checklist for a perfect wedding – CHECK!

Checklist for a happy family – CHECK!

Checklist for a safe trip – CHECK!

Checklist for immediate promotion – CHECK!

Checklist for a gold medal – CHECK!

Reviewed the wedding checklist 100 times. All efforts made to save the family. Car checked prior to road trip. Dedicated work for the promotion. Intensive training for the gold.

We are ready. We are equipped.

But the victory belongs to the Lord. Everything depends on Him.

Got to trust Him. Not the checklist.

His idea of victory might be very different from ours.


The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but the victory belongs to the LORD.

– Proverbs 21:31


5 Responses to “Phony Checklist”

  1. Ann Says:

    Oh boy…

    (Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! … “His idea of victory might be very different from ours.” Oh boy ….)

    Praying mine would align to His… I don’t want what He doesn’t want for me.

    Blessings, sister-friend.

    Beautifully thought-provoking piece,

  2. Debbie Says:

    Oh this was amazing! I didn’t know where you were going with it. Then “the victory belongs to the Lord . .trust Him , not the check list.” Wow! God bless you sweet Spoon, as you teach us lessons like only you can do! love you!!!

  3. Lot’s of wisdom here!


  4. Then the Lord should be our checklist. Leave it to Him to check it for us? Maybe? 🙂 I love your posts Bended. You make me think carefully, about what matters.

    • bendedspoon Says:

      The Lord as our checklist — now you made me think carefully! Warning: this is not plagiarism of your lines but an honest thought 🙂

      Yup best if the Lord is our checklist:
      1. Is this decision draw me closer to God?– CHECK!
      2. Am I ready to accept His will? — CHECK!

      Colleen I miss you! You got to pray harder — for roadblocks to be dissolved and allow me easy access 🙂

      Hugggs and love to you!

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