Every day I am confronted in the road by screaming billboards. Reminding me that I have yet to own the latest in fashion and technology; that I have yet to achieve the silkiest skin and society’s dream body; that their cake is chocolatier and the chicken is crispier.

It made me breathe less or shall I say that my breathing is heavier, harder  — “Chocolate cake or dream body? Latest in fashion or crispy chicken?” It’s hard to satisfy advertisers at the same time — more so if you are not at all interested but somehow compelled to want it.

I dream of regular road travels that will leave me breathless of nature’s beauty and abundance. And today I want to thank Artist Stephen Glassman for his dream of putting a crack in the urban skyline and allow us to take a breath despite the traffic.

Urban Air will transform existing old urban billboards to breathing spaces with suspended bamboo gardens.


To make this come true at least $100,000.00 pledges is needed — and then the project will be funded. Please check the team behind the project in their  KickStarter page.

I can’t wait to see similar project here in the Philippines.

I can’t wait to see a whispering billboard reminding me to BREATHE, PRAISE, LOVE.


Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. Praise the LORD. – Psalm 150:6


Phony Checklist



Image Credit:, Kim Riding A Horse
For Bluebell Books Twitter Club Short Story Week 25
Wedding Ring – For 10 fingers
Wedding Gown – Vera Wow
Groom – Willing
Menu – Hmp fries
Cake – sweet six footer
Transportation – Cardash
Marriage Certificate – Tearable
Pen – With eraser
Priest – Keeping up
Guest List – You’re not invited!

Kim        : That’s the final 95th page of our wedding checklist!

Willing   : Are you sure you haven’t forgotten anything — your shoes?

Kim        : It’s on the 27th page — shoes by Gossipy Shoenotti!

Willing   : What a memory! You won’t forget me, right? — wink

Kim        : I have you in my mind. Our marriage will be a success! – wink wink


Most of us have checklists in life to ensure that we have everything in place; that the outcome would be as planned.

Checklist for a perfect wedding – CHECK!

Checklist for a happy family – CHECK!

Checklist for a safe trip – CHECK!

Checklist for immediate promotion – CHECK!

Checklist for a gold medal – CHECK!

Reviewed the wedding checklist 100 times. All efforts made to save the family. Car checked prior to road trip. Dedicated work for the promotion. Intensive training for the gold.

We are ready. We are equipped.

But the victory belongs to the Lord. Everything depends on Him.

Got to trust Him. Not the checklist.

His idea of victory might be very different from ours.


The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but the victory belongs to the LORD.

– Proverbs 21:31


Or any other contest where a Filipino or with a hint of a Filipino wasn’t proclaimed the winner.

Ugly words can be heard all over. Or is it just me who doesn’t like the sound of “Racism” when it could really be not. Or “The winner is not really beautiful or smart or talented” or “The judges and voters are unfair”.

Millions of Filipinos could be bitter, salty, sour or a combination of two or three.

I am not sure if there’s even a food that tastes good with all three flavors in it.

I am a Filipino with 1 liter of Chinese blood. And I would be one of the happiest if Jessica Sanchez won the American Idol title.

I am a human with 5 liters of red blood. And I would be one of the happiest if we are gracious enough to accept that someone is better than us by human standard.

I am not a TV fan thus I’m not a fanatic of American Idol or any show. If I can, I only watch the finals where a Filipino is a finalist. I love Filipinos — how they can be very resilient, kind, beautiful, talented – but even then, no race has a monopoly of these qualities.

I may be sad but I am happy as well with the result of American Idol Season 11. A Filipina is first runner up. Wow! Congratulations Jessica Sanchez! You are a great singer and how you have dealt with the defeat is a sure win!

And congratulations Phillip Phillips! How you dealt with victory sealed the title! I enjoyed your finale performance and I like the song “Home” especially the line, “Don’t pay no mind to the demons they fill you with fear…”

He looked up to heaven and with a deep sigh said to him, “Ephphatha!” (which means, “Be opened!”)– Mark 7:34


Giving thanks when things are going well in marriage is easy

but giving thanks when things are not going well in marriage is very challenging

but it could be one of the finest moments.

It leads one to the inner recesses of the soul to intentionally look for something good

and see God’s child whom He dearly love and wants us to love as well.

Today it’s easy to give thanks for my hubby 🙂

1.For the love 2. For taking care of me when I am sick 3. For working hard for the family 4. For the fishballs, squid balls, kikiams 19 years ago 5.  For praying for me 6.  For kiddos basketball ring 7. For waiting patiently 8. For the almond nuts 9. For the times you are happy being with me 10. For the friendship 11. For the precious kingdom 12. For the wristwatches 13. For the moments you are in love with me 14. For the sandwiches 15. For the hurts that pulled me closer to God 16. For the black Chanel bag 17. For holding my hands 18. For singing in the church 19. For the struggles that taught me how to let go 20. For sharing your fishing accessories for my crafts 21. For repairing the chairs 22. For the morning kisses 23. For the diamond ring 24. For fixing the lights 25. For playing with the kids 26. For bargain hunting with me 27. For sharing your thoughts on church service message 28. For the body massage 29. For lot hunting 30. For your beautiful smile 31. For the mini delivery vans 32. For dreaming happy times with me 33. For attending marriage encounter 34. For family vacations 35. For time for just the two of us 36. For coming home 37. For coming to God.

My dearest that’s only 37 reasons because it’s your 37th birthday!

If you want to hear a hundred, then grow old with me!

One day the heart may not forget the wonderful feeling of being loved

but it might forget the details and so I record them.

I have several journals and it’s a golden one for my hubby

— just because it’s easier to dream for a happy golden anniversary with it!

Truly one of the finest moments in marriage is giving thanks.

For this moment, can you think of at least 5 reasons why you’re thankful for your partner? You may or may not share it with me but you must ensure that you share it with your partner. They will surely love to hear it direct from you!


And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds

– Hebrews 10:24



Detectives and lawyer

They were my companions in my younger years

Those book characters were with me everywhere


I once imagined myself as

Smart and resourceful Nancy Drew

With brothers as lucky and clever as Hardy Boys


But I think I grew up

With astute logical reasoning as Sherlock Holmes

With an ability to get somebody out of trouble like Perry Mason


My family was hopeful

That someday they will see me in court

A lawyer just like my uncle


But I couldn’t tell them

I just wanted to be a woman, wife and a mom

I haven’t told anyone until now


And so I grow older and took up engineering

And yes I became a woman, wife and a mom

Defending someone, saving myself and trying to be logical


Dream came true? I don’t know. All I know is I could be Hercule Poirot

Who believes that “in the long run, either through a lie, or through truth,

people were bound to give themselves away…”


For Gooseberry Garden on Childhood, Dreams, Books, Role Models.


It’s true. All I ever dreamt of was to be a woman, wife and a mom — all because I wanted to find my way back into love. And how about you?



Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. – Matthew 7:7


Healing Bath


Image from Bluebell Books: Short Story Slam Week 14


I am letting go. I no longer want to wait.

No more waiting for the phone to ring. No more checking my e-mail twice a day. No more torturing myself thinking of you. From hopeful to edgy; to depressed; to desperate; to discouraged — I am now letting go.

It’s about time to soak my callous heart in healing bath, scrub away your lies, indulge in heaven scent dreams and rinse with confidence that there are wonderful revelations ahead of me.

I love tub for one. I can close my eyes knowing I am safe alone. There’s no one to highlight flaws and no one to crush the spirit.

Oh there’s rubber ducky to remind me to not to be so hard with myself and to smile despite the emptiness inside. Grace will fill all the empty spaces…


And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast. – 1 Peter 5:10



Less than a month ago I discovered a lump in my breast. What immediately came to mind is the possibility of breast cancer and of near-death. It made me pause and check myself.

There was no fear. There was no worry. How could it be?

I realized that I have been prepared for this – with my death experiences.

Death of dreams.

Death of trust.

Death of happiness.

Death of confidence.

Death of enthusiasm.

Death of hope.

Death of courage.

Death of spirit.

With those deaths I never asked, “Why? Why? Why?”  But nevertheless I am now given an answer if ever I ask, “WHY?!”

I was being prepared to give birth to my faith.

I gave birth to 4 living babies and my 1 unborn was taken from inside. Pure labor and pain before the release of lives from within me – very much like the birth of faith.

Please click for other days.


It’s Day 31 of Feeling Good! And I’m talking about death? Surely death is painful if we focus on the loss. But if we shift our focus to what it gave birth to – it has beauty on its own.

I never thought that faith alone could give birth to so many wonderful things.

Birth of dreams.

Birth of trust.

Birth of happiness.

Birth of confidence.

Birth of enthusiasm.

Birth of hope.

Birth of courage.

Birth of spirit.

Yes, what were lost are best lost. Now I have new ones — better ones plus so much more.

And oh, the lump in my breast is possibly not cancerous. The doctor told me to go back after a month to confirm if I need an operation but as of now, it subsided already. Death of lump?

Now tell me, how can I not feel good? Sometimes feeling good is not about feelings but about trust. That we are better off with it; how others are better off with it – with what is given or taken away.

This is the end of my 31 Days of Feeling Good series – but not the end of feeling good!


‘He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.” – Revelation 21:4


Day 6: Connect


We are happiest when we are connected

with people

with life

with the Source of Life.

Technology made it possible for us

to connect as people

to connect with life beyond where we are

to even connect with the Source of Life

when we understand the person

when we understand where the person is coming from

when we understand the Word.

Please click for other days.

It’s Day 6 of Feeling Good! Millions are sad for the death of Steve Jobs. Millions are sad because Steve Jobs succeeded in making others feel good. He offered cool innovations and designs just  because — “A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” He succeeded in connecting with the heart of people — he made them want what he offered!

No, I am not feeling good because of Steve Jobs death. I am feeling good because there are people like him who never give up and hungry to make things better.

Technology, much is said about it but it need not separate us from God.

Touch screen.

Touch people.


My purpose is that they may be encouraged in heart and united in love, so that they may have the full riches of complete understanding, in order that they may know the mystery of God, namely, Christ,

– Colossians 2:2


Image from Bluebell Books Short Story Slam Week 11


Blop blop blop blop.

One by one Riva’s bubbles popped. This made her sad.

Earlier she was full of joy, “Blowing bubbles is so much fun! Bubbles are my small wishes! My big dreams! My rainbow future!”

She chased each of her wishes, her dreams, her future and when she thought she reached it — it burst!

“I don’t like blowing bubbles anymore!”

But there is something irresistible about bubbles. It seems to hypnotize her, tease her, challenges her.

BLOP! Riva suddenly had a shift of thought –as if her mind was awakened by the bursting of the biggest bubble there is.

“Where is my bubble wand? I want to blow bubbles!”

Blop blop blop blop.

One by one Riva’s bubbles popped. This made her smile.

She was full of joy, “Blowing bubbles are so much fun! Bubbles are my small worries! My big pains! My psychedelic fear!”

She watched each of her worries, her pains, her fears and when she thought it will keep on floating jubilantly — it burst!

“I like blowing bubbles no matter what age I am!”

Blop blop blop blop.



Just the other day I shared Nesat (Typhoon Pedring), the 16th typhoon that lashed our country for this year. We have not recovered yet but Nalgae (Typhoon Quiel) has already announced its eagerness to be our 17th typhoon in two or three days time.

This regular typhoon honed our skills in rebuilding — properties, dreams, hope, faith, lives…

I believe that one cannot successfully do it without feeling good. Yes, I don’t want to face this regular typhoon news with resignation nor I want to be defeated by each emotional typhoon that will hit me.

From October 1 to 31, please join me in feeling good or do your own 31 days. How to? Please check Nesting Place’s 31 Days of Change — I took the challenge from this beautiful place.

If you like my 31 Days logo, I can make one for you if you want to. On one condition though, you got to smile at least 3x a day.




Image from Bluebell Books: Short Story Slam Week 9.


Hera cried.

She stood watching the ship that will take Damian away from her.

Not a square inch of her handkerchief was left dry.

She silently asked herself, “How would one know if the tears that are falling are tears of sadness or tears of happiness?”

Over the years she had grown ugly, wounded, twisted like a wire repeatedly pliered. But she kept her hopes and dreams alive, like a live wire plugged to the power source.

The ship is now drifting farther, farther and farther away as the sun goes down, down, and down. Hera knew a miracle is occurring. Together with the vanishing of the ship and the sun from her sight, the tumult of terror, bitterness, anger, and despair is leaving her as well.

She stood for a minute more before fully knowing if her tears are of sadness or of happiness. She knew the moment her lips smiled involuntarily.

Before turning back to leave, she further soaked her handkerchief.


Cornerless Field


Image from Bluebells Books: Short Story Slam Week 8


Her heart was messy.

Her dream was broken.

She only dreamed of four happy corners and still it was taken away.

“God, I do not deserve this.”

“Yes, you do not deserve that,” replied God. “You deserve so much more.”

“I dream for you not only four happy corners but cornerless field that touches the sky.”

“All is yours but not all can be yours unless you choose to see all of it.”

“You cannot see it by just looking to the left and what is just left.”

“You cannot see it by just looking to the right and claiming that you are always right.”

“You cannot see it by just looking down and putting yourself down.”

“You cannot see it by just looking up and believe that I am only up there.”

“I am everywhere. I am especially with you. You could try seeing all around you — with my eyes.”

Her heart is merry.


Monkey Business


Image from Bluebells Book Short Story Slam Week 7


“Welcome in mister! If you love bananas then we both love bananas!” said Wanda the Monkey.

“Consider yourself blessed to be in Wanda’s Banana Café!”

“It’s heavenly in here with banana coconut cream pie, banana rum cake, banana muffins, banana oatmeal cookies, banana fritters, banana chocolate chips, banana pancake, banana nut bread, banana strawberry doughnut, banana milk loaf, banana stuffed French toast, banana ice cream, banana split, banana balls, banana squares, banana chips, banana power shake, banana grape wine, banana hazelnut frappe…”

“And not just those yummy treats, we have banana journal, banana bag, banana mug, banana pens and banana accessories. All my friends here in the jungle love them!”

“So what do you like mister? I can serve it here while you listen to really cool banana music or you can bring home some for your family or if you want to have fun in the beach, there’s a banana boat as well!”

“Ahem, I’m not here for some bananas. I am looking for Wanda,” said the mister.

“But you must try the bananas. These are baked and made with love. Wait, you are looking for Wanda? I am Wanda, the monkey who loves banana.”

“Oh you are Wanda. Lucky, lucky Wanda!”

“An anonymous benefactor is giving you a big house in the city, a limousine, and lots of money! But on one condition, you should never eat or touch banana again.”

“Not eat banana? Not touch banana? A big house, a limousine, and lots of money in exchange of banana? My, my, somebody is going bananas!”

“Ahhh, yummy banana walnut cake!” Wanda is smiling with satisfaction to her another masterpiece. After all, there’s so much love in it.

“Welcome in mister! If you love bananas then we both love bananas!”

Banana boating with my family!

Enjoy the day everyone!


What Do You See?


It is so lovely

In the valley

Lilies in the valley

Sweet breeze in the valley

Green shiny grass

Cows eating grass

Dung in the grass

Dung in the grass

I will not focus

On the dung in the grass

For it will no longer so lovely

In the valley.

For Jingle Poetry on Nature and Life.

For us. What do we see?

Cow knocks on the door

Do you see bottles of milk

Or piles of cow dung?

For seeing the blessings in the midst of life.


The Secret


Image from Bluebell Books: Thursday Short Story


“Discover and grow something out of the seeds sweetie.”

“I will Mama. It will grow as a tree, hard wood. I will make a home out of it!”

Each day the little girl watered her seed; her tree. “Lalala , I am excited to turn you into something really special!”

The little girl was expectant — what she wants she will get.

“Mama! There’s something growing in my tree!”

“Oh that’s a tomato, sweetie.”

“A tomato! But I want a tree, with hard wood!”

“Yes, you want a tree but what you have is a tomato. Why, you can make pasta with it – spaghetti?”

“But I don’t like spaghetti! I want to make a home with hard wooden floors, and chairs, and treasure box!” She insisted that she wants nothing but a hard wood. “I don’t like that plant anymore Mama. It’s yours now.”

Before she became a mother to little boys and little girls, she was a little girl. She had dreams. She had tantrums. She had her wants.

She is a Mama now. Her Mama is now her kiddos Grandma.

“Grandma, I love your spaghetti!”

“Thank you, Cutie. That spaghetti is special because I used a really special tomato in there.”

“A really special tomato? That must be the secret ingredient! I will tell Mama about that secret ingredient!”


Any discovery from you that you want to share to the world?


Don’t worry there won’t be a  failing grade — I’ll give you 1 smiley for each answer. Cool, isn’t? It will be fun like when you were in nursery and the teacher gave you stars!

Here goes…

1. If money is not an issue, what kind of work would make you happy?

2. What is something you do that you think most people don’t do?

There — just 2 questions. Easier than mathematical problem! But then, if you like math here it is…

If we were asked to forgive seventy-seven times how many more is left out of the X number of forgiveness you have given? If you have reached that number, do you think you can extend it up to infinity?

Whew, that’s hard! But actually we are asked to forgive up to infinity — no?


Thank you all wonderful and cool people for your responses!

“Saya tidak bisa bicara bahasa Indonesia.” That means, “I don’t speak Indonesian.” — but I’m flying to Indonesia. See you in a few days!

Get in touch with yourself and be well, okay? Huggggs.


I Am Singing


Pain can be a grace
in the midst of hurting
a song can be heard
from someone who lost interest
in music
when the music teacher
of two decades ago
when I sang out of tune.

With shells cracked
Someone wants me healed
music tried to seep in.
How do we sing when broken?
with cracked voice
with bleeding heart
with bruised spirit
with deep feelings
with desperate pleading.

Pain can be a grace
I can sing
I want to sing
I am singing
not for any music teacher
not for hardcore critics
but for Someone
who wants to listen
to my life song.

For Jingle Poetry on Songs

For staying strong. One of my favorite songs – “Get up there’s more to be done…”

And the singing never stops with this brilliant award!

Coal and diamond

Made of same stuff but one shines

Welcome polishing

Thank you soooo much to the truly brilliant poets with their brilliant poems!


Broken Sparkles



Butterflies of Time




The Lonely Recluse


Wyoming Diva



Fama Semper Vivat

Magdalena Herman

Someone is Special

Sri Sri


Jamie Dedes

The light within bursts

You are all shining brightly

Can we sing to that?


“Why would I be nervous when it’s all for God…?”

That’s from Maricor, when asked if she was ever nervous performing at church during worship.  She’s a sponsored child of Kat through Compassion. There were tears…

But I guess that’s how it is when the soft spot in our heart isn’t hardened yet with bitterness.

When we acknowledge that we are capable of loving.

When we actually love.

Thank you to everyone who loves beyond themselves.

If you feel that what you are giving is just a little portion, know that it could be the biggest break that one could ever get.

If you feel that what you are giving is a big portion that eats your budget, know that the seed could grow into tree that will bear fruits and more seeds and more trees… The blessing will come around to you more than treefold — really fruitful!

Looking for smiles? Want to smile? Maybe this is it…

Compassion Bloggers: Philippines 2011

Thank you and yes, why would we be nervous when it’s all for God?

Why would we be nervous when we could be grateful instead?

I am thankful for…

warning signs

good catch

the opportunity to reach the stars

a time to rest

How about you, what are you thankful for today?

Please share some, don’t be nervous.


Who’s Afraid?


Watching every move
Whispered, “Surely you will fail.”
Yank the self critic

For Jingle Poetry on Doubts, Fear, Inhibitions, and Hesitations

For our dreams

Talents entrusted
Two doubled them, one hid it
He lost it to fear.

For growing…

Cheering for your success!

V is for Vulnerary


Today, we think about ourselves.

Today, we think about vulnerability.

We want to be authentic.

To be just us.

To heal the wounds and be able to trust again and be silly if we want to and not be insecure and not fear possibilities.




Time heal wounds —  not just any time though.

But time spent with the Lord.

But time spent appreciating and serving others.

But time spent planting the seeds of future harvests.

Yes, today we are thinking about ourselves even though we are thinking beyond ourselves for it is in this way we heal fastest so we can be vulnerable again and be authentic again and love some more again and enjoy life again.


VULNERARY is a remedy used in healing or treating of wounds.

Be Okay, Okay?


QUE SERA, SERA (Whatever will be, will be)

Yes we are singing first…

Enjoyed the song? Were you that little girl? With so many questions?

If a little girl comes to you and ask for a piece of advice and that advice could help her soar through life, what would it be?

Please take this opportunity because a little girl might stumble upon this post and blow kisses for you!

And the little girl in me says, “Whoa I am soaring right now!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I couldn’t believe
That a scared little chicken
Could soar in the sky

But then why can’t I
Kindred souls serve as my wings
Lifting me higher

Thank you so much my wing, wing, wing, wing, …! Now I know why the Creator made an eagle out of you, you, you, you…!

And to share one of my favorite poems in your place…

Donna Swanson
Broken Sparkles
Magdalena Herman
Someone Is Special
Becca Givens
David (1 Mere Mortal)
AB Thomas
Teri C
Words Asunder
Life: Between the Lines
Jamie Dedes
Pat Cegan
Dab Roberson

Now look up.

See yourself soaring with a smiling chicken, isn’t it a wonderful sight?

Thank you!