Dearest Hubby,

Someone subscribed to my blog with last name same as mine

I couldn’t believe it – it’s you!

I pinched myself to be sure that I’m not dreaming

Ouch! It hurt — so it’s real!

Believe me I didn’t asked why you’re here with me

I just thank God for His miracle, for you

For leading your fingers to ‘Sign me up’ button

Despite that you very well know I might not write anything about cars

But who knows.


Ferrari 166 Inter


P.S.  This is supposed to be a love letter so here’s the love part – I love you!


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It’s Day 24 of Feeling Good!


Dear Blog Friends,

Thank you so much for understanding my quirkiness.

Like today, thank you for allowing me to be giddy in love.

Thank you so much for checking here and praying for me.

Your prayer works. Your love works.




P.S.   There are days that I am too weak to pray long prayers. All I can say is, “God please give back to my kindest blog friends what they have prayed for me.”


Feel good, write a love letter to your spouse, to your kiddo, to God, to yourself – yes, why not? Your choice – cheesy or not.


“Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.”
– 1 Peter 4:8




You don’t have to be a witch

To cast a spell.

Just be humane

Wish everything shall be well

And everyone shall heal.


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It’s Day 21 of Feeling Good! No we do not need to boil the spit of 12 mosquitoes or pound the 123rd foot of the millipede to feel good. What we need is 1 billion and four understanding and 1 billion and five of forgiveness.

Now close your eyes and get in touch with your soul. When you find her, smile to her and chant this:

God loves you. He really loves you. Really really loves you.

He will heal you and turn your scars into stars. Really really heal you.

Heal my soul and cast a spell of blessings to the world. Really really cast them.

And all shall be well. All shall be well. Really really well.


Feel good for God is good!


Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. – 1Peter 5:7



Pains and disappointments they could darken your days

Put out your rose-colored glasses to see the bright rays!

You can change your sad defeated hopeless painful look

Wear the rose-colored glasses for an optimistic outlook!


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It’s Day 20 of Feeling Good!  Let’s talk about pink and rose color and glasses and whatever!

Did you appreciate pink (that’s also rose color, right?) when you were little?  I can’t remember if I liked that color but I remember liking blue – and being blue. But someone I love loves pink – my youngest daughter. Pink bag, pink slippers, pink dress, pink balloon, pink shake (that’s strawberry shake of course). She’s cute, sweet, and adorable. I should have liked pink when I was a little girl!

But I think it’s not yet too late, I can wear rose-colored glasses and strut my way out of darkness!

And here’s another glasses that will surely look good on us and make us look for good – GOD’S GLASSES!

Shall we wear them now and feel good?

It even made my heart see — cool!


Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law.

–       Psalm 119:18


Inviting fragrance of fresh brew awakens you.

Smell of warm pancakes made you took a bite.

You took a shower and enjoyed the scent of soap all over you.

You wish the fresh smell will linger on all throughout the day.

The day is filled with different fragrances.

Each person wears their favorite bottled perfume.

As you go to bed no doubt a good sleep awaits you.

Fresh linens and lavender scented pillows promise you that.

But before you close your eyes think about how must have you smelled.

I mean you, not the signature perfume.


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It’s Day 18 of Feeling Good! Take control of your scent you share to the world. Release scent of gratefulness, sweetness, kindness, love…

Don’t you feel good when you smell your wonderful self?


For we are to God the aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing.

– 2 Corinthians 2:15


Day 6: Connect


We are happiest when we are connected

with people

with life

with the Source of Life.

Technology made it possible for us

to connect as people

to connect with life beyond where we are

to even connect with the Source of Life

when we understand the person

when we understand where the person is coming from

when we understand the Word.

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It’s Day 6 of Feeling Good! Millions are sad for the death of Steve Jobs. Millions are sad because Steve Jobs succeeded in making others feel good. He offered cool innovations and designs just  because — “A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” He succeeded in connecting with the heart of people — he made them want what he offered!

No, I am not feeling good because of Steve Jobs death. I am feeling good because there are people like him who never give up and hungry to make things better.

Technology, much is said about it but it need not separate us from God.

Touch screen.

Touch people.


My purpose is that they may be encouraged in heart and united in love, so that they may have the full riches of complete understanding, in order that they may know the mystery of God, namely, Christ,

– Colossians 2:2


busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy

busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy

busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy

busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy

busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy

busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy

busy busybusy find time for the Lord busy busy busybusy

busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy

busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy

busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy

busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy

busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy

busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy

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It’s Day 5 of Feeling Good! Feeling God in the midst of busyness – nothing beats that in making us feel good! It’s only Him who can turn frantic, overwhelmed and rushed into calm, focused, and composed.

Yes, it’s the middle of the same busy week. It’s crazy crazy crazy until I pause and spend a quiet time with the Lord and allow myself to feel His presence, His love, His comfort.

It feels good!

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

– Matthe 11:28


I was pushed toward the darkness

But just because I was in the dark

I have to stay in the dark

But just because I see no light

I have to believe that there is no light

If the smallest seed

Can push through the ground

To live in the light,

So can I.

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It’s Day 3 of Feeling Good!  Whatever has befallen you, like being covered with a mop head, just shake it off and fly!

But before you take off please say this to yourself —  “I refuse to be a victim. I am a victor!”

High heat, high pressure

Carbon atoms re-arranged

See how it shines now!

Thank you so much! My pleasure to pass the brilliance to ZQ’s Runaway Child.

I was pushed back and about to fall, but the LORD helped me.

– Psalm 118:13


Yes, even a little please.

A little sweetness from everyone could dilute

the bitterness

the sourness

the blandness

in somebody else’s life.

Have a little sweetness please.

Promise, you won’t get a toothache

but a sweeter life instead.

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It’s Day 2 of Feeling Good! Wishing you have a sweet beautiful day ahead of you.

But before you go please be sweet enough to say a thoughtful prayer to Aj, a brave 8 year-old boy, whose face has distorted and the doctor couldn’t normalize it yet. Prayer could heal and let yours count.

Thank you soooo much sweetest!

How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth.

– Psalm 119:103



It’s official! It’s Day 1 of Feeling Good!

For 31 days I will put together Feeling Good posters.

Feel free to think. Feel free to share your thoughts.

Feel free to smile. Feel free to share your smiles.

Let’s start now.

Would you be so kind to share your secrets in feeling good?

Please do. I might make a poster out of it and spread the virus of feeling good!

How about sharing the link of one of your posts that makes you feel good and might make others feel good as well? Just like this – I GOT A FEELING.

Please do. I would love to share it in one of my incoming posts!

Or how about coming up with your own 31 Days and link it to Nesting Place?

It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful — that’s actually the tagline of that beautiful place. Beautiful!

Please click for other days.

You can check on my succeeding post for 31 Days of Feeling God by clicking the button above or the one in the sidebar.  Got to feel good!

Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Psalm 37:4


Image from Bluebell Books Short Story Slam Week 11


Blop blop blop blop.

One by one Riva’s bubbles popped. This made her sad.

Earlier she was full of joy, “Blowing bubbles is so much fun! Bubbles are my small wishes! My big dreams! My rainbow future!”

She chased each of her wishes, her dreams, her future and when she thought she reached it — it burst!

“I don’t like blowing bubbles anymore!”

But there is something irresistible about bubbles. It seems to hypnotize her, tease her, challenges her.

BLOP! Riva suddenly had a shift of thought –as if her mind was awakened by the bursting of the biggest bubble there is.

“Where is my bubble wand? I want to blow bubbles!”

Blop blop blop blop.

One by one Riva’s bubbles popped. This made her smile.

She was full of joy, “Blowing bubbles are so much fun! Bubbles are my small worries! My big pains! My psychedelic fear!”

She watched each of her worries, her pains, her fears and when she thought it will keep on floating jubilantly — it burst!

“I like blowing bubbles no matter what age I am!”

Blop blop blop blop.



Just the other day I shared Nesat (Typhoon Pedring), the 16th typhoon that lashed our country for this year. We have not recovered yet but Nalgae (Typhoon Quiel) has already announced its eagerness to be our 17th typhoon in two or three days time.

This regular typhoon honed our skills in rebuilding — properties, dreams, hope, faith, lives…

I believe that one cannot successfully do it without feeling good. Yes, I don’t want to face this regular typhoon news with resignation nor I want to be defeated by each emotional typhoon that will hit me.

From October 1 to 31, please join me in feeling good or do your own 31 days. How to? Please check Nesting Place’s 31 Days of Change — I took the challenge from this beautiful place.

If you like my 31 Days logo, I can make one for you if you want to. On one condition though, you got to smile at least 3x a day.


See What You Love


Image from Bluebell Books: Short Story Slam Week 10.

“Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy , what a lovely day! I will go out and capture all the beauties I see!”

And so Donald excitedly grabbed his camera, smiled, and do the duck walk.

“Goooood morning Donald! Why the grrrrrrr on the face?” Dale greeted Donald.

“Because I see you two! I am sure you will spoil my day!”

“Oh-h-h-kay! Why don’t you take my picture while I stay on top of your wise head?” Chip teased.

“Aw phooey! Chip and Dale, the chips on my shoulder!”

While Donald grumbled and decided that his day is already ruined, the butterfly whispered in his ear, “See what you love.”

“Uh-oh, looks like an inside job.”

And so Donald took shot of the mushroom house, sparkling rainbow, lovely flowers, workaholic ant, Bambi and friends, giving cow, everything – especially the wise butterfly!

“Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy , what a lovely day! I have captured all the beauties I see!”


Z is for Zizz


ZIZZ is sparkle or vim.

ZIZZ is nap or sleep.

Looks like an opposing meaning to me but who am I to protest?

Got to accept it as is for I don’t want to lose the vim.

“Drinking from your soup bowl is unethical.”

“There is no such thing as green dog and the apple should be color red.”

“Don’t laugh too loud.”

“You have no honors? Why can’t you be like your brother?”

Most of us were raised to conform to man made standard.

Most of us follow the majority for fear of being left out.

By doing so we actually left out our own selves.

We lose the ZIZZ. Somebody else is running our lives.

Can you share an experience where you are stopped at what you are doing because it’s ‘not right’ and looking back you realized that there’s actually nothing wrong with it?

Isn’t it about time to claim ourselves back and live with vim and have a goodnight sleep because we honor who we are?

Isn’t it about time to live with ZIZZ?


When life is unfair to you,
retaliate and be very unfair!

When people treat you so bad,
shoot them with prayer!

When surrounded with negativity,
hurl them with positivity!

When somebody puts you down,
kick them higher!

When attacked by depression,
Punch it and say, “You can’t get me!”

Who wants life to be fair?
Surely not you! RETALIATE!

Whew! That feels good!

How was it when you were a thorn and somebody turned you into a crown?

Did you wish life should be fair?

Heart this!



heart's treasure




Does it FEEL GOOD?

Now  feel  your  chest.

Check for heartbeats.

There is? Really?

You must have a heart!

What is that heart for, for you?

Is the answer same with your reality?

Hey, I’m asking myself the same questions!

Now for more heart talk please  check this out.

Yes this — the  T R E A S U R E  in HERE!

I heart YOU for checking.



I Love Coffee!


The Ground Scheme


I am a coffee lover

but not a coffee drinker.

I love the memories of its smell

and how the scrub feels in my skin.

Coffee grounds to absorb the smell on the fridge.

Coffee grounds to scrub weariness and cellulites away.

Thank you coffee drinkers, the grounds are mine! Ask Starbucks!

Most people enjoy coffee by taking it in. Me? By loving it less the caffeine.

How about you?

Coffee thoughts please!


5 days before November 3 and I’m excited!

Come visit me please on that date!



Read with Me book drawing for Biz Mommy

Tisha Berg <> 

Hey there!,

Well, it looks like I’ll be sending you 2 books this month – you won the drawing for next month’s book selection! The winner by 1 vote was “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle, so I will get that as well as Bird by Bird sent out to you by the end of the week. Congratulations on winning the drawing and thanks so much for participating in the “Read with Me” posts as well as being a thoughtful and MUCH appreciated presence in the Biz Mommy community. You’re a great commenter and writer who always gives me good food for thought! 🙂

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Whoa, I am lucky! Giddy yap, giddy yap!
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Thank you Tisha!

Feel Good!


You feel good


your world

is right,

not because

the world

is right.


me and my kiddos' funsson pics

Fun + Lesson = Funsson Pictures!

Funsson is coined by Judith of CREATIVITY TO THE MAX!

Please check her site for Therapeutic Creative Expression.

Join the FUN and meet her dog named MAX!


Update: Judith made the Bended Spoon and the Benders rock in HERE!


Presenting Linda!



Wonder Woman - thanks google!


Not Wonder Woman Lynda Carter but the WONDERFUL Lindas whom I’m honored to meet here in blogosphere!

1st, Linda Kruschke. She’s a lawyer. No I’m not saying that because, “You have the right to remain silent…” I just want to say that I like her because she’s not judgmental but God committal. You know you want to read her Legal, Social, and Absolute Tolerance and other posts with in-depth analysis. Read it and be blessed!

2nd, Linda Hewett of Positive Spin. She’s a Confidence Coach and Writer. She wants to try to solve your problems so go tell her, it’s free! But first you would want to check her posts which are inspiring, enlightening, interesting, amazing and all positive INGS you can think of. Psst, please smile back at her and see how good it feels.

3rd, Linda Lewis of Lulu’s Musings. She’s a collage, a creator, a dreamer, an optimist and so many things! How could I not like her when most of her interests are mine too.  I love checking her place because there is so much energy and creativity in there. And one more thing, I love her hair!

4th, Lynda Roberts of Echostains. Yes she’s not Linda but still she’s wonderful! I couldn’t forget the fun I had when she invited me to join her Van Gogh poetry challenge – I had a very good laugh with my Ugh Van Gogh. Her place is full of art – sculptures, paintings, designs, and even typewriter art. Go check her place and delight your heART!

This is about Wonder Woman after all. Mama, you’re not included in here because your name isn’t Linda but you are a Wonder Woman!

Any Wonder Woman in your life that you want to share? Yes, the name need not be Linda.


reaL lucky!


i am lucky i can write right now

you are lucky you can read RED

i am lucky for smiling at you

you are lucky for smiling back

we are lucky that we meet

admit it! admit it!

any lucky story to share?

please share it and  you will get something back

more than fair share

believe it! believe it!



pumpkin pie plate

Last week my friend Juliet and I have gone furniture hunting for her place.

She took home a lamp and I took home a pumpkin pie plate.

Can I tell a short story? Oh I can, thanks!

Me: “How much is that pumpkin pie plate?”

Vendor: “P100.00 (US$2.28)”

Me: “Can I have it for P80.00 (US$1.82) if I promise you that this plate won’t be used for pumpkin pie?”

Vendor: “Uh ok then.”

Methink: “God I promised that I won’t use this for pumpkin pie. I trust You now to find a good use for this. After all this cost me P80.00!”

When I got home and washed the plate I saw this

martha stewart collection -- pumpkin pie plate

God do I have to get excited because I got a Martha Stewart?

Do I have to get excited that this pumpkin pie plate

originally cost $19.99 and on sale at$9.99?

Oh I have to — yesssssss! Martha Stewart I got you for only $1.82!

That’s the story of my pumpkin pie plate but the real story of this title is HEEEEERRE!

Check the comments and share with my excitement, pleeeeeze!

Here’s one of the  lines in the comment section, “Wait… What???? Holy Jeebus. I didn’t see that!”

When I commented there’s no watermark  and GOD caption yet so imagine my excitement upon seeing HIM!

Thanks for checking and right now I believe in 2 things:

1. God is amazing for this early Thanksgiving!

2. The person reading this is amazing, really!

Please share what you believe in, amazing being!


Joy Tizon

1. My Mother. She had me made a dress each recognition day of my elementary days. Each year for 6 years I had a new dress! Yipee!

2. My Father. He played scrabble and chess with me when I was a kiddo. He must be proud of me when I won just like I am now with my son!

3. My Siblings. They’re awesome in their own ways. More awesome than me!

4. My Hubby. I wonder how could he love me, hate me, love me, hate me, love me!

5. My Kiddos. My heart swells!

6. God. He is also the wonder of my life!

7. Joy. She’s my dear friend since college. She’s the 1st friend who really got close to my heart and her smile is the sweetest. And it’s her birthday today — Happy Birthday Joy!

Just 7 for now though I got a whole lot more like my pliers, paint brushes and colored pens. Really just 7 for now.

This entry is here to create wonder and share with you what is written on my heart. Can you please share some of yours?