Not Alone


born to parents

left to aunts

passed on to grandma

back to parents

forwarded to hubby

stayed with kiddos

back to me

back to You

You who will never give me up

You who will never leave me

You who will never stop loving me

You who is ever faithful


As we journey through life it is inevitable that we will be left behind; that we will be left out — but never left alone.

It is cold in here

But not one with cold shoulders

Warm heart is working


Thursday Poet Rally is cool — and so too The Tickly Turtle!


Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you. – Hebrews 13:5




Yes thank you so much for your prayers that you will be saying in a little while.

I opened my email today and read this…

Please pray for my baby. 

 She had seizures last Saturday 3 times, once last Friday. She would stare blankly to her right then her hands would jerk for about 40 seconds. The pediatrician advised that we observe her further — if it persists, we’ll schedule an EEG for her. 

 From Sunday until now, there were no jerky movements on her hands and feet, except for the blank stares of around 5 seconds each. This usually happens when she’s being breastfed. I am scared…

My blog friend Maricel is scared. She’s a first time mom — even nth time mom would be scared.  Let’s join her pray for the baby. Let’s pray for this mom too.

Aloud, in whisper, in silence — God hears them all, right?



And I read too a number of emails these past few weeks all with warm message of, “I have been thinking of you and praying for you. I hope all is well…”

And all I can say to God is, “Thank you so much for blessing me with these wonderful people in my life. Please bless them more.”

Aloud, in whisper, in silence – God hears them all, right?


“Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. 20 For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” – Matthew 18:19-20


Image from Bluebell Books: Short Story Slam Week 13


“Reading again? You are so lazy to do nothing but read!”

How could she make him understand that she is not just reading?

Her ears were deaf with mockery thus she savors the lines that say she is special.

Her heart was crushed, bleeding non-stop, thus she needs healing with the words.

Her spirit suffered that it wanted to escape thus she needs the pages to stop it.


“Reading again? You are so lazy to do nothing but read!”

Oh how he made her felt so small because she was looked down.

Oh how he made her felt so sad because she can no longer see love in his eyes.

And so she ran outside together with her book of comfort and climbed a tree.

She timed her tears from the moment it leaped out till it reached the ground.


“Reading again? You are so l…”

“Oh no he found me!”

“Reading again? You are so lovely up there!”

He learned how to care and not look down – because he looked up.


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It’s Day 27 of Feeling Good! READ!


R-edeem your spirit

E-mbrace its value

A-llow it to soak the Word

D-ay and night


Feel good up in the tree, up in the sky, up to the Highest!


Let this book of the law be ever on your lips and in your thoughts day and night, so that you may keep with care everything in it; then a blessing will be on all your way, and you will do well. – Joshua 1:8



Dearest Hubby,

Someone subscribed to my blog with last name same as mine

I couldn’t believe it – it’s you!

I pinched myself to be sure that I’m not dreaming

Ouch! It hurt — so it’s real!

Believe me I didn’t asked why you’re here with me

I just thank God for His miracle, for you

For leading your fingers to ‘Sign me up’ button

Despite that you very well know I might not write anything about cars

But who knows.


Ferrari 166 Inter


P.S.  This is supposed to be a love letter so here’s the love part – I love you!


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It’s Day 24 of Feeling Good!


Dear Blog Friends,

Thank you so much for understanding my quirkiness.

Like today, thank you for allowing me to be giddy in love.

Thank you so much for checking here and praying for me.

Your prayer works. Your love works.




P.S.   There are days that I am too weak to pray long prayers. All I can say is, “God please give back to my kindest blog friends what they have prayed for me.”


Feel good, write a love letter to your spouse, to your kiddo, to God, to yourself – yes, why not? Your choice – cheesy or not.


“Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.”
– 1 Peter 4:8


We do not have to like the same things

But we have to like each other

We do not have to agree on everything

But we have to agree on something

We do not have to be with each other

But we have to be in each other’s heart

We do not have to impress one another

But we have to express the value of each

We do not have to forge a deep friendship

But we have to give it a chance to flourish.

For Gooseberry Garden on Friends, relationships, and everyone around. 

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It’s Day 10 of Feeling Good! Reaching out to someone you like and seems to like you too feels good! Knowing someone and allowing someone to know you, is special. It may not lead to strong bond but it could be a wonderful and precious interactions.

My heart has so much of those precious beings from blog land and some knew how much I like them, even love them, but I suspect some do not. Not because I haven’t express it but it might have been taken as just one of the comments or worse I have not been around much — and I expect them to know that I love them? Ha!

Meet a  fraction of those wonderful beings in here:

Dragon’s Dreams

Word Warrior

Bridges Burning



Belladonna 23’s Blog

By’s Highered Blog

God is my life

Echostains Blog

And those not in the list who doubt if I like them or love them — listen to your heart and you will know.

Love prospers when a fault is forgiven, but dwelling on it separates close friends.

-Proverbs 17:9


Would you abuse others?

Would you belittle others?

Would you be so hard on others?

Would you be unforgiving of others?

Would you expect others to always get it right?

No. No. No. No. No.

But why do some of us can’t answer the same when it comes to treating our own selves? It could be me to myself. It could be you to yourself.

Be considerate to yourself.

On days that you feel your light is not so bright, where you just blend in the surroundings, allow yourself some time to be still, knowing that you will eventually recharge.

Treat yourself as you would treat your friend – nicely, lovingly and encouragingly; with respect, compassion and understanding.

Be good to yourself, that self who is good to others. Be good to yourself because when that self is treated well it will disperse happiness.

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It’s Day 7 of Feeling Good! My eyes are half close after days of insufficient sleep. My back is tired and screaming to touch the bed. If I am my friend, I will tell myself, “Get yourself some rest. Sleep in God’s grace.”

Surprisingly I listened! I am now giving myself a permission to close my eyes fully for the night. It feels good!

How about you? What would you want to do for your friend self?

After all, no one ever hated his own body, but he feeds and cares for it, just as Christ does the church.

– Ephesians 5:29


See What You Love


Image from Bluebell Books: Short Story Slam Week 10.

“Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy , what a lovely day! I will go out and capture all the beauties I see!”

And so Donald excitedly grabbed his camera, smiled, and do the duck walk.

“Goooood morning Donald! Why the grrrrrrr on the face?” Dale greeted Donald.

“Because I see you two! I am sure you will spoil my day!”

“Oh-h-h-kay! Why don’t you take my picture while I stay on top of your wise head?” Chip teased.

“Aw phooey! Chip and Dale, the chips on my shoulder!”

While Donald grumbled and decided that his day is already ruined, the butterfly whispered in his ear, “See what you love.”

“Uh-oh, looks like an inside job.”

And so Donald took shot of the mushroom house, sparkling rainbow, lovely flowers, workaholic ant, Bambi and friends, giving cow, everything – especially the wise butterfly!

“Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy , what a lovely day! I have captured all the beauties I see!”