Day 28: Play



Play not with fire

that burns the soul

and destroys lives.


Play not with hide and seek

hiding from responsibilities

and seeking faults.


Play not with monopoly

of ideas and decisions

someone else is in the game.


Play not of passing around

the juicy tales about someone else

go sip some tea.


Play not with indecisions

playing safe from accountability

is not safe at all.


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It’s Day 28 of Feeling Good! Play used to be something to look forward to when we were young. When grown-ups associated it with something destructive play is no longer good.

Feel good again — play child’s play! Play with kids!

Hopscotch, kick the can, jump rope, jacks, marbles, tags, Simon says, freeze dance, musical chair…

Play fair — enjoy the day!


Remember your Creator in the days of your youth, before the days of trouble come and the years approach when you will say, “I find no pleasure in them” – Ecclesiastes 12:1


Home Run



Play more than fair

Run towards home

Catch responsibility

Pitch love!



Count not the strikes

Cheer with love

Let the wild pitch go

Hope for grand slam!


In the home field

Play your best in each inning

Follow the rules of the game

Heed the Umpire

Be the winning team!


Who’s Lying?


You said

You care

You changed.

You lied

You cheated

You gave in to temptation.

You ate that pork

You missed running

You, my dear self.

For Jingle Poetry on Lies, Deception, and Misrepresentation

Yay! I got a Memetastic Award from Creativity to the Max! The award requires me to list 5 things about myself — only one should be true (the readers can guess which one is the truth). Then I have to pass the award to 5 people — I am passing the award to anyone who wants to join the fun of guessing game! Let the game begin!

1. Pinocchio is my best friend.
2. I am a daughter of the King.
3. I own a glass slippers.
4. My hair is as long as Rapunzel’s.
5. I have a wicked stepmother.

For Creativity to the Max — a fun place run by an amazing tandem of dog and wowman!

Horn, tail, and pitchfork

You think you know the devil?

Watch for phony tales

For everyone who loves the Truth.