It’s official! It’s Day 1 of Feeling Good!

For 31 days I will put together Feeling Good posters.

Feel free to think. Feel free to share your thoughts.

Feel free to smile. Feel free to share your smiles.

Let’s start now.

Would you be so kind to share your secrets in feeling good?

Please do. I might make a poster out of it and spread the virus of feeling good!

How about sharing the link of one of your posts that makes you feel good and might make others feel good as well? Just like this – I GOT A FEELING.

Please do. I would love to share it in one of my incoming posts!

Or how about coming up with your own 31 Days and link it to Nesting Place?

It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful — that’s actually the tagline of that beautiful place. Beautiful!

Please click for other days.

You can check on my succeeding post for 31 Days of Feeling God by clicking the button above or the one in the sidebar.  Got to feel good!

Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Psalm 37:4


Image from Bluebell Books Short Story Slam Week 11


Blop blop blop blop.

One by one Riva’s bubbles popped. This made her sad.

Earlier she was full of joy, “Blowing bubbles is so much fun! Bubbles are my small wishes! My big dreams! My rainbow future!”

She chased each of her wishes, her dreams, her future and when she thought she reached it — it burst!

“I don’t like blowing bubbles anymore!”

But there is something irresistible about bubbles. It seems to hypnotize her, tease her, challenges her.

BLOP! Riva suddenly had a shift of thought –as if her mind was awakened by the bursting of the biggest bubble there is.

“Where is my bubble wand? I want to blow bubbles!”

Blop blop blop blop.

One by one Riva’s bubbles popped. This made her smile.

She was full of joy, “Blowing bubbles are so much fun! Bubbles are my small worries! My big pains! My psychedelic fear!”

She watched each of her worries, her pains, her fears and when she thought it will keep on floating jubilantly — it burst!

“I like blowing bubbles no matter what age I am!”

Blop blop blop blop.



Just the other day I shared Nesat (Typhoon Pedring), the 16th typhoon that lashed our country for this year. We have not recovered yet but Nalgae (Typhoon Quiel) has already announced its eagerness to be our 17th typhoon in two or three days time.

This regular typhoon honed our skills in rebuilding — properties, dreams, hope, faith, lives…

I believe that one cannot successfully do it without feeling good. Yes, I don’t want to face this regular typhoon news with resignation nor I want to be defeated by each emotional typhoon that will hit me.

From October 1 to 31, please join me in feeling good or do your own 31 days. How to? Please check Nesting Place’s 31 Days of Change — I took the challenge from this beautiful place.

If you like my 31 Days logo, I can make one for you if you want to. On one condition though, you got to smile at least 3x a day.


See What You Love


Image from Bluebell Books: Short Story Slam Week 10.

“Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy , what a lovely day! I will go out and capture all the beauties I see!”

And so Donald excitedly grabbed his camera, smiled, and do the duck walk.

“Goooood morning Donald! Why the grrrrrrr on the face?” Dale greeted Donald.

“Because I see you two! I am sure you will spoil my day!”

“Oh-h-h-kay! Why don’t you take my picture while I stay on top of your wise head?” Chip teased.

“Aw phooey! Chip and Dale, the chips on my shoulder!”

While Donald grumbled and decided that his day is already ruined, the butterfly whispered in his ear, “See what you love.”

“Uh-oh, looks like an inside job.”

And so Donald took shot of the mushroom house, sparkling rainbow, lovely flowers, workaholic ant, Bambi and friends, giving cow, everything – especially the wise butterfly!

“Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy , what a lovely day! I have captured all the beauties I see!”


Juice cartons now empty

Don’t throw it away Mommy

We will have a happy day

Crafting fun memories for the family!


Juice cartons now empty

Enjoyed the apple, orange and cranberry

Now let’s make something pretty

Painted carton houses maybe?


For The Gooseberry Garden on OBJECT.




1. First, drink all the juice inside otherwise it will be too heavy for the wreath!

empty juice cartons


2. Next, paint the empty cartons with any color that you want for the house. Hey, it’s best to experiment painting in cartons than in real houses!

painted houses by kiddos and me!


3. Next next, cut the branches in your neighbor’s tree — form it in circle and attach the painted houses.

empty juice cartons wreath!


4. Next to next next, make 2 sets — 1 for your neighbor where you got the branches!


Now Do It Yourself and have fun! If I can breath then I can wreath — so can you!

Psssst, this empty juice cartons wreath will have more fun at Nester’s Wreath Party!


World peace begins at home — with empty juice cartons! Don’t you think so?


Owl Right!


There is a wise owl perching on a tree

Sharing nuggets of wisdom for you and me.


When you try to know another fellow

You’ll actually learn more about you

So don’t hesitate to say Whooo!

Whooo are you?

When you lift one another

Your reach will be farther

So don’t hesitate to say Wooot!

Woot! For someone else’s triumph.

There is a wise owl perching on a tree

Its twooo big eyes staring at you and me

It knows a secret — we are blessed today

Of owlsome moments to make us yipee!


There is a wise owl perching on a tree

It made me say, “Thank you everybody!”


History Telling


Lost sheep, Prodigal son

Workers in the vineyard, Rich man

Shrewd manager, Good Samaritan

Some of the parables told to men.


Profound and divine truths

Told in parables by Jesus

A lesson for willing ears

A blessing for open hearts.


For Jingle Poetry in History and stories.


For us. We have the opportunity to make good marks.

Each moment I breath

History is being made

What then shall I leave?

For pondering.


I Don’t Like You


I’m just being honest, I don’t like you…

I don’t like you feeling not good enough.

I don’t like you feeling unloved.

I don’t like you feeling hopeless.

I don’t like you feeling afraid of the future.

I don’t like you feeling uninspired.

And isn’t it possible that what we don’t like in others is actually what we don’t like in ourselves?

Isn’t it true that it’s easier to find things that we don’t like in others?

Isn’t it true that it’s easier to give solution on somebody else’s concern?

And what if they are not taking action? Sigh…

And me? Some don’t like me either.

But there are some who appreciates what I’m doing.

Enough to remind me to…

Enough to remind me that I can be merry any time of the year…

Enough to remind me that anyone can be a gift to the world…

You are a gift to the world!

You know I like you, don’t you?


Cool Dad


he is a Friend who race hermit crab with you

he  is   Awesome for leading the prayer before meals

he is a Teacher who taught you how to fish

he is a Healer too with his love and hugs

he  is   Enthusiastic about your doodles as if it’s an art

he has Risen after falling to be a good father to you.

For the father of my kiddos. Thank you for being a cool dad. I love you!


There is a father who is far from perfect but he’s cool for playing scrabble with a 6-year old girl and accepting defeat graciously when he lost to her.

You think that girl was good enough to win or her father was good enough to let her win? I say, because I’m that girl, that he’s good enough for me. I love him!

How about you? Can you share one cool thing about your father?


I Am Singing


Pain can be a grace
in the midst of hurting
a song can be heard
from someone who lost interest
in music
when the music teacher
of two decades ago
when I sang out of tune.

With shells cracked
Someone wants me healed
music tried to seep in.
How do we sing when broken?
with cracked voice
with bleeding heart
with bruised spirit
with deep feelings
with desperate pleading.

Pain can be a grace
I can sing
I want to sing
I am singing
not for any music teacher
not for hardcore critics
but for Someone
who wants to listen
to my life song.

For Jingle Poetry on Songs

For staying strong. One of my favorite songs – “Get up there’s more to be done…”

And the singing never stops with this brilliant award!

Coal and diamond

Made of same stuff but one shines

Welcome polishing

Thank you soooo much to the truly brilliant poets with their brilliant poems!


Broken Sparkles



Butterflies of Time




The Lonely Recluse


Wyoming Diva



Fama Semper Vivat

Magdalena Herman

Someone is Special

Sri Sri


Jamie Dedes

The light within bursts

You are all shining brightly

Can we sing to that?


“Why would I be nervous when it’s all for God…?”

That’s from Maricor, when asked if she was ever nervous performing at church during worship.  She’s a sponsored child of Kat through Compassion. There were tears…

But I guess that’s how it is when the soft spot in our heart isn’t hardened yet with bitterness.

When we acknowledge that we are capable of loving.

When we actually love.

Thank you to everyone who loves beyond themselves.

If you feel that what you are giving is just a little portion, know that it could be the biggest break that one could ever get.

If you feel that what you are giving is a big portion that eats your budget, know that the seed could grow into tree that will bear fruits and more seeds and more trees… The blessing will come around to you more than treefold — really fruitful!

Looking for smiles? Want to smile? Maybe this is it…

Compassion Bloggers: Philippines 2011

Thank you and yes, why would we be nervous when it’s all for God?

Why would we be nervous when we could be grateful instead?

I am thankful for…

warning signs

good catch

the opportunity to reach the stars

a time to rest

How about you, what are you thankful for today?

Please share some, don’t be nervous.




 Walls to protect me

To keep the devils away

But there’s one within.

I need a Fortress

Beyond solid structure

Where I can be free.

For Jingle Poetry on Fortresses, Castles, Palaces, and Royal Houses

For us — Be Strong.

A girl dreamt of being a princess

Rescued by a mighty prince charming

And living happily ever after in the castle up the hill.

She woke up a warrior

Fought the foolish prince with sword of faith

And living hopefully ever after for the kingdom beyond the hill.


For the warrior in you — I salute.


Z is for Zizz


ZIZZ is sparkle or vim.

ZIZZ is nap or sleep.

Looks like an opposing meaning to me but who am I to protest?

Got to accept it as is for I don’t want to lose the vim.

“Drinking from your soup bowl is unethical.”

“There is no such thing as green dog and the apple should be color red.”

“Don’t laugh too loud.”

“You have no honors? Why can’t you be like your brother?”

Most of us were raised to conform to man made standard.

Most of us follow the majority for fear of being left out.

By doing so we actually left out our own selves.

We lose the ZIZZ. Somebody else is running our lives.

Can you share an experience where you are stopped at what you are doing because it’s ‘not right’ and looking back you realized that there’s actually nothing wrong with it?

Isn’t it about time to claim ourselves back and live with vim and have a goodnight sleep because we honor who we are?

Isn’t it about time to live with ZIZZ?


V is for Vulnerary


Today, we think about ourselves.

Today, we think about vulnerability.

We want to be authentic.

To be just us.

To heal the wounds and be able to trust again and be silly if we want to and not be insecure and not fear possibilities.




Time heal wounds —  not just any time though.

But time spent with the Lord.

But time spent appreciating and serving others.

But time spent planting the seeds of future harvests.

Yes, today we are thinking about ourselves even though we are thinking beyond ourselves for it is in this way we heal fastest so we can be vulnerable again and be authentic again and love some more again and enjoy life again.


VULNERARY is a remedy used in healing or treating of wounds.

Be Okay, Okay?


QUE SERA, SERA (Whatever will be, will be)

Yes we are singing first…

Enjoyed the song? Were you that little girl? With so many questions?

If a little girl comes to you and ask for a piece of advice and that advice could help her soar through life, what would it be?

Please take this opportunity because a little girl might stumble upon this post and blow kisses for you!

And the little girl in me says, “Whoa I am soaring right now!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I couldn’t believe
That a scared little chicken
Could soar in the sky

But then why can’t I
Kindred souls serve as my wings
Lifting me higher

Thank you so much my wing, wing, wing, wing, …! Now I know why the Creator made an eagle out of you, you, you, you…!

And to share one of my favorite poems in your place…

Donna Swanson
Broken Sparkles
Magdalena Herman
Someone Is Special
Becca Givens
David (1 Mere Mortal)
AB Thomas
Teri C
Words Asunder
Life: Between the Lines
Jamie Dedes
Pat Cegan
Dab Roberson

Now look up.

See yourself soaring with a smiling chicken, isn’t it a wonderful sight?

Thank you!

L is for Lalala


LALALA we will have some fun today for I am bringing you the L of poetry — LIMERICK!

I only learned about Limerick last month after more than 3 decades of existence here on earth!  Thanks to Madeleine where I stumbled upon it!

What is a Limerick?

A limerick (is):

  1. is five lines long,
  2. is based on the rhythm “da-da-DAH” (anapest meter)
  3. has two different rhymes.
  4. Lines 1, 2, and 5 have three of those da-da-DAH “feet,” and rhyme with each other.
  5. Lines 3 and 4 have two, and rhyme with each other.
So the basic form is:

da da DAH / da da DAH / da da BING
da da DAH / da da DAH / da da DING
da da DAH / da da BAM
da da DAH / da da WHAM
da da DAH / da da DAH / da da PING

I understand the rhyme but I don’t totally understand the rhythm. I go duh! But then that won’t stop me from trying and shaming myself because it’s fun! Anyone who wants to teach me and correct my 3 Limerick attempts is most welcome and appreciated — have mercy, teach me please!

Now here are the 3 Limericks.

( 1)
A woman is hysterical
Her man turned into a jackal,
How come when they vowed
No hurting allowed,
Love is no longer magical.

The man jumped out of the window
Good that the house is bungalow,
The cat laughed out loud
Oh what a coward,
He’s afraid of his own shadow!

Today I decided to be happy
I won’t snap on anybody,
Lalala good day
It is our payday,
Can I have pie and green tea frappe?

Now enter the fun part. In the comment please come up with your own Limerick using any of the 1st line of the 3 Limericks. Please try, please please please! And enjoy!

We’re not yet done with LALALA because I am sharing with you a very special award from Luna — Luna’s Soul Award 2011! If you have not yet met Luna please check my J is for Jejune post. You will respect this woman with a beautiful soul.

Yes, you have a beautiful soul!

Moore to Ponder
Deb’s Blog
Tonirand’s Blog
Linda Kruschke’s Blog
For Heaven’s Sake
Faith Dream’s Blog
E Stelling
Shoes for Imaginary Life
Colleens’s Chatter B
JMJ Book Log
Finding Strength to Stand Again
Soul Diaries
The Treasure Within

Lalala the eyes’ reading this is beautiful. Please step forward and touch the lives within your reach. You will be amazed where it could end…

It might end back at you!


J is for Jejune


JEJUNE means nothing interesting.


Tell me are you interested in these words?

JIGAMAREE – meaning a thingamajig; ridiculous

JIGGUMBOB – meaning a thingamabob; something strange

Jejune, isn’t it?

I’ll share with you what isn’t JEJUNE, JIGAMAREE, and JIGGUMBOB.

Would you believe it, I met a witch
She invited me to clambake feast
It’s kind of scary
Not her, the poetry
Her? Lunawitch, she’s beauty and the best!

For Lunawitch Poetry Month Clambake — Week 2!

Thanks Luna for the clam on Week 1!

shared clams

Nope, it’s not my poem that I’m telling you that isn’t JEJUNE, JIGAMAREE, and JIGGUMBOB.

It’s Luna’s  Epic Lyrical Poem — her own life story in HERE HERE HERE!

If I got only one wish this month here in blogland it is this —

I wish you’ll check her

It’s not for her but for you

PLEASE go and say Hi

Everyone, there’s no way you could be jejune!


E is for Eek!


Eek! I would have not felt this good if I didn’t have an expergefacient!

Yes, our E word for today is EXPERGEFACIENT which means awakening.

Expergefacient made me realize these 5 things, among others:

1. I cannot please everyone but if I please the only One it is more than enough.

2. There is always something to laugh and cry about. I can choose!

3. In a relationship one can love more than the other. I can be the more loving one.

4. I am never alone. I can reach out. I can allow someone to reach me out.

5. Sometimes the best people to learn from isn’t the most intelligent or eloquent.

Now would you be sweet enough to share your EXPERGEFACIENT?

ENJOY your blessings!

You know that it grow EXPONENTIALLY if it is shared, right?


April Full it will be for I am joining Arlee’s A to Z Blogging Challenge! I will be posting daily for each letter of the alphabet except on Sundays. It is an s.t.r.e.t.c.h for me but I just would like to have some fun! Come join me in here or join the challenge too for the whole month of April!

Now let’s bring that A word — AGELAST which means someone who never laughs.

Uhuh don’t you think there is something wrong with that word? Shouldn’t it be Agefast? Without laughter we will age fast!

Laughter can make our heart and soul stay young. Yes it is the best anti-ageing medicine.

Laughter is a gift. Yes we can give one.

Laughter is salvation. Yes we can save someone’s day.

Laughter is an expression of happiness. Yes we can be happy, with an attitude of gratitude.

Yes our heart and soul can be happy because God gave us a gift of salvation!

Now please let me share with you an A word to be happy about — AWARD. I got another Perfect Poet Award! How can I not be happy with that? Thank you so much Jingle and Luna! Can I give both of you a Superperfect Poet Award?

Thank you too to everyone who smiled and appreciated my week 40 entry                 — The Popcorn in Us.

For week 41,  I would like to nominate Moonlight and Dreamz for her powerful poem Earthquake. I hope she is happy!

Look how cutesy the Perfect Poet Award of week 40!

Spring back to life

Cast spells with your magic wand

Agelast, make them laugh!

Shall we now disperse cheer and laughter?  Even God has a sense of humor else how could this big butt, flat nosed and thick skinned creature came to life? Of course I am not talking about myself but the hippopotamus!

Awesome day to everyone! There won’t be BYE today because letter B is for tomorrow!



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With gladness in my heart I am passing to you the award!

May it brighten your day, and your night, and your dawn just like it did mine when these 19 wonderful versatile people shared the award to me — Blaga, Magdalena, Becca, Luna, Paulo, Lady Nimue, Bodhirose, Cold Dead HeartRashmi, ChimneseLindaCarleenLouise, PatDragonkatet,  AB Thomas , Chris , Chimnese and Pett. To the magic 19, thank you so much for bringing smiles and good thoughts!


  1. Thank the person who awarded you and link back to them in your post.
  2. Tell 7 random facts about yourself.
  3. Pass the award on to 15 new found bloggers.
  4. Contact each blogger you want to pass the award on to and let them know you’ve done so, and let the giver of your award know you accept it.

You really think I won’t bend the rules? Come on, of course I will! 🙂
1. Old (not pertaining to age) blogger to whom I passed the award, shhhh.
2. If you can’t post this please share your 7  random facts in the comments.
3. If you don’t want to post or share your 7 please just listen to this.

And here’s the 7 ordinary facts about me:

One day I’ll manage my own wellness spa.
Two-timer, I am not. Too crazy, maybe.
The Three Little Kittens, I enjoyed reciting to my kiddos.
Four months to go before my 1st year blogoversary.
Five years, that’s how long it took me to graduate as an engineer.
Six course meal, that I can prepare for any occasion.
Seven times, I already forgave more than that! Seventy seven times? Oh Oh Oh


Food For Thought


Cooking up something
Is quite exciting
Will they run away if I pray
Or will they taste it and stay?
Will they be pleased with what is served
Or will there be a bitter taste?
Will they cringe if it’s hot
Or frown if they decide it’s flat?
How to know and find out?
Hit publish and post it!











For Jingle Poetry on Food, Drink, and Indulgences.

For the food cart guy — will they get a hug?

Five loaves, two fishes

More than enough for the crowd

The power of One

For those who believe in miracles — expect One for you.