I Am The Best Mom!


Oh yes! If in doubt, ask my kiddos!

My kiddos regularly say I am the best mom.
I know I am not but still I accept with deep thanks their love for me – it’s God’s gift.
I know it is the adult me and other adults who say I am not the best mom, or them not the best mom, or them not the best person.

But my kiddos know better. They appreciate who I am and not look for who I am not compared to others; they appreciate what I can do and not look for what I do imperfectly compared to others; they appreciate my love and not look for another mom.

The more they appreciate me regardless of the condition we are in, the more I feel their overflowing love. The more thankful and happier I am!


My kiddos always find me something that they know I will like -- for sure!

My kiddos always find me something that they know I will like — for sure!


We adults have a lot to learn from the kids.

– No comparing. Appreciate the person who loves you.
– The best doesn’t mean perfect.
– No need to focus on imperfection, love instead.
– There can be a billion bests. It only needs people who are grateful enough.


The best brick vase! The best dried flower! The best stick!

The best brick vase! The best dried flower! The best stick!


Happy mother’s day to the best mom — YOU ARE THE BEST MOM!

If in doubt, be kiddolike.


“Do you hear what these children are saying?” they asked him. “Yes,” replied Jesus, “have you never read, “‘From the lips of children and infants you, Lord, have called forth your praise’?” – Matthew 21:16


Not In My Plan


Image from Bluebell Books Short Story Slam  Week 16


“I don’t like rain it changes my plans.”

“And what are your plans my lady?”

“The usual — go for a walk, take pictures, stay at the café and have my favorite waffle.”

“How about checking someone else’s plan for you out there? Go out in the rain.”

“Go out in the rain? And wet myself?”

“Why not?”

“Okay. Okay. I’ll go out there with my boots and umbrella.”

“Don’t forget to wear your wow glasses!”

Reena smiled at her Mom.

Reena smiled some more – out in the rain.

She saw Mommy ducky and her cuties picked flowers – and yes she saw the quack wow in their eyes while they strut their way into the rain!

And so she picked flowers too – happy and fresh flowers bathe by the rain!

Silently she said her thanks, “Thank you so much dear duckies for showing me that I always have the option to find beauty even amidst the rain. That I should not automatically envision mud when it rains – but happy duckies!”

Reena can’t wait to get back home – duck walking and quack wowing.

“Mom, fresh flowers for you. I love you!”

“Wow! Thank you my lady and I love you too!”

“Welcome but you have to thank a mommy duck and her cuties as well!”

“Mommy duck and her cuties?”

“Yes Mom and thank you so much for today – a happy rainy day. Not in my plan — but a real gooooooood One!”

After series of tests, the doctor confirmed that a cancerous cyst has to be removed in my cervix.

I got to see a cardiologist in a while to confirm that it is okay for me to push through with the operation which is scheduled this coming Saturday.

Not in my plan — but I trust the real gooooooood One.


“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”. – Jeremiah 29:11


Dear Mary


Dear Mary,

In 23 days you’ll give birth to baby Jesus. I know your worries since this is the first time you’ll be giving birth. I remember the first time I gave birth, I screamed a lot in pain and fear! The public hospital rejected me because they have an apprehension if they can handle me and my baby’s safety. So I have to gave birth in a clinic.

For the succeeding babies it became easier to give birth or should I say I knew better to tolerate the pains rather than scream! It might have gone easier but the pain in my heart got heavier each time. I have been trying to accept that for each truckload of joy there seemingly came with it a bundle of pain. Oops where I am now? Back to you Mary.

What I am trying to say is thank you for bearing all the pains so that we can have our Savior! Thank you for being an inspiration. When I feel so weak and in pain, I think of you. Of how strong and blessed you are because you know God is with you. With me too, right?

Take care now and I will be celebrating with you — with your mamahood!

Blessed too,


For Deb.

For Theresa.

For Linda.

For Jay.

For Maggie.

For Eileen.

For Amy.

For Ann.

For Judy.

For Lynda.

For Jamie.

For Tisha.

For Pat.

For Maricel.

For Stef.

For Treasure.

For Sibyl.

For Juliet.

For my Mama.

For all the Mamas who read this.

For all the women who know.

Oh God, I love these women 🙂







How could she be so kind

and forbearing

in a thorny life.

Maybe she saw roses

and unknowingly

she taught me

how to see too.


Do you see your roses?

What color?