Let us see

if we can find the Mercedes-Benz

Invisible Mercedes F-Cell B-Class video

 Oh we found it!


And the comments that exposed my teeth are here!

– I’m sending an invisible car payment to the loan company

– I have a similar feature on my car. My Lamboghini is cloaked to look like an AMC Gremlin. So far nobody suspects a thing.

– My invisible Mercedes is sitting in my invisible McMansion’s garage next to my invisible super-model wife’s invisible Porsche.

– I’ve been invisible to women for years.

– Why is there so much invisible money in my wallet???

– i drove this car to my doctor, and he said he couldnt see me today,,,

– Hey I just got hit by a …………….uh uh I know I wasn’t drinking………license plate number??? I told you it came out of nowhere. What!!! taking me to the police station, what for?? Officer you gotta believe me!!! LOOK, LOOK there goes another one – WHAT !!!! you didn’t see it !!! UHHHHH

– (invisible comment)

We have no doubt at all of the car’s existence before we figure out where it is, right?

Why could that be?

Because we trust the manufacturer?

Because we believe in the genius of humans?

Ever wonder why it’s so hard for some to believe in the existence of God?

Why they cannot trust the Creator?

Why they cannot believe in God’s genius despite how awesome His creations are?

Let us see…


No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us. – 1 John 4:12


UNDERBREATH is a subdued voice; a rumor

Manilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol

Manilyn Monroe

With six toes in her left foot?

So what’s the ishoe

Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci

Oh Mona Lisa

Self-portrait of Da Vinci?

With her, I smile

A Pair of Shoes by Vincent Van Gogh

Bought in flea market

Shoes of a peasant woman?

And Vincent wore them

The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci

Mary Magdalene

She was in The Last Supper?

John where are you then

For Jingle Poetry on Art, Music, Poetry

Any other rumor out there?

Any truth?


Conspiracy Theory



photo by my friend Rey Rio

Today the Universe is conspiring

to keep me thankful and smiling.

Some of my favorite blog sites

unknowingly brought me delights.

There’s Moore to Ponder and Read Between the Minds

with God’s love in His hands.

There’s Soul Diaries and Snippets of Everything

with their pretty feet showing.

It’s amazing when you think great thoughts

about the bloggers and their posts.

They will have something for you

that will touch you and make you say, “Thank You”.

today is my birthday.

today is my freedom day.

i will no longer carry

someone else’ baggage of insecurities

that weighed me down.

i will no longer allow to be pushed aside

by a blown up ego.

i will no longer catch the ball of prejudices

thrown my way.

i will no longer hear words of righteousness

from unrighteous mouths.

i will no longer mind the ungrateful souls

until they learn to appreciate.

i will no longer meet the standards

of unfair judges.

today I am no longer taking baggages.

i am taking a trip and meet the One

who value me all the way.

to those who are coming with me,

the most I can do is to hold hands and love.

i won’t be carrying baggages for you

because I want to enjoy the trip,

feel light, jump and run to my delight.

i will regain my strength

and be ready to receive lots of gifts

accumulated all through these years.

gifts of acceptance, respect, security,

appreciation and love.

indeed it is my happy birthday!






spoonful of hope : save the soul

Dying soul recoup

Take a spoonful of hope

Feel how it spread in loop

And make you start to grope.

Once, it was so dark

But now you can see a spark

Once, it was so chilly

But now it is balmy.

As if born anew

You will start, you knew

A new life is waiting

Recoup wonderful being.