I Am The Best Mom!


Oh yes! If in doubt, ask my kiddos!

My kiddos regularly say I am the best mom.
I know I am not but still I accept with deep thanks their love for me – it’s God’s gift.
I know it is the adult me and other adults who say I am not the best mom, or them not the best mom, or them not the best person.

But my kiddos know better. They appreciate who I am and not look for who I am not compared to others; they appreciate what I can do and not look for what I do imperfectly compared to others; they appreciate my love and not look for another mom.

The more they appreciate me regardless of the condition we are in, the more I feel their overflowing love. The more thankful and happier I am!


My kiddos always find me something that they know I will like -- for sure!

My kiddos always find me something that they know I will like — for sure!


We adults have a lot to learn from the kids.

– No comparing. Appreciate the person who loves you.
– The best doesn’t mean perfect.
– No need to focus on imperfection, love instead.
– There can be a billion bests. It only needs people who are grateful enough.


The best brick vase! The best dried flower! The best stick!

The best brick vase! The best dried flower! The best stick!


Happy mother’s day to the best mom — YOU ARE THE BEST MOM!

If in doubt, be kiddolike.


“Do you hear what these children are saying?” they asked him. “Yes,” replied Jesus, “have you never read, “‘From the lips of children and infants you, Lord, have called forth your praise’?” – Matthew 21:16


Yes we’re going to talk about blah blah blah. Nothing but blah blah blah.

Tired of blah blah blah? Then let’s check another B word – BATTOLOGIST. Nope this isn’t the person who study about bats or batman.

Battologist is a person who unnecessarily repeats the same words, phrases, or ideas. I repeat it is a person who repeats the same thing unnecessarily.

Battologist, are you?

Me? Without a doubt I am not. Yes never doubt it. Believe me I am not.

Why don’t you ask my kiddos? On second thought, please do not.


At home there is a mom battologist

Remind her kiddos, she cannot resist

Everyday she says

Do not forget this .

Do not forget that. Obey, she insist.

For Luna’s Poetry Month Clambake! Let’s have some fun! Please share your poems too.

Battologist, are you? Are you?

C  you on Monday!


No Gain, No Pain?


Earlier this week I read 10 Signs the Economy Is on the Upswing.

And I’m sharing with you the 10 signs plus my side comments 🙂

  1. Sales of Boxers, Briefs Leveling Off – new undies!
  2. Desserts Are in Again – sweet too!
  3. Less Sorrowful Searching – smiley!
  4. The Venti Latte Makes a Comeback – ground taste!
  5. Box Rebound Reflects Rising Demand – just in the box!
  6. Fewer Urban Dwellers Are Hoofing It – hello cabbie!
  7. Duffers Returning to the Greens – golf time!
  8. Faces, Other Parts Getting a Lift – +13M gone under the knife!
  9. More Willing to Play Their Hand – gambling life!
  10. More Couples Are Calling It Quits – game over!

There are signs that made me glad, sad, and very sad.

I’m very sad for sign number 10.

What is it about money that loosens the bind of marriage and family?

  1. Because it can buy a spaceous house and leave each other alone?
  2. Because it can make you hold so much except each others’ hands?
  3. Because it can buy time thus no need to rush home to the family?
  4. Because it can make you dream big and leave the family behind?
  5. Because it can buy toys for the kiddos thus no need to bond?
  6. Because it can spill over thus keep it in someone else house?
  7. Because it can buy you a new face and nose and heart?
  8. Because it can treat the problem to a shopping spree?
  9. Because it can buy friends, love, and respect?
  10. Because it can make you forget how to kneel?

Money money money…

Prayer warriors please share your prayers for the family, marriage, and handling of finances. The world needs the Word.


“Have you done something wrong?”

That was my initial reaction when my son said that his teacher requested for a meeting the other day. I was worried.

Then I met the teacher and heard these:

– I’m proud of your son. I and all his teachers have nothing but praises for him.

– Last week we had an observer in math subject and surprisingly he mentioned a bible verse to which your son is familiar with and shared his own thoughts. I’m impressed because I myself am not a bible reader.

– He got 5 perfect scores in periodical exams including math.

– At 9 years old I must say that he is responsible and think beyond his age.

– I can see a great potential in him.

You bet I’m a grateful Mama! I said to God, “Is this why I’m called? Because you have a downpour of blessings for me? Oh God, you are amazing! Thank you for you! Thank you for the awesome people that surround my kiddos!”

But what made me pause is the fact that for the many times that God called me my initial reaction was worry. “Oh God, what is it this time?” Honestly it’s traumatic and I feel guilty that despite that I know how He loves me my immediate reaction is He will subject me to pain once more and forge me.

In time I want to answer God’s call without fear but with anticipation of great blessings; of unsurpassed love; of wondrous transformation. I want my initial reaction to be:

“Yes Lord, I can go through another fire until You forged me to Your desire!”
“Yes Lord, I’m coming to receive your overflowing blessings!”
“Yes Lord, I am ready for Your love!”

It’s not easy I’m sure but just because it’s not easy it can’t be done. I can be excited and let the tears fall at the same time when I run to Him, right?

How do you respond to God’s call?

Dear Mary


Dear Mary,

In 23 days you’ll give birth to baby Jesus. I know your worries since this is the first time you’ll be giving birth. I remember the first time I gave birth, I screamed a lot in pain and fear! The public hospital rejected me because they have an apprehension if they can handle me and my baby’s safety. So I have to gave birth in a clinic.

For the succeeding babies it became easier to give birth or should I say I knew better to tolerate the pains rather than scream! It might have gone easier but the pain in my heart got heavier each time. I have been trying to accept that for each truckload of joy there seemingly came with it a bundle of pain. Oops where I am now? Back to you Mary.

What I am trying to say is thank you for bearing all the pains so that we can have our Savior! Thank you for being an inspiration. When I feel so weak and in pain, I think of you. Of how strong and blessed you are because you know God is with you. With me too, right?

Take care now and I will be celebrating with you — with your mamahood!

Blessed too,


For Deb.

For Theresa.

For Linda.

For Jay.

For Maggie.

For Eileen.

For Amy.

For Ann.

For Judy.

For Lynda.

For Jamie.

For Tisha.

For Pat.

For Maricel.

For Stef.

For Treasure.

For Sibyl.

For Juliet.

For my Mama.

For all the Mamas who read this.

For all the women who know.

Oh God, I love these women 🙂