Hello it’s Friday the 13th, are you afraid? You may have a friggatriskaidekaphobia, the fear of this day and date.

Me, I can’t afford to be afraid of Friday the 13th because sometimes my birthday falls on this day – like today!

Happy birthday to me!

Because it’s my birthday I got to share with you what happened yesterday. Before leaving for the office, my daughter accidentally broke our mirror. On my way to the office, I saw a teen’s body lying on a pool of blood. Later on I learned that he was hit by the car and sadly he was dead – God bless his soul.

And those happened on Thursday the 12th.

Just saying that what one might fear on a Friday the 13th might be actually happening any time, any day. Just saying that it’s not fair to fear 13 just because it’s next to what is perceived as the perfect number – 12. Twelve months in a year, twelve gods of Olympus, twelve numbers on the clock– and maybe 12 eggs in a box.

How about you, how would you feel if some people decided they don’t like you just because they like the perfect lady in front of you?

Because it’s my birthday I got to share with you what happened yesterday. My parents brought me big prawns, big squid, big fishes, big crabs, big smiles and big love! My officemates had pasta delivered as pre-birthday celebration –- surely we will have a feast on the day itself! My hubby and kiddos, as usual, their love made me smile!

And those happened on Thursday the 12th.

Just saying that there are many blessings in a day that we might have missed because we focused on our fears. Just saying that it’s not fair to frighten ourselves because of superstitions. Just saying that it is one year with twelve months, that there is only one true God amongst more than 12 idols, that I’m writing this on the 13th hour – and there are 6 eggs in a box which are perfect.

How about you, how do you feel when you decided to appreciate and see beauty, just as is?

Because it’s my birthday I got to share with you my birthday song. Hopefully you’ll take time checking it.

Some people find the lyrics weird and might not like it. I am weird and you might not like me. But I like the song and somebody surely likes me, even loves me – just as I am. You know, the One who can make all things possible.

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! Shine!


This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalm 118:24


Out of dust came man

From man’s rib woman was formed

Dust and rib now one

Then the man ribbed the woman

And the woman blew the dust

A perfect prelude

To challenging days ahead

Where rib may crack, dust wiped out.


For The Gooseberry Garden on Adam and Eve.

Gooseberry Garden is the new site of Jingle Poetry.

For the benefit of the doubt 😉

My darling Adam

Partake this delightful fruit

This shall make you wise

But please ensure my darling

That you take more bites than me


For the Purple Treehouse on Tanka 5-7-5-7-7

In Eden of modern world, have you ever been Adam or Eve or the snake?

We may have fallen but we can rise up. All is grace.


Talk the Walk


I’m traveling light

No heavy baggage for me

What’s the burden for?



For Jingle Poetry on Trips, Travel, and Vacation


For those who see beyond labels.

Look who’s walking
To the boat from the water
To the heart from an outsider
To the cross from the manger
To save us sinners.

For the pilgrims here on earth.


Peace Talk


P-en your anger then throw the paper, not at him.

E-njoy your sleep so let go of your grievance, not him.

A-sk for forgiveness for being a mess, not because of him.

C-ome unload your heavy baggages, not on him.

E-xpress your prayer and be at peace, with Him.


For Jingle Poetry on Peace, Relaxation and Spirituality.


For me and my hubby. For my blog friends and their partners.


T-ake time to count from one to ten

A-nger still boiling?

L-ead yourself to talk to Him

K-eep the peace within


For a peaceful and blessed day!



Peace Please


“Peace be with you.”

And so I used to say, at the prompting of the priest, to the persons around me in the church. And I wonder if I could send forth peace to everyone when I don’t have peace within.

Peace within, without it, would there be peace outside myself?

If the answer is ‘No’, shall we dream for peace in the world if we have not yet reached that inner peace? If the answer is ‘Yes’ wouldn’t we be at war with ourselves living in a world of peace?

I would like so much to say, “Peace be with you” but first let me say, “Peace be with me.”

This post is prompted by White Buffalo’s challenge to blog for peace.
But truly, I am wondering about peace so share your thoughts please.

Knock! Knock!


Knock knock…who’s there?…Rea…Rea who?…Reaching out to you!

Knock knock…who’s there?…Theresa…Theresa who?…Theresa way to be saved!

Knock knock…who’s there?…Sibyl…Sibyl who?…Sibylieve you are so loved!

Knock knock…who’s there?…Alan…Alan who?…Alangels are singing!

Knock knock…who’s there?…Ann…Ann who?…Annd a child will be born!

Knock knock…who’s there?…Judy…Judy who?…Judyte is on the 25th!

Knock knock…who’s there?…JMJ…JMJ who?.. Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

Knock knock…who’s there?…Maggie…Maggie who?…Maggie with gift to the King!

Knock knock…who’s there?…Maricel…Maricel who?…Maricelebrate His birth!

Knock knock…who’s there?…Linda…Linda who?…Linda hand, touch Him!

Knock knock…who’s there?…Tisha…Tisha who?…Tishaliday give love!

Knock knock…who’s there?…Pat…Pat who?…Pat her in heaven, thank you!

Knock knock…who’s there?… Eric…Eric who?…Eric of my strength!

Knock knock…who’s there?…Deb…Deb who?…Debest to trust Him!

Knock knock…who’s there?…Sergio…Sergio who?..Are you Sergio don’t know me?

Friends this Christmas let’s knock on our own hearts.

I can pound mine with prayers when it won’t open!

Please pray for me, actually. Thanks much sooo!


To those who do not yet come

He is waiting.


He gave the gift of December.

To rekindle the excitement

of His coming.

To look up in the sky

for the Star of Bethlehem.

To be a little kinder to strangers.

To give that smiles

which you have been holding the last 11 months.

To hope for the best

this coming year.

To finally forgive

and let Him live in the heart.

To feel how good Peace is

when He is present.

And what are the gifts of December to you?


The Winning Hands




build not destroy

share not hoard

clap not slap

lift up not pull down

guide not gag

pray not punch

How is your hand?



Woot from Animalia!


Quack do you know about me?

TURTLE:  Hare I come. Slowly but surely.

DOVE:  Peace be with you.

DINOSAUR:  Be  distinct before you become extinct.

LION:  Look out for your pride.

SNAKE: Not just hiss but hears.

HEN:  Oh no, that’s fowl!

PIG:  It’s oinkly you. Bank on it.

ELEPHANT:  Help! Ant!

COW:  Moooove on.

DOG:  Aw Awsome!

CAT:  Me? Wow!

Let the BEaST out and send a message to mankind. ROAR!