I saw the smoke in the forest

Somehow it gives me unrest

Is it a new project to house the civilized?

What about the plants and animals where shall they live?

Ah maybe they are welcome in the community

After all, civilized knows about hospitality

And the insects came — welcomed with a spray

The monkeys knocked – “Sorry we’re not related hairy.”

And so the door was closed with an air of victory

But the air whispered, “Your victory is only temporary.”

For Gooseberry Garden on Nature: Forest, Rivers, and Mountains

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It’s Day 23 of Feeling Good! I am not so sure if we can make a new forest to house those that we forced to leave. And if ever we can make a new one, are they still around to witness that we are rebuilding for them?

Not sure. What is sure is we are part of the extinction of both nature and civilization. And the least that we can do is to ask for forgiveness – to whom? I don’t really know. Maybe we got to shout it out to the Universe or whisper it to ourselves.

I think it will somehow make us feel good that we have reconciled with nature when we finally ask them to welcome our flesh deep in the ground or our ashes amongst the winds.


“Then he adds: “Their sins and lawless acts I will remember no more.””

– Hebrews 10:17


You put me down.

Down I was yet it wasn’t enough.

Enough is face flat on the ground.

Ground had my tears.

Tears flowed in sorrow.

Sorrow engulfed me as you stooped to put me down.

Down I may be but surely I will get up and take a step.

Step back I am moving on.

On stooping, realize that it’s your choice to be so low.

Low enough that I can no longer see you.

You succeeded in loosing yourself.

For Gooseberry Garden on Longing, loss, loosing & failure.

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It’s Day 17 of Feeling Good!

Down? Get up. Take a step.

Down? Get up. Take a step. Take a step.

Down? Get up. Take a step. Take a step. Take a step.

Feel good, you will reach where you are meant to be.

Just get up. Take a step.


Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you.

– Isaiah 60:1


Juice cartons now empty

Don’t throw it away Mommy

We will have a happy day

Crafting fun memories for the family!


Juice cartons now empty

Enjoyed the apple, orange and cranberry

Now let’s make something pretty

Painted carton houses maybe?


For The Gooseberry Garden on OBJECT.




1. First, drink all the juice inside otherwise it will be too heavy for the wreath!

empty juice cartons


2. Next, paint the empty cartons with any color that you want for the house. Hey, it’s best to experiment painting in cartons than in real houses!

painted houses by kiddos and me!


3. Next next, cut the branches in your neighbor’s tree — form it in circle and attach the painted houses.

empty juice cartons wreath!


4. Next to next next, make 2 sets — 1 for your neighbor where you got the branches!


Now Do It Yourself and have fun! If I can breath then I can wreath — so can you!

Psssst, this empty juice cartons wreath will have more fun at Nester’s Wreath Party!


World peace begins at home — with empty juice cartons! Don’t you think so?


L is for Lalala


LALALA we will have some fun today for I am bringing you the L of poetry — LIMERICK!

I only learned about Limerick last month after more than 3 decades of existence here on earth!  Thanks to Madeleine where I stumbled upon it!

What is a Limerick?

A limerick (is):

  1. is five lines long,
  2. is based on the rhythm “da-da-DAH” (anapest meter)
  3. has two different rhymes.
  4. Lines 1, 2, and 5 have three of those da-da-DAH “feet,” and rhyme with each other.
  5. Lines 3 and 4 have two, and rhyme with each other.
So the basic form is:

da da DAH / da da DAH / da da BING
da da DAH / da da DAH / da da DING
da da DAH / da da BAM
da da DAH / da da WHAM
da da DAH / da da DAH / da da PING

I understand the rhyme but I don’t totally understand the rhythm. I go duh! But then that won’t stop me from trying and shaming myself because it’s fun! Anyone who wants to teach me and correct my 3 Limerick attempts is most welcome and appreciated — have mercy, teach me please!

Now here are the 3 Limericks.

( 1)
A woman is hysterical
Her man turned into a jackal,
How come when they vowed
No hurting allowed,
Love is no longer magical.

The man jumped out of the window
Good that the house is bungalow,
The cat laughed out loud
Oh what a coward,
He’s afraid of his own shadow!

Today I decided to be happy
I won’t snap on anybody,
Lalala good day
It is our payday,
Can I have pie and green tea frappe?

Now enter the fun part. In the comment please come up with your own Limerick using any of the 1st line of the 3 Limericks. Please try, please please please! And enjoy!

We’re not yet done with LALALA because I am sharing with you a very special award from Luna — Luna’s Soul Award 2011! If you have not yet met Luna please check my J is for Jejune post. You will respect this woman with a beautiful soul.

Yes, you have a beautiful soul!

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Lalala the eyes’ reading this is beautiful. Please step forward and touch the lives within your reach. You will be amazed where it could end…

It might end back at you!


Full Thank


Perfect Poet huh?

Blessed with pleasant surprise

I smile and bow.


Thank you soooo much arbiters of Poets Rally Week 38  for The Perfect Poet Award! Thank you for appreciating my pawn LIFE IS A GAME OF CHESS! Checkmate…I won! And I nominate Lonely Recluse!

There is no limit

to gifts that may be given

the Source overflows.


Thank you God for the gifts each day!

Are you now ready

for the shower of blessings?

Yes? It will be cool!


Thank you friends for appreciating your blessings!