Once upon a time, there was a line between hubby and me.

Line of destructive priorities.

Line of selfishness.

Line of pride.

Line of shame.

Line of hatred. Yes. Yes. Yes.

There was a cross.

I saw the cross differently back then.

And so I wanted to run away from it.

After all it was heavy and left me bleeding inside.

But I wasn’t able to go far. It was painful to walk away wounded and bleeding.

I needed a healer.

And then I saw the cross anew

It stitched my wounds.

It helped me cross the line of surrender.

It brought me to the Healer.


Drawn To The Crossby L. Mirabueno

Drawn To The Cross
by L. Mirabueno


I had the painting commissioned. I want to be reminded when I was drawn to the cross and not away from it. That there is no point in running away because love is all it is. It is not just cupid’s love but the love of the Father and the Son for mankind — for us sinners.

Jesus saved us on the cross. It is not a lovely sight knowing that the Father is grieving but — He loves us.

Jesus saved us on the cross. He took our shame and He is not ashamed — He loves us.

And where is my hubby in all of these?

In the title! 🙂


You see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly. – Romans 5:6


Phony Checklist



Image Credit: Google.com, Kim Riding A Horse
For Bluebell Books Twitter Club Short Story Week 25
Wedding Ring – For 10 fingers
Wedding Gown – Vera Wow
Groom – Willing
Menu – Hmp fries
Cake – sweet six footer
Transportation – Cardash
Marriage Certificate – Tearable
Pen – With eraser
Priest – Keeping up
Guest List – You’re not invited!

Kim        : That’s the final 95th page of our wedding checklist!

Willing   : Are you sure you haven’t forgotten anything — your shoes?

Kim        : It’s on the 27th page — shoes by Gossipy Shoenotti!

Willing   : What a memory! You won’t forget me, right? — wink

Kim        : I have you in my mind. Our marriage will be a success! – wink wink


Most of us have checklists in life to ensure that we have everything in place; that the outcome would be as planned.

Checklist for a perfect wedding – CHECK!

Checklist for a happy family – CHECK!

Checklist for a safe trip – CHECK!

Checklist for immediate promotion – CHECK!

Checklist for a gold medal – CHECK!

Reviewed the wedding checklist 100 times. All efforts made to save the family. Car checked prior to road trip. Dedicated work for the promotion. Intensive training for the gold.

We are ready. We are equipped.

But the victory belongs to the Lord. Everything depends on Him.

Got to trust Him. Not the checklist.

His idea of victory might be very different from ours.


The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but the victory belongs to the LORD.

– Proverbs 21:31


Or any other contest where a Filipino or with a hint of a Filipino wasn’t proclaimed the winner.

Ugly words can be heard all over. Or is it just me who doesn’t like the sound of “Racism” when it could really be not. Or “The winner is not really beautiful or smart or talented” or “The judges and voters are unfair”.

Millions of Filipinos could be bitter, salty, sour or a combination of two or three.

I am not sure if there’s even a food that tastes good with all three flavors in it.

I am a Filipino with 1 liter of Chinese blood. And I would be one of the happiest if Jessica Sanchez won the American Idol title.

I am a human with 5 liters of red blood. And I would be one of the happiest if we are gracious enough to accept that someone is better than us by human standard.

I am not a TV fan thus I’m not a fanatic of American Idol or any show. If I can, I only watch the finals where a Filipino is a finalist. I love Filipinos — how they can be very resilient, kind, beautiful, talented – but even then, no race has a monopoly of these qualities.

I may be sad but I am happy as well with the result of American Idol Season 11. A Filipina is first runner up. Wow! Congratulations Jessica Sanchez! You are a great singer and how you have dealt with the defeat is a sure win!

And congratulations Phillip Phillips! How you dealt with victory sealed the title! I enjoyed your finale performance and I like the song “Home” especially the line, “Don’t pay no mind to the demons they fill you with fear…”

He looked up to heaven and with a deep sigh said to him, “Ephphatha!” (which means, “Be opened!”)– Mark 7:34


Prompt from Bluebell Books Short Story Slam Week 19

Image Credit to Whitebook @ DeviantArt, titled A Christmas Story for Rezzan


I ran away from him. It was Christmas time.

That was years ago. Not for good. Just for awhile.

I was confused and in pain.

Faith is amazing. It made me go back.

It connected me to God.

Faith is trusting in the now – that right now great things are unfolding no matter how unbelievable it is. What seems dead may be breathing for new life.

Faith is being excited about tomorrow – that tomorrow great things will be unfolded no matter how unbelievable it may be. What seems dead is alive and fruitful!

Faith is amazing. Faith got me back.

It connected me to God’s graces.

I was overwhelmed and in His arms.

That is now and tomorrow. For good. Not just for awhile.

I ran towards Him. It is me, Rea.


Then Jesus answered, “Woman, you have great faith! Your request is granted.” And her daughter was healed from that very hour. – Matthew 15:28


Ghosts haunt the Mommy

Free her from bondage

Jack, Oh let her go

No more tricks or threats

Enough with your rules

For a hollow win


For The Gooseberry Garden on Halloween – Trick or Treat?!

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It’s Day 30 of Feeling Good! No more tricks or threats — just truths and triumphs!


Triumph over feeling of insecurities;

Truth is you are wonderfully made.

Triumph over feeling of worthlessness;

Truth is you are precious.


Feel good. Enough with put downs. Enough with self-defeating attitudes.


Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. – John 8:32



I lived amongst storms

Real ones

Those that drenched the flesh;

Metaphorical ones

Those that dried the bones.

Since I cannot afford to be defeated

I think of storms as redemptive

Instead of restrictive.

I can’t hide and curl up forever

Got to go on despite the lashing of the winds

Got to bend real well and grip real hard.

And when the floods reached my soul

Got to swim or float

The Lifeguard is after all looking out for me.


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It’s Day 26 of Feeling Good! Holy Lord I didn’t know bended spoon could bend that much! Thank you Lord for letting me know how flexible you have made me. That I can weather the storms without boots and raincoat and umbrella – because I have you!


Feel good, storms can take out the debris out of your life and leave you with valuable ones!


So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. – Isaiah 41:10


Owl Right!


There is a wise owl perching on a tree

Sharing nuggets of wisdom for you and me.


When you try to know another fellow

You’ll actually learn more about you

So don’t hesitate to say Whooo!

Whooo are you?

When you lift one another

Your reach will be farther

So don’t hesitate to say Wooot!

Woot! For someone else’s triumph.

There is a wise owl perching on a tree

Its twooo big eyes staring at you and me

It knows a secret — we are blessed today

Of owlsome moments to make us yipee!


There is a wise owl perching on a tree

It made me say, “Thank you everybody!”


36 years old
sure of eternity
but not of tomorrow

32 years old
in hell

28 years old
sure of tomorrow
but not of eternity

8 years old
happy in new dress
and red shoes

4 years old
with alphabet blocks
nervously finding all the letters

36 years ago
birth of a new story
author not unknown

4 years old
confused and lost
where do I belong?

8 years old
on a stage receiving honors
smiling to my future self

28 years old
living ahead of time
loving ahead of time

32 years old
holding on to the halo
not giving up the wings

36 years old
living a moment at a time
loving a moment at a time.

My birthday song …

Have a happy and blessed day!


I Am Singing


Pain can be a grace
in the midst of hurting
a song can be heard
from someone who lost interest
in music
when the music teacher
of two decades ago
when I sang out of tune.

With shells cracked
Someone wants me healed
music tried to seep in.
How do we sing when broken?
with cracked voice
with bleeding heart
with bruised spirit
with deep feelings
with desperate pleading.

Pain can be a grace
I can sing
I want to sing
I am singing
not for any music teacher
not for hardcore critics
but for Someone
who wants to listen
to my life song.

For Jingle Poetry on Songs

For staying strong. One of my favorite songs – “Get up there’s more to be done…”

And the singing never stops with this brilliant award!

Coal and diamond

Made of same stuff but one shines

Welcome polishing

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The light within bursts

You are all shining brightly

Can we sing to that?


Who’s Afraid?


Watching every move
Whispered, “Surely you will fail.”
Yank the self critic

For Jingle Poetry on Doubts, Fear, Inhibitions, and Hesitations

For our dreams

Talents entrusted
Two doubled them, one hid it
He lost it to fear.

For growing…

Cheering for your success!

Z is for Zizz


ZIZZ is sparkle or vim.

ZIZZ is nap or sleep.

Looks like an opposing meaning to me but who am I to protest?

Got to accept it as is for I don’t want to lose the vim.

“Drinking from your soup bowl is unethical.”

“There is no such thing as green dog and the apple should be color red.”

“Don’t laugh too loud.”

“You have no honors? Why can’t you be like your brother?”

Most of us were raised to conform to man made standard.

Most of us follow the majority for fear of being left out.

By doing so we actually left out our own selves.

We lose the ZIZZ. Somebody else is running our lives.

Can you share an experience where you are stopped at what you are doing because it’s ‘not right’ and looking back you realized that there’s actually nothing wrong with it?

Isn’t it about time to claim ourselves back and live with vim and have a goodnight sleep because we honor who we are?

Isn’t it about time to live with ZIZZ?


I had a great time when I watched the movie The Flintstones ages ago. I love the humor, satire, visual comedy, and best of all the YABBA DABBA DOO! Can we hear it now, here?

I just love the sound of yabba dabba doo! Because it means that there is something worth celebrating. Something to be grateful about.

I have a treasure of yabba dabba doos that brought joy to my heart, tears to my happy eyes, and praises to God.

Let me share a few of them. My heart had a yabba dabba doo..

when the first word that my youngest daughter wrote was V I C T O R Y — she copied it on tithes envelope.

when my oldest daughter passed the scholarship — 200 of them out of more than 2,000 students.

when we found my daughter’s turtle after a week it escaped from the bowl — yup only a few feet away.

whenever my hubby plays with the kiddos.

when a day passed without my boys arguing.

when my blog friends are so nice to visit me even though I wasn’t able to visit them for a while.

when I hear a song that expresses how God loves me.

Yabba dabba doo moments can actually help us get going when our heart is much heavier than flintstones.

Yabba dabba doo moments can reinforce our hope that there is more things to come worth celebrating.

Tomorrow it’s Saturday — I got to watch my kiddos’ swimming lessons. Yabba dabba doo!

Could you please at least share one of your yabba dabba doo moments? Let’s celebrate it again!


When life is unfair to you,
retaliate and be very unfair!

When people treat you so bad,
shoot them with prayer!

When surrounded with negativity,
hurl them with positivity!

When somebody puts you down,
kick them higher!

When attacked by depression,
Punch it and say, “You can’t get me!”

Who wants life to be fair?
Surely not you! RETALIATE!

Whew! That feels good!

How was it when you were a thorn and somebody turned you into a crown?

Did you wish life should be fair?



Some expected me

to be a superhero

I tried

But I could not

Sufferhero maybe

I was cutwoman

Incredible sulk

Wandering woman

Until I was saved

By the Supremehero

For Jingle Poetry on Cartoon, Sci-fi, Superhero

For our lost heroes.

Real heroes are here

Touching lives with care and cheer

Superhuman friends

For my friends thanks for the hero in you.


Ready, Aim, Fire


I have been dreaming

of a grounded spirit

new heights I will be

For Jingle Poetry on Aims, Goals and Ambitions

For our future.

Firing up right now

Preparing myself to win

All glory to Him

For my dreams.


New Year Resolution


I have none.

This year it will be just Rea and His solutions.

Happy New Year everyone!

Happy that God makes all things new!


Who's who?

Recognize the enemy!

Enemy at the gate!

Enemy on the plate!

Enemy in the bottle!

Enemy in the  stick!

Enemy on the mind!

Enemy from behind!

Enemy   in   the  lips!

Enemy that deceives!

Enemy in the heart!

Enemy  that  hurts!

Do you know your enemy?

What is your next step?