It doesn’t matter if you use fork and knife, spoon and fork, chopstick, or bare hands — you are welcome in here! But hey hey hey before you proceed to the banquet I have a question for you…

Do you believe that this place is fantastic?

Not sure? I will help you with the answer —  Yessss! This place is fantastic all because of YOU! There’s no denying about it because I quote you!

Serving you now the tasty and nourishing food for thoughts…Bon Appetit!

“Our path has certain milestones that we remember for all eternity whether they are ground breaking achievements or just surprising moments captured in time. It is not the size of what touches you but the power it moves you that is key to anything in life.” – Alan

“Why indeed? Why do we waste our time on these negative thoughts and actions?”        – echostains|Lynda

“Ah… seek the warm light instead of the damp darkness.” – Stef

“Enjoy life, and discover your God given talents. When the leaves fall, do we really have to bag them all up? Or did God intend for them to scatter and replenish the ground with nutrients? “ – Chef E

“Wonder how much we miss by not listening?” -Linda Lewis

“We were all meant to teach love, compassion, kindness, acceptance, justice, and tolerance to everyone we meet. The earth would be a forshadowing of heaven if we all were living examples of unselfish love.” – JMJ

“Recognize the extraordinary moments that are around every corner. In fact, we don’t have to even look that far; we need only look in the mirror!” – Tisha

“I’ll BE beauty, mystery, and grandeur today. I’ll SEE beauty, mystery, and grandeur today.” – Theresa Bradley-Banta

“Our existence has always been beautiful, mysterious, and grand because we are created in the image of God, the most beautiful, mysterious, and grand One of all.”         – Linda Kruschke

“I believe if I wrote my life in the many amassed volumes, there would be those who denied it could be real.” – Maggs

“Truth does not always make sense but we get to choose what we believe.” – Ann

“So many times a loss is a win – it’s the gift, if we can only see it.” – Soul Diaries

“We all have the capacity to shine in unique and separate ways.” – Eric

“I believe that what is inside is reflected outside and what is outside we accommodate to and take in. The cycle can be broken. That’s why God gave us free will.”
– Creativity to the Max

“Anger is the brother to sadness. Living in peace is a challenge, but finding ways to handle our anger provides peace to the weary soul.” – Faithdream

“Money is boring, whatever the economy. Think about Solomon and the book of Ecclesiastes… a chasing after the wind.” – Linda|Shoes for an Imaginary Life

“Marriage is such a sacred place, one many go in a haste. It’s sad to see the waste.”       – Treasure

“What is really out there, beyond one’s immediate line of sight?” – Baylis

“Sometimes getting to the destination is maddening and frustrating. Yet,miraculously, once we reach the destination we have answers to the “why’s” we were seeking.”          – Tara

“Am clapping here..both hands both feet and trying to train my ears!!!”                                 – bridgesburning

“Are we happy to be who we are … we have to be happy and if not, let’s change it!”        – Blaga

“The weight and smell of a good book…the internet just can’t replace that.”                         – Dragonkatet

“Love the hardwiring that can bring the comfort of God wherever we are and in whatever we are seeing.” – Sharlene T

“Nothing can compare with what I have in Jesus.” – Theresa Moore

“I have found nothing has a greater impact on a negative by being positive despite the urge to travel the same route.”  – A.B. Thomas

“Time spent with Jesus is vulnerary . . .healing.” – Debbie

“The fight against one’s self is always the most prevalent.” – Koatmeal

“Stay singing for its a start to heal a soul or a broken heart; to remember there is life beyond the door.” – Luna

“Music is a healing balm – that seeps into all the tiny crevices … until it reaches the core and fills out!” – Becca Givens

“Storms come and go, change lives and landscapes. Rebuilding self-esteem and learning new ways to do things is the challenging part.” – Dan Roberson

“We always put these arbitrary conditions on people and are especially manipulative of those we love.” – mindlovemisery

“It is amazing to be loved. Just the way we are. I believe there is One who loves us just the way we are, even when we don’t believe we could be lovable just the way we are.”  – Chatter Master|Colleen

“Serving and blessing others without them knowing would be the best kind of work! When you realize that someone did something for you without telling you, that is an amazing joy!”  – Joshua

Whew! Wise words in there — so filling! Fit to be included in Quotable Quotes!

The Lord is good to me for giving me a slice of heaven. Yes, you are all part of the ingredients — different flavors, distinct taste, and I love it!

To everyone who took time to read, comment or even just said Hi!, I really value your presence and your thoughts. You are all special to me and thank you for bringing in some blessings. I may not be able to visit you for some time now but rest assured that the universe has a way of giving back — a hundredfold? Oh yessss!

Linger some more, listen to the music and chill.

And yes, you can share some more thoughts — whatever you feel like sharing 🙂

Thank you sooo much everyone — with love!