T is for Trade


Love and trust for sale

For thirty pieces of silver

Plus free kiss on the cheek

What is your thirty pieces of silver?

Don’t keep hanging on it

The trade is not worth it.

Blessings to you!  No trade-off.


S is for Shape


What is the SHAPE of your love?

Is it cordiform?


Is it hominiform?


Is it cruciform?


Got to shape up your love because it determines the shape of your relationship.

On the Cross it is all love. Thank you Jesus.


When life is unfair to you,
retaliate and be very unfair!

When people treat you so bad,
shoot them with prayer!

When surrounded with negativity,
hurl them with positivity!

When somebody puts you down,
kick them higher!

When attacked by depression,
Punch it and say, “You can’t get me!”

Who wants life to be fair?
Surely not you! RETALIATE!

Whew! That feels good!

How was it when you were a thorn and somebody turned you into a crown?

Did you wish life should be fair?

QUE SERA, SERA (Whatever will be, will be)

Yes we are singing first…

Enjoyed the song? Were you that little girl? With so many questions?

If a little girl comes to you and ask for a piece of advice and that advice could help her soar through life, what would it be?

Please take this opportunity because a little girl might stumble upon this post and blow kisses for you!

And the little girl in me says, “Whoa I am soaring right now!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I couldn’t believe
That a scared little chicken
Could soar in the sky

But then why can’t I
Kindred souls serve as my wings
Lifting me higher

Thank you so much my wing, wing, wing, wing, …! Now I know why the Creator made an eagle out of you, you, you, you…!

And to share one of my favorite poems in your place…

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Now look up.

See yourself soaring with a smiling chicken, isn’t it a wonderful sight?

Thank you!

PAREIDOLIA   is a psychological phenomenon involving a vague and random stimulus (often an image or sound) being perceived as significant.

Yup, they call it pareidolia when I saw God’s face in the clouds.

It is pareidolia when I saw GOD in a pie.

(Not mine. Whoever saw this must be filled-up without eating it)

Some say the truth is: The human brain is hardwired to recognize faces and derive order from chaos.

And the misconception is: Religious nuts sometimes see Mary, Jesus and other supernatural beings in common objects.

Admittedly I am nuts but I doubt if I am religious because I still have so much to learn about God. And if I did learn some more, will it make me religious? But yes, I love God and if seeing Him is being nuts then — I am nuts.

I can actually see God’s smiling face, can’t you?

I can actually see you in your words, can’t you see me?

Here’s to seeing love in your freckles or in your wrinkles or in the mirror!


O is for Oh No!


OH NO!  Are you OBSESSED with…


Taking your wife shopping?


Looking young?

Fault finding?

Tell me what is your OBSESSION?

You’re the mentor that won’t beat me if I fall asleep

You’re the touch that heightens my experience

You’re the usual order that excites my taste

You’re the smell that lingers in my mind

You’re the childhood dream come true

You’re the hue that I’ll going to miss

You’re the silence that I can hear

You’re the escape from insanity

e-readers are killing you slowly


For Jingle Poetry on ‘These are a few of my favorite things’

And you know you’re one of my favorites, right?


N is for Nuts


Meaning I AM.

How to be not me er, a NUTS?

Here’s how from the blessed babes!

PEE NOT on bush or any plants.

Let them yield their fruits in its season…Psalm 1:3

HASSLE NOT a child.

Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger…Ephesians 6:4

CUCKOO, NOT for sale.

Judas sold Jesus, will you?… Matthew 26:14-15

WALL NOT yourself.

For the Son of Man came to seek and to save that which was lost…Luke 19:10

CHEST NOT exposed.

Discretion will protect you, and understanding will guard you…Proverbs 2:11


In your anger do not sin; when you are on your beds, search your hearts and be silent….Psalm 4:4


The blessing of the LORD makes a person rich, and he adds no sorrow with it…Proverbs 10:22

So, doughnut be sad, okay?


MORIOLOGIST is a hired mourner.

Yes you may not be able to buy love but you can pay a MORIOLOGIST to wail more than the family members can. They will even crawl on the floor while they are wailing!

This may sound weird but how does it differ from the paid ‘fans’ who will applaud the paying performer? Yay!

While here, why don’t we check the stylish coffins and guess what the deceased love?


Too bag!

Bye! Vroom!

And what about the epitaph?

Mine could be:

Here lies bendedspoon
Flesh will rot, funny bones will not!


Here lies bendedspoon
Finally she’s deep!


In memory of bendedspoon
She’s down to earth.

How about you? Seriously, while you can.


L is for Lalala


LALALA we will have some fun today for I am bringing you the L of poetry — LIMERICK!

I only learned about Limerick last month after more than 3 decades of existence here on earth!  Thanks to Madeleine where I stumbled upon it!

What is a Limerick?

A limerick (is):

  1. is five lines long,
  2. is based on the rhythm “da-da-DAH” (anapest meter)
  3. has two different rhymes.
  4. Lines 1, 2, and 5 have three of those da-da-DAH “feet,” and rhyme with each other.
  5. Lines 3 and 4 have two, and rhyme with each other.
So the basic form is:

da da DAH / da da DAH / da da BING
da da DAH / da da DAH / da da DING
da da DAH / da da BAM
da da DAH / da da WHAM
da da DAH / da da DAH / da da PING

I understand the rhyme but I don’t totally understand the rhythm. I go duh! But then that won’t stop me from trying and shaming myself because it’s fun! Anyone who wants to teach me and correct my 3 Limerick attempts is most welcome and appreciated — have mercy, teach me please!

Now here are the 3 Limericks.

( 1)
A woman is hysterical
Her man turned into a jackal,
How come when they vowed
No hurting allowed,
Love is no longer magical.

The man jumped out of the window
Good that the house is bungalow,
The cat laughed out loud
Oh what a coward,
He’s afraid of his own shadow!

Today I decided to be happy
I won’t snap on anybody,
Lalala good day
It is our payday,
Can I have pie and green tea frappe?

Now enter the fun part. In the comment please come up with your own Limerick using any of the 1st line of the 3 Limericks. Please try, please please please! And enjoy!

We’re not yet done with LALALA because I am sharing with you a very special award from Luna — Luna’s Soul Award 2011! If you have not yet met Luna please check my J is for Jejune post. You will respect this woman with a beautiful soul.

Yes, you have a beautiful soul!

Moore to Ponder
Deb’s Blog
Tonirand’s Blog
Linda Kruschke’s Blog
For Heaven’s Sake
Faith Dream’s Blog
E Stelling
Shoes for Imaginary Life
Colleens’s Chatter B
JMJ Book Log
Finding Strength to Stand Again
Soul Diaries
The Treasure Within

Lalala the eyes’ reading this is beautiful. Please step forward and touch the lives within your reach. You will be amazed where it could end…

It might end back at you!


Knock Knock
Who’s there?
King who?
Stop asKing and open the door!

Now that I am in, let me tell you about the K word KVETCH which means a chronic, whining complainer; a nagging complaint.

Get it? Now let me tell you about how annoying my neighbor is blahblahblah. And yes my officemates too who are not using their brain blahblahblah. And my spouse who can’t cook as good as my mother blahblahblah. And here’s another one…

Does it feel good? Do we feel more important and smart? Does it help?

Can it be done in love? Can it be said once? Can we check ourselves as well?

Knock Knock
Who’s there?
God who?
Is there any other God?
Oh it’s you! Today is not a good day as usual, blah blah blah…What should I do?
For God’s sake human! Let me in first!

Can we whisper “Blessings to you” to whoever can potentially turn us into Kvetch today?

How about tomorrow?

J is for Jejune


JEJUNE means nothing interesting.


Tell me are you interested in these words?

JIGAMAREE – meaning a thingamajig; ridiculous

JIGGUMBOB – meaning a thingamabob; something strange

Jejune, isn’t it?

I’ll share with you what isn’t JEJUNE, JIGAMAREE, and JIGGUMBOB.

Would you believe it, I met a witch
She invited me to clambake feast
It’s kind of scary
Not her, the poetry
Her? Lunawitch, she’s beauty and the best!

For Lunawitch Poetry Month Clambake — Week 2!

Thanks Luna for the clam on Week 1!

shared clams

Nope, it’s not my poem that I’m telling you that isn’t JEJUNE, JIGAMAREE, and JIGGUMBOB.

It’s Luna’s  Epic Lyrical Poem — her own life story in HERE HERE HERE!

If I got only one wish this month here in blogland it is this —

I wish you’ll check her

It’s not for her but for you

PLEASE go and say Hi

Everyone, there’s no way you could be jejune!


I is for In Posse


IN POSSE humans are perfect. Do you agree with that?

In posse means in potential but not in actuality; in possibility.

In posse you can be replaced. Yes, here are the evidences!

Zaky Hand Pillow - Your Baby Is In Good Hands - photo

Yours are no longer the hands that rock the cradle!

Yours is no longer the hug that matter!

Yours is no longer the milk that nourish!

Do you feel like crying now? Go ahead as long as you have a tissue in tow!

Now I’m crying because of evolowtion!

“We are from ape!” says some — triumphant!
So can we now act like a monkey?
Who wish we’re from elephant?
Looks like you are nosy.

Why is it so hard to accept
That God made us humans
That He is most magnificent
That we are all His creations?

Is it best to prove how we evolved
Or to focus on how we are evolving?
When we detach ourselves from the Creator
No need to prove that there is an evolowtion!


For Jingle Poetry on Environment, Evolution, and Survival.

Be grateful because IN ESSE God loves you!

In esse means in being; in actual existence.

Are you happy with that?


H is for HarHar


Yeah sure you’re not yet addicted to blogging. I believe you. HARHAR!


Carpal tunnel, insomia
Smiling blogger!

My poor attempt in HAIKU!

But I’ll introduce you to someone who writes fantastic Haiku — Becca of On Dragonfly Wings With Buttercup Tea! Here’s a taste of her delightful Haiku:

Saw it in my face …
Peaceful realization …
Divine within me

Childhood remedy …
for tummy aches and such …
Coca-Cola® cheers!

New days with new ways …
Awake, arise, and reflect …
Be quick, time is short!

Lovely, isn’t it?

And a lovely  Creative Blog Award from her too! Thank you Becca!

And I’m sharing this with you…

Cold Dead Heart
Colleens’s Chatter Blog
JMJ Book Log
Maggs World
Shoes for Imaginary Life
Lulu’s Musings
Red Awakening: from existing to living
As the Crow Flies
Creativity to the Max

Have a HAPPY weekend everyone!

And oh, if you could please leave a Haiku in the comment that would be lovely too!


G is for Grrr


Have you ever been so ANGRRRY that you GRRROWL like a GORILLA?

You actually looked like a gorilla, right?

Before you run into the mirror to confirm I want to share this letter with you.

Dear bendedspoon,

Anger was created to mobilize you to act upon something that may harm you and those you love. It is not meant to be your best friend!

Anger is an acid. In right dose, it cleanse. In overdose and prolonged exposure, it destroys. Don’t let it eat you up little by little.

Take Care,
The Physician

Now run to the mirror if you still want to see that grrrowling gorilla.

Then ask yourself, “Why do gorillas have big nostrils?”

Because they have big fingers!

I hope you are not angrrry with me.



Meaning something that is worthless or trivial or unimportant.

Why waste so much effort in writing and pronouncitiaticazating er pronouzing — Ok, in saying it! In saying it to describe something trivial? Oh men why do we make our lives so complicated?

Is there a need to say, “You are floccinaucinihilipilification too!” to somebody who said that you are floccinaucinihilipilification? That you are not good enough? That you are not beautiful?

Yes you can but be sure that you can pronounce it perfectly! I could not *sigh*.

Otherwise let’s just move on and accept that we can’t demand others to love us.

But never stop loving and doing something and appreciating and believing and…

FORGIVE the floccinaucinihilipilification, you are beautiful.

FORGET the floccinaucinihilipilification, you are amazing.

Go ahead be beautifully amazing. You are originally designed as such by the Artist.


E is for Eek!


Eek! I would have not felt this good if I didn’t have an expergefacient!

Yes, our E word for today is EXPERGEFACIENT which means awakening.

Expergefacient made me realize these 5 things, among others:

1. I cannot please everyone but if I please the only One it is more than enough.

2. There is always something to laugh and cry about. I can choose!

3. In a relationship one can love more than the other. I can be the more loving one.

4. I am never alone. I can reach out. I can allow someone to reach me out.

5. Sometimes the best people to learn from isn’t the most intelligent or eloquent.

Now would you be sweet enough to share your EXPERGEFACIENT?

ENJOY your blessings!

You know that it grow EXPONENTIALLY if it is shared, right?


Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap!

I’m clapping for you who are reading this! I’m so happy that you are well today!

We clap to show our appreciation and amusement. We usually do it for others but it’s good to clap for ourselves too. See what it can do to you by clapping the moment you wake up and say your praise or declare that, “I will have a wonderful day today! I will make it happen!”

Not all though is happy to see you clapping. If this makes you uneasy then practice one hand clapping which now brings us to the age-old question, “What is the sound of one hand clapping?”

Now please allow me to clap in appreciation for a wonderful C blessing — Creative Blog Award!

Thank you so much Deirdra of A Storybook World! Deirdra is a professional writer and illustrator and looks like she is a fairy too — see her fairy wings!

Oh God I feel so C today — CONTENTED. Far from what I felt a few years ago…

When I was a little miss
I had only one Sunday dress
Its color is yellow
And I love it so
Each Sunday I was excited
Smiling as I get dressed
I felt like a princess
With my yellow dress
When I turned into a woman
I had more clothes than some
But funny how I felt less
Stressed and depressed
Having more isn’t being more
If inside I felt so poor.


For Jingle Poetry on Photographs, Memories, and Nostalgia.

Can we now CHEER UP and CLAP? One or two hands, it’s good for us!


Yes we’re going to talk about blah blah blah. Nothing but blah blah blah.

Tired of blah blah blah? Then let’s check another B word – BATTOLOGIST. Nope this isn’t the person who study about bats or batman.

Battologist is a person who unnecessarily repeats the same words, phrases, or ideas. I repeat it is a person who repeats the same thing unnecessarily.

Battologist, are you?

Me? Without a doubt I am not. Yes never doubt it. Believe me I am not.

Why don’t you ask my kiddos? On second thought, please do not.


At home there is a mom battologist

Remind her kiddos, she cannot resist

Everyday she says

Do not forget this .

Do not forget that. Obey, she insist.

For Luna’s Poetry Month Clambake! Let’s have some fun! Please share your poems too.

Battologist, are you? Are you?

C  you on Monday!


April Full it will be for I am joining Arlee’s A to Z Blogging Challenge! I will be posting daily for each letter of the alphabet except on Sundays. It is an s.t.r.e.t.c.h for me but I just would like to have some fun! Come join me in here or join the challenge too for the whole month of April!

Now let’s bring that A word — AGELAST which means someone who never laughs.

Uhuh don’t you think there is something wrong with that word? Shouldn’t it be Agefast? Without laughter we will age fast!

Laughter can make our heart and soul stay young. Yes it is the best anti-ageing medicine.

Laughter is a gift. Yes we can give one.

Laughter is salvation. Yes we can save someone’s day.

Laughter is an expression of happiness. Yes we can be happy, with an attitude of gratitude.

Yes our heart and soul can be happy because God gave us a gift of salvation!

Now please let me share with you an A word to be happy about — AWARD. I got another Perfect Poet Award! How can I not be happy with that? Thank you so much Jingle and Luna! Can I give both of you a Superperfect Poet Award?

Thank you too to everyone who smiled and appreciated my week 40 entry                 — The Popcorn in Us.

For week 41,  I would like to nominate Moonlight and Dreamz for her powerful poem Earthquake. I hope she is happy!

Look how cutesy the Perfect Poet Award of week 40!

Spring back to life

Cast spells with your magic wand

Agelast, make them laugh!

Shall we now disperse cheer and laughter?  Even God has a sense of humor else how could this big butt, flat nosed and thick skinned creature came to life? Of course I am not talking about myself but the hippopotamus!

Awesome day to everyone! There won’t be BYE today because letter B is for tomorrow!