Yes you!

You who shared your thoughts in your blog.

You who journal your blessings.

You who cooked that meal with love.

You who said ‘Thank You’ to everyone who exerted an effort for you.

You who brushed that little girl’s hair.

You who treated yourself to a real good sleep after working so hard.

You who put your palms together and believe in God’s promises.


Want to check other amazing people? Watch the video shared by an amazing woman, Judy, in her blog Creativity to the Max. Watch it and want to remain amazing.

The dance video is a tribute by an amazing woman to another amazing woman who died of colon cancer at age 31. Everyone is amazing in here — 


And here’s more from amazing Judy for me!

Green doggie for me! And the note reads -- Congratulations! Every day in every way you are a winner!

Green doggie no longer mine. An amazing girl took ownership!

Green doggie clone. An amazing boy drew it for his little sister!

How can I not be grateful with that? Thank you, thank you, thank you Judy!


Stay amazing everyone because you are created as such!