Photo by Melissa R. Bickel


She looked up. So sure that she will reach the top with ease.

She had her life perfectly mapped out four years ago. She thought she only need to do step 1, then step 2, then 3…

She didn’t foresee the storm coming. She had been looking up and only saw a clear sky.

She thought storms only build up from above, not from the corners of the home.

“What’s wrong with the power lines?”

“Nothing is wrong. Just a storm coming. I guess.”

Lies swung her back and forth from wall to wall. Real painful each time the soul hit the hard cold surface.

She was unprepared to hear the insults which made her want to dig the floor with her bare trembling hands and stay underneath forever.

She thought that coloring the blackberry blue is odd enough but not until someone colored her skin blue and black.

The door. She had to reach the door and run while she could. She couldn’t stay and be beaten to death. What would the kiddos get out of a dead mama?

She never remembered running any faster than that day. Suffering, more than tired, she looked up to see her clear sky.

“The storm is here.”


For Bluebells Books – Thursday Short Story Slam.