But Time Won’t


Image from Bluebell Books Short Story Slam Week 15.


Grain by grain, bit by bit, each moment drops.

It is a slow death.

“Will somebody bond those grains together, form it in one big ball, and roll it into oblivion!”

With pains oozing from her whole being she wants nothing but to speed up time.

But time won’t.


Grain by grain, bit by bit, each moment drops.

It is an expeditious death.

“Will somebody crush each grain, turn it into millions, and fuse within me through eternity!”

With love oozing from her whole being she wants nothing but to slow down time.

But time won’t.


Our hands are almost same size now! Hands may let go but heart won't. Happy 10th Birthday Benedict! I love you! We love you!


Today is my son’s 10th birthday! He’s growing up so fast. Five months ago I wasn’t able to control my tears when he left for 1st day in school –his 1st day wearing pants uniform. The year before that he was still wearing khaki shorts – my young boy. Oops got to stop now else today turns out a Saddy Birthday.

Happy 10th Birthday Dearest Son! I’ll share with the world 10 things I am thankful for about YOU!

  1. You love numbers. A math whiz just like your Dad!
  2. You love letters. My scrabble, boggle, and book buddy!
  3. You handle your money well – you trust your Mom to handle it for you!
  4. You are not a complainer.  “Mommy please buy me a new shirt. This doesn’t fit well with me anymore after 4 years.” Or are you?
  5. You know how to give thanks. “Thank you sooo much Mommy for the new book! I will massage you for two months.” How can I not give someone like you a whole library?
  6. You are thoughtful. Most of the times you spend your Kid’s Church bucks to buy something for your sisters and brother – and sometimes for Mom and Dad too! We are all touched!
  7. You are sweet. You tinker with me – bending wires, sanding woods, appreciating junk!
  8. You excel in what you like to do. Just like your Dad! You deserve all those medals that you give to us!
  9. You cry. Just like your Mom! Let those tears remind you not to make others cry in pain. Make others cry in joy? That will make me cry!
  10. You love God. Because you do, you love us too – thank you sooo much! I love you! We love you!


There are more reasons why I am thankful for you but I’m not writing them all here right now.

There is no hurry – writing them.

Let’s hurry now – finishing our crafts, hunting for books, loving each other, creating memories…


This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalm 118:24