I saw the smoke in the forest

Somehow it gives me unrest

Is it a new project to house the civilized?

What about the plants and animals where shall they live?

Ah maybe they are welcome in the community

After all, civilized knows about hospitality

And the insects came — welcomed with a spray

The monkeys knocked – “Sorry we’re not related hairy.”

And so the door was closed with an air of victory

But the air whispered, “Your victory is only temporary.”

For Gooseberry Garden on Nature: Forest, Rivers, and Mountains

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It’s Day 23 of Feeling Good! I am not so sure if we can make a new forest to house those that we forced to leave. And if ever we can make a new one, are they still around to witness that we are rebuilding for them?

Not sure. What is sure is we are part of the extinction of both nature and civilization. And the least that we can do is to ask for forgiveness – to whom? I don’t really know. Maybe we got to shout it out to the Universe or whisper it to ourselves.

I think it will somehow make us feel good that we have reconciled with nature when we finally ask them to welcome our flesh deep in the ground or our ashes amongst the winds.


“Then he adds: “Their sins and lawless acts I will remember no more.””

– Hebrews 10:17