Dear Jesus


20 days before your birthday, am I excited? No doubt! I am now preparing my gifts for you and I am sure You will love them — promise! I will be giving You the following awesome being (without their consent) yay!

1. Theresa. She can write and sing beautiful hymns for You!

2. Debbie, Linda, Ann and Eric. They can write poems and prose in praise of You!

3. Alan. He can direct a movie about You — move over Mel Gibson!

4. Soul Diary. To write the script of Your blockbuster movie for mankind!

5. Linda, Linda and Maricel. They will play big roles in Your movie. Please whisper to them who will be Mama Mary, Mary Magdalene and who’s in charge for setting the table for The Last Supper!

6. Sergio and Simon. They’re one of the faithful disciples!

7. JMJ. She will write the bestseller book version of Your movie!

8. Stef  and Tisha. To read aloud to us the book with a smile. They’re really good at that — reading and smiling!

9. Treasure. For living up to her name!

10. Judith and Max. They will draw You. It’ll be fun!

11. Lynda.  To write poem for you and encourage others for haiku!

12. Maggie, Pat and Amy. They are role models of the awesomeness of forgiveness!

13. Myself. For whatever use I can do.Want a hug from me? Because I want one from You!

I am excited to see Your big smile when You receive us wrapped in love!



What are you giving this Christmas?