Nothing works without God. God is the miracle worker.

Nothing is more fun than honoring your inner child. He plays with the kiddos; my heart giggles.

Nothing good you do is without a reward. He works hard; thank God for the reward.

Nothing taste as good as home cooked meal. He cooks really well; I eat well.

Nothing compares to him. Who is comparing? I love him.

Nothing can stop you from celebrating. It’s our 13th Wedding Anniversary!

Can we drink to that? I prepared an ice cold lemonade for you. Yeah it’s a bit sour but just add your sweetness and it will be pretty cool…just like life.

And oh you can or can not use the last straw.



And you’ll see miracles!

Two years ago my mind was so cloudy. There was a storm raging inside me. I was crying my eyes out. My 7 year old son and I were in the airport bidding farewell to bitter memories.

Then I looked up, in the bright sky amidst the clouds, I saw the face of God! “Oh my God, it’s You!”

“Look son, there is God’s face!” My son’s eyes got so big. He smiled. And the face was gone.

And then, “Mommy, there He is again!”

Twice, He showed His face twice.  How can I not believe that everything will be all right?

Since then we love the clouds. The miracles it could bring.

We saw a whale, bear and cow.  Oh yes those were cloud formations but who made the clouds move at the right place and perfect moment? Oh Yes!

And when the same son pointed something that we couldn’t see he said, “But your mind can see anything that you want to, right Mommy?”

And so I see!

Now go out and see, really see, a miracle waiting for you.