And I said, “OH NO!”

I didn’t know that he is a pastor until today!
I’m glad I only knew today otherwise, I wouldn’t dare comment in his place.

He’s really cool that I had no idea. He may not approve of the ‘cool’ description but that’s just it for me. And this is not to say that pastors are not supposed to be cool.

Today he recommended so many great Christian sites and you bet I didn’t comment no matter how I like or agree with the entries because I haven’t confirm yet if those are Pastors’ site — I find it hard to get serious today. But of course, I still want to be blessed!

GO SEE DARREN! See I call him Darren. Bless my soul!

Darren of Better Life Coaching

How about you, do you know a cool pastor?

Ladies if any of you is a saint, for heaven’s sake, speak out!

You will pray for me, don’t you?